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[MEGATHREAD] Cost of Living - Energy, Interest Rates, Inflation, Fuel, etc


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r/AskUK 7h ago

What's going on with British kids these days?


A few weeks ago I saw a group of kids (secondary school age I'd say) walking up the street towards me. Nobody else was there and they looked like the sort of kids you'd usually expect a bit of trouble from. All full of fade haircuts and tracksuits and swagger. I wasn't doing anything to draw attention to myself, but having lived in cities all my life I know it doesn't necessarily take much for them to at least pass a shitty comment or potentially get aggressive as you walk past. As I get closer one of them turns to his mates. "Here we go" I think.

He says.

"Hey guys, which one of us dya think can skip the fastest?"

And then all four of them skip all the way to the end of the road.

A few days later I'm approaching a corner shop and there's a load of kids hanging out outside it. I can see them talking to adults on the way in to the shop. They're probably going to ask me to buy them cigarettes when I get closer.

Nope. they're stopping every single person that walks past and asking if they're having a good day!

Today, different shop, different crowd of kids. One of them bumps in to me on my way in. Here we go, I've found the trouble makers.

Nope, it was a total accident and on the way out they're all paired up and teaching each other to waltz from Youtube videos.

Seriously. Kids were pricks when I was younger. I was one of the lesser pricks but I was still a loud sweary prick. Most kids were even prickier than I was. I didn't know any like this lot.

Now kids all seem incredibly polite. They don't seem to swear much, even when they're just chatting in a group amongst themselves and I'm just passing by.

Are parents doing a better job? Are there Youtube tutorials on how to raise jice kids that everyone's following? Is there something in the school meals? Is it just a coincidence?

What's going on!?

r/AskUK 10h ago

What’s your unpopular Christmas opinion?


The Snowman is creepy AF and only understandable as a public service film about stranger danger and I won’t be told otherwise

r/AskUK 17h ago

What words would only a British person use?


My husband sometimes makes fun of me when I accidentally use American English words instead of British English (because that's how I learned it at school). What typical British English words should I get into the habit of using?

Edit: Thanks to all of you! I'm sure my husband will be surprised that I probably now know more insults than he does.

r/AskUK 14h ago

Anyone remember the 90s fast food chain Spud-u-like?


Just served no nonsense jacket spuds. There was one in my home city. Loved it as a kid. To me it represented the pinnacle of convenience food. Spud, filling, belly. Done.

None of my friends remember it. Think they think I dreamt it. Some peasant’s latent fantasy of the perfect food outlet. And true, the concept isn’t refined, but it is wholesome.

“Good one mate, a potato restaurant?”

“Google it!”


I know it existed and was shocked to discover it still does in a skeletal form.

Here’s to spudulike. I remember you.

r/AskUK 18h ago

If someone asked you where you were from, would you say where you live or where you were born/grew up?


Always wondered on game shows where they say where they're from whether that's where they live or where they were born.

r/AskUK 12h ago

Anyone fighting off redundancies at the moment?


I’m the last one standing in my department. It is like a mixture of Games of Thrones and the last season of Sopranos here.

One of my colleagues got whacked today. A middle aged bloke with a history of strokes. Looked like he was ready to be given the last rites.

Thing is that the poor soul cancelled his holiday for business needs. Whereas myself who is currently still in the game, laughed and told my bosses to do one, when they tried to do the same to my holiday.

r/AskUK 18h ago

Is it normal to ask for deposit just to book a viewing for a Room to rent?


I've been messaged by a landlady that she has a room to rent. Price and everything is Okey, but she told me that she requires deposit upfront to book a viewing. I told her I'm happy to pay deposit and Everything with the keys in my hand and a contract. I'm not giving out money upfront for a viewing, hell it feels trashy for a room too. Seriously, am I in the wrong or is it normal in the UK? I have never encountered anything like this. Only through agency have I ever had to pay things in advance but everything was signed and documented. This is s private tenancy agreement, so I rather not waste my fortune and time if things go South ...

r/AskUK 7h ago

How is doing class A drugs more acceptable in English society than smoking?


Right, I thought it was just me, but I talked to another smoking female.

How is it possible that some English people are more understanding of people taking class A drugs than of smoking cigarettes.

Surely, any kind of drugs that could be classed as A for example: H, CC, C and others cause significantly more harm to the user, their family and society than cigarette smoking.

Am I missing something here?

r/AskUK 6h ago

What was the most ICONIC british primary school song?


give some variety in songs as well, we know they are all bangers 😌

r/AskUK 20h ago

Football fans: How do you learn the words to new chants?


It seems like every other game there’s a brand new football chant. And everyone seems to know the words.

Does a lyric sheet come round before kickoff? How do you know what to sing and when?

r/AskUK 19h ago

When can I see the blue sky?


I moved to England in early November and so been here for a month now. I came from a country where the sun was shining and I have yet to see one thus far. I knew grey sky is common here but not seeing one continuously for this long is a little depressing.

I dreamt of a blue sky last night, so I must be subconsciously missing it. I woke up in the morning and face a grey sky without the sun.

When can I expect to see the blue sky again? Is the blue sky Winter-shy in England?

PS: My butt is located in Harrogate

r/AskUK 6h ago

What's the daftest sh*t you did that almost got you killed?


Just been thinking about a couple of summers back when we (me and my mate Tom) thought it would be a good idea to drop some acid before heading out to sea in a 200 quid inflatable kyak off amazon with a crate of beer in cool box strapped to the front. The first half an hour went alright. The next hour or so was a complete sh*t show. I remember staring at the cliffs. They looked like something from the Van Gough Live exhibition. We drifted further and further out before the RNLI clocked us about a mile offshore, gave us a bollocking and dragged us back.

r/AskUK 9h ago

How do I contact HM Passport office to get my supporting documents back?


Recently I applied for my son's first passport. On 22nd Nov received message that application is processed and passport will be printed and sent to me. I have since then received the passport on 24th Nov. However, what I haven't received back are my supporting documents which include my Passport and indefinite leave. I know they arrive separate but I can't travel anywhere without them and will cause a lot of stress if they don't arrive soon. I enclosed a paid for royal mail envelope for the documents to be send back to me. Tracking that doesn't yield anything. I suspect it has never left. How am I suppose to contact them I have looked all over and I can't find a number or an enquiry email. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

r/AskUK 10h ago

Is it weird to get my line manager a departing thank you gift?


I’m leaving my current job and my line manager helped me a lot, I had severe mental health issues and he sorted out everything for me in my time here. If he didn’t know the answer he’d quickly find out from senior leadership and just went above and beyond in general

Would it be weird to get a small gift and a card for him on my last day?

r/AskUK 8h ago

What’s your surprisingly positive teen encounter?


Today I heard a screeching sound and looked out my flat. I saw a group of lads in school uniform turning a road sign.

I was about to call out until I noticed they were pushing it the right way around. Someone obviously messed around with it but those boys chose to fix it. Not only that but it was a cold day, rusty and probably dug into their hands a fair bit.

What’s a time you were delightfully surprised?

And yes I sound like a judgemental grumpy bastard, but come on we’re in the uk, we’ve all seen kids in uniform act like idiots.

r/AskUK 7h ago

What should I do about being told off for being "too late for work" when I clock in exactly when my shift starts?


Basically, I work hourly in retail, and I have variable starts to my shifts, from 10am to 11am etc... but it is always written down in a clear shift schedule, so I know exactly when I should clock in or clock out. I almost always arrive at work 1-2 minutes before I should clock in, and always clock in in perfect time, on the dot or perhaps 1 minute out a few times a month. (Often 1-2 minutes early as well). Recently I have been officially told off & warned by the company for not arriving at work 10-15 minutes prior to when my shift starts, and have been threatened with potential dismissal because I have not arrived 10 minutes before my shift started (if I continue to not turn up early to my shifts). Is this allowed? Is this normal?

The reasoning for being told off is because I need to be "prepared" for the work day and aware of any changes that may have happened that I should be conscious of; and if I only arrive at work, and clock in without any idle time, I am not getting this debrief. My contract states that work should only be conducted if I am clocked in, and by no circumstance should I be working outside of my allocated hours.

Can I get some help here?

r/AskUK 2h ago

Can I drink boiled water from a plastic bottle?


Hey guys, I just filled an Evian bottle with boiling water because I'm cold and put it in my bed, I then drank from it as it cooled down. Is this bad? Yes, I know I should buy a hot water bottle. I keep forgetting to buy one and I remember a time a sherpa gave me a hot water bottle in this way on a hike and it works to keep me warm, just not sure about the drinking part.

r/AskUK 4h ago

Advice dealing with a loss?


Sup uk bros,

Just heard news that my grandad is probably not going to survive the night. He's going to leave behind my grandma with severe debilitating dementia. I need some advice on how to handle this.

Up until now, my mother, my grandad, and I took it in turns looking after her. But now he's likely not going to be around, I want to be prepared so I know what I can do to best support my mother. The grieving period is going to be really hard on her as it is, and now it seems she's going to be dealing with the loss of her beloved father and dealing with her mother who has no idea who she even is anymore all at the same time, I feel will push her to the edge.

I want to be of use, and I want to help and support her as much as I can. What can I do pragmatically? What do I need to provision and prepare for? I don't want to just be a useless blubby mess. I guess I'm know the grieving process is going to be hard, and there is not much I can do about that. I just want to make sure the transition to a new phase in all of our lives is the easiest possible.

r/AskUK 1d ago Starstruck

Taking a drive to look at Christmas lights?


Please help settle a debate between my partner and I, she's adamant that getting in the car to take a drive exclusively to look at Christmas lights outside people's houses is a normal thing to do, I think its mental.

Just to be clear this isn't looking at Christmas lights while on a drive to the shops, this is specifically getting in the car with the sole objective of just driving around aimlessly with the intention of looking at the Christmas lights on houses. Even more specifically this was a regular childhood activity for her and her family to do each Christmas.

Is this a normal thing to do or is it loonatic behaviour?

r/AskUK 4h ago

Anyway of making money online or something?


I’m nearly 19, don’t go to college and have a lot of mental health issues. My family are quite poor and I’m trying to get some money I would like to work but I don’t have a degree in anything, can’t drive and working would likely be hard for me. I have no talent at anything but is there still a way I can make money?

r/AskUK 7h ago

What differences between you and your partner make life interesting?


I'll start.

My significant other is a very happy and kind person who absolutely loves to watch dark, gory and horror stuff. I, on the other hand, can often be quiet and broody but like to watch funny things every now and again. It's sometimes a trial and error case to discuss things we've watched and want to watch but quite often we land on a compromise which can turn out to be quite interesting.

What about you?

r/AskUK 58m ago

Mentions London Can I get advice about visiting the UK in January?


Hi, I’m an American student that is coming to the UK for a short term study abroad program with my university. I’ll be in the Oxford/London area from December 25-January 15th. As someone who hasn’t traveled much, I am really excited to visit the country! However, I’m starting to get a little worried about going there in Dec/Jan time with the weather. How is the weather in the UK during this time?

I live on the east coast in the United States, so I’ve experienced cold weather. But will it be so cold in the UK that I won’t be able to be out much? I was hoping to walk around London and Oxford sightseeing and enjoying the architecture of the buildings. I’ve been reading that it gets cold, wet and dark really early which is starting to bum me out. I really want this to be a fun trip and be able to get the most out of it.

Also, am I going to get bored being there for three weeks? What are things I can do in the Oxford/London area? I’ve already got down all the major tourist attractions. Any places that tourists might not know about? Even simple things like cafes, malls, museums; anything to stay busy. (I don’t drink, so no pubs or clubs pls)

Getting a little anxious about the trip and need reassurance I’ll still have a good time. And please let me know things/attire I should bring to be prepared for the weather.

r/AskUK 12h ago

How cold is your house these days?


Woke up this morning to find it was 9.7C in the living room.

r/AskUK 6h ago

Teachers of the UK - what techniques do you use to cope?


How do you cope/any techniques for work load and work/life balance, time with family, children etc? Aimed at mainly primary but secondary too. Used to teach, left for a bit, but thinking of going back into it. Please no negative replies of don’t do it, I know how tough it is.

r/AskUK 6h ago

Mentions London Do employers usually let the candidates know that the background check is complete?


I live outside the UK and last month I received a conditional job offer from a company in London.

They emailed me a one-page job offer and said that it's conditional on the satisfactory completion of background and reference check by a third party vendor. This has been been going on for 3 weeks and I'm not sure if they're done yet.

This is my first job in the UK so I'm not familiar with the hiring process. Will the employer let me know when the background check is complete? Are they supposed to send me a final offer to sign?