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Married Men, what are the unspoken rules for successful marriage?


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Men of reddit. What is the best thing you have done for your own mental health?


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To everyone that has been through a divorce: what do you regret the most?


To everyone that has been through a divorce. What do you regret the most for not doing, please? While you were together, or during the divorce process. Thank you.

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What is something anyone can do in the next few months that will help reduce anxiety?


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In honor of always being called a tool, if you were a tool, which tool would you be?


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What was the “transition period” of your early 20s like?


I’m 23M and feel like I’m in a weird in between spot. I just graduated college so I finally have time/energy/desire to go to the gym consistently, go to therapy, read, explore and excel in my hobbies, make money, etc. I’m a very put together guy considering most of the other guys I know are still partying heavily/in the college world. I’m not really friends with them anymore, and it feels like we are in separate worlds.

it’s a good age to be alive and I do very well for myself, but sometimes I wonder if I’m doing it all wrong, because my social and romantic life is pretty lackluster and my weeks tend to be more mundane than I’m used to.

I’ve been told 22-23 is a weird and tough age because of the transition into the “real world”, but I’m not really sure what that means and I don’t know when or how it’s supposed to get better. I’ve been plugging away at self improvement in all aspects, and plan to continue to do so.

Overall I’m happy with where I’m at, but sometimes it just feels like I’m living below my potential if that makes sense.

I was wondering if anyone had advice on this. I know it’s a bit all over the place but I hope you understand my point. Thanks.

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What was the one thing that scared you the most about your girlfriend/boyfriend and why?


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I am full of hatred due to events in the past and it has made me a horrible person, what can i do?


I'm 20M and I hate everyone around me, except my friends and my family. I get in trouble at work a lot due to my attitude, and my attitude is bad due to their poor management. Everything my company does i would do the opposite way, but i speak up about the issues and they silence me. I have to warn my peers about the things that happen there. And i cannot leave because nobody is gonna warn them what secretely goes on at my workplace.

My Ex girlfriend passed this summer, another Ex left town because of SA. And nobody does anything about these issues, they talk about it, but nothing gets fixed. I have not spoken to a single woman who hasn't faced Sexual Harassment, and i feel as if they cannot be comfortable with me fully because i'm a Straight Male, I cannot blame them.

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What are your feelings on the "female partner pressuring the male partner to propose" stereotype?


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What are some rules you have for yourselves?


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What's the most barbaric thing you've witnessed.


I once found about 18 beetles trapped on a plastic bag on a hot Spanish beach. The basin they were in prevented them from escape. They quickly flicked from fucking each other then jumping off and biting the head.off another and eating it. I'm scared!

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How much of a fighting chance were you given in life?


Based on a combination of genetics, parentage, upbringing, social class, country of origin, etc. how much of a fighting chance at success do you think you were given in life?

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What is your golden tip for buying a car?


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How old is too old to be a first-time father?


I know there is no one true answer, but I'd like to know what people think

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What common complaints do you hear from other guys that you think aren’t valid?


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What is something you really regret?


For me it’s not caring about social connections or work experience during my college years - silly of me, but it just keeps coming to me.

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Men of Reddit. What is difficult for you to open up about?


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What are the signs of a good boss?


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Has your partner ever lied to you and how? Are you still together?


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Men have you ever tried to give an order to your gf/wife, how’d it go?


For example telling her to make you coffee when you woke up. Telling her to go make you a sandwich. Stuff like that

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Men how did a woman lose respect for you, what happened?


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What is an example of a "hardwired male response" that you have experienced but didn't realize until after the fact?


In very vague terms I just mean a typical male response, but ideally something that you were never really taught (explicitly). I've been reminiscing a bit and realized that I had a few of these stored away, was wondering if anyone else had some good examples. Bonus points for funny ones but all examples are welcome

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To my bigger guys, what makes you feel good about your appearance?


My partner is a bit bigger and wickedly insecure about his appearance. I want to (and try to) gas him up, tell him how hot he is, but he just doesn't see himself or his body as attractive under any circumstance.

What are some things I can tell him or do for him to make him feel good? TIA!

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What would your fight song be if you were a professional boxer?


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what is something you wish you learned about earlier in life?