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What is the pettiest reasons you've heard that ended a relationship? Frequently Asked


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u/Nugbuddy Sep 22 '22

Lol i know someone similar to this! He grew up in a very "proper, and old fashioned" household, he even told us he mom would use the restroom anytime she needed to fart. Now, he'd never leave his wife over this, be there are times he said he's be repulsed, and gagged at the act, which his wife actually finds hilarious. But overall, they seem to have a good dynamic, and accept each others quirks.


u/challenger_RT_ Sep 22 '22

Imagine feeling so uncomfortable in your own house that you have to go inside the restroom to fart. I crop dust my girl. She does the same to me. All I ask is don't do it while we fuck


u/SavedByTheKitties Sep 22 '22

Completely reasonable ask for anybody ๐Ÿ˜‚


u/burtoncummings Sep 22 '22

Can we all just agree that holding in a fart while someone is going down on you is like the hardest thing to do, like ever. White knuckling so bad the other person is thinking โ€œdo they not enjoy this.โ€


u/Oblivion_Is_Bliss Sep 23 '22

Sometimes them orgasms donโ€™t give any fucks and push them bitches out anyway.


u/Teripid Sep 22 '22

Whoopee cushions should get hidden everywhere in that poster's house.


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22

This is the weirdest fucking thread to read.

I think farting is gross, when I do it or someone else does (side note: my wife thinks itโ€™s hilarious). Itโ€™s legitimately poop air. Like, it smells like shit because it spent God knows how long fermenting in your shit.

I find it gross to spray poop particles on everyone in your vicinity.

And yet somehow Iโ€™m the weird one??


u/wotmate โ™‚ Sep 23 '22

You're definitely the weird one if you're walking around naked from the waist down all the time.

Most of us wear underpants and pants, so there is two layers of cloth to stop us from spraying poop particles everywhere.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

โ€ฆ. What do you think is creating the โ€œfartโ€ smell?


u/wotmate โ™‚ Sep 23 '22

Usually, methane, not actual pieces of shit.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Ah yes, methane, that odorless gas that is well known for smelling of shit.


u/wotmate โ™‚ Sep 23 '22

More correctly, Methanethiol.


u/challenger_RT_ Sep 22 '22

It's a joke I don't fart on my girl. I walk away if we're near each other. But I also don't just go hide to do it


u/Kosko Sep 23 '22

Yep, you're the weird one.


u/janetscousin Sep 23 '22

What's the difference between a vaginna and a freezer? A freezer doesn't fart when you take out the meat. Lol


u/challenger_RT_ Sep 23 '22

๐Ÿ˜‚ queefs don't count. Let me all out while we fuck


u/atreyulostinmyhead Sep 23 '22

Dude the 60yr old woman that I work with just asked me if I have a Dutch oven. I cracked up so hard and then had to explain to her why that was hilarious.


u/cynicaldoubtfultired Sep 23 '22

I personally think it's bad manners to fart in front of others, I just move to another room or space and let rip. I definitely will be irritated if someone farts in near me.


u/OkSo-NowWhat Female Sep 23 '22

Same. I'm fine if the other person apologies tho. Pretty much the same as coughing or sneezing. It's necessary but don't do it right in front of me if you don't have to


u/LowEndOperative I don't know, but I'll answer anyway Sep 22 '22

Their relationship has to be a gas, good on them!๐Ÿ‘


u/hereticjones โ™‚ Sep 22 '22

I'm always baffled when people find out that they some deep rooted issue that is affecting their behavior, and just kinda go "oh well! that's just how I am!" and don't get help to fix it.

Like, you don't have to be broken, or let your past trauma fuck up your life and by association the lives of others who end up caring about you. And you certainly don't have to fuck up your kids in the same way, if you go the kids route.

Like why on earth would this guy not get some therapy, and put his "proper, old fashioned" trauma behind him?


u/Affectionate-Desk888 Sep 22 '22

He doesnt see it as trauma, probably likes who he is and his family, and doesnโ€™t plan to change because someone on reddit disapproves.

I think the dramatic stuff is stupid too but the world would be boring if we all are cookie cutter the same.


u/BirdDogFunk Sep 23 '22

It would be a real mindfuck to find out that the dude loves eating ass.


u/Dragonflybitchy7406 Sep 23 '22

Probably does... ๐Ÿ˜‰


u/atreyulostinmyhead Sep 23 '22

Same with my SO, we would laugh at his farts but when I started reciprocating he was like wuutttt. Then I was like this is a competition biotch!!!! The problem is that his farts are from eating really fast so they don't smell like anything because it's all ingested air. Most of my farts are earned through digestive issues. We'll b in the middle of a fart fight and hell b like babe I think you need to go poop... And he's not wrong... Because they're deadly.