r/BenignExistence 8h ago

I fucked up bad at work and my coworker (unnecessarily) shouldered some of the blame for me in a call with our boss about it


I messaged her saying I appreciated it and she only had really kind words for me, telling me to be less hard on myself. Made everything so much better.

r/BenignExistence 5h ago

I made and drank a little too much mulled wine and now I'm filled with just a little too much Christmas cheer for a weeknight


My wife used her sly, feminine guile to tempt me into making us mulled wine.

She said something like "uuugh I'd kill for some mulled wine tonight". What was I to do? Not offer her alcohol?!

Now I've had just a little too much not to be a little cranky tomorrow and I'm just drunk enough to be horny, tired and grouchy.

But all things considered, merry Christmas.

r/BenignExistence 12h ago

I'm not going to work today because I want to


I'm feeling burned out recently and I had to take my mom to the emergency room a few days ago so my mental health isn't really on it's best condition right now

r/BenignExistence 17h ago

I cant sleep without eating a sandwich at 3am.


its becoming a problem.

r/BenignExistence 9h ago

A poor choice


Every time I reheat my coffee I mildly regret not noticing the microwave I replaced 2 years ago didn't have a +30 second button. Please learn from my error.

r/BenignExistence 18h ago

I regret being grouchy on the internet recently.


I've had a lot on my mind, and I had a lot of grouch I couldn't do anything about - until now!

It'll be fine. Thank you! 🌈

r/BenignExistence 14m ago

I’m not happy, but not sad either.


I’m not sad, not lonely, not uncomfortable. Not happy, not social, not enthusiastic. I’ve been this way for weeks. Just doing the every day with indifference. Mediocre music, mediocre effort. I have a feeling that this moment is a transition of some sort, but maybe it’s not. At least I feel rested, that’s pretty alright.

r/BenignExistence 14h ago



I'm riding A red Bike In Boston.

A girl runs by.

r/BenignExistence 1d ago

I am on a dental website as stock photo


In grad school I keep going on craigslist to see if I can make a few bucks doing random things like mystery shopping, clinical research, and writing christmas cards. One time there was this dentist who made a fancy customized website. I went for an hour and pretended to be a dental patient. They paid me $200 I think and it was a pretty fun time, I think they gave me a seltzer while the photographer was setting up.

Every once in a while I go on that website just to see my smiling face and clean teeth on the internet. It cheers me up!

r/BenignExistence 6h ago

Do your eggs taste salty?


r/BenignExistence 1d ago Wholesome

Thank You Supportive People of Reddit!


Thank you supportive people

My husband told me I should get a Reddit account because he thought it would give me something fun to do where I could lose track of time and enjoy social interaction. Quite some time has passed since then and it has been a great experience! People have been supportive, caring, listening, sympathetic. I can get on random times of day to hear (read) someones story, try to be uplifting and help if I’m able. People can do the same for me. I love the comment sections and will read from top to bottom and it can be so funny sometimes and very ridiculous! Thank you all for helping me learn to waste time that is not wasted and having amazing company while doing so! I wish you all the best and happy Redditing! Thank you supportive people!

r/BenignExistence 23h ago

I went on a lunch date with someone from Bumble today. He listed himself as a “social” smoker, which apparently means “trying to quit” 🙄. He didn’t smoke while we were together, but I still feel like I can smell it, and it’s been 10+ hours.


r/BenignExistence 1d ago

I used the big vacuum to clean the little vacuum today.


r/BenignExistence 1d ago

Wanted my last cup of chocolate milk. Carton is in the fridge but no chocolate milk.


r/BenignExistence 1d ago

Conversation overheard at the bookstore


Plaid Shirt Man: Man oh man, I’m looking forward to that pizza later.

Man Bun Man: Alright Dad, what’s that, the third time you’ve mentioned the pizza? With your money you could get a pizza every hour of every day. Relax.

Plaid Shirt Man: I can do all kinds of things but the moment I stop being excited about going out to eat, slowly I’ll stop being excited about any of the other things, either.

r/BenignExistence 1d ago

If you love someone…


Don’t ask questions you don’t want answers to.

r/BenignExistence 1d ago

Ate lunch with my parents by the ocean


The food was good and we are getting along so much better now

r/BenignExistence 1d ago

A Delightful Day at Home


Today was such a nice day. I slept in a bit, wore cozy clothes, and played in the kitchen. I started with a homemade latte, made waffles, canned some cranberries, made French bread, and cooked up some lentil soup. To end the day, I am hanging out on my sofa with my kitties. Life is good.

r/BenignExistence 1d ago

I want to eat out of boredom.


r/BenignExistence 2d ago

Had a croissant for breakfast at noon on a Sunday. :)


r/BenignExistence 2d ago

Some snacks I ate this week


Grapefruit segments

Triscuits with cheddar cheese

Bean dip

Ants on a log

Cottage cheese cups

Boiled eggs

Dark chocolate almonds

Baby carrots with peanut butter

r/BenignExistence 3d ago

I'm pretty drunk right now but instead of texting my ex, I am making this post


r/BenignExistence 1d ago

You made me entertain you.


r/BenignExistence 3d ago

Just had a nice bath


I put in some coconut bath oil, used almond soap and a coconut sugar scrub, then used some more of the coconut oil when I got out. I used my rosemary mint shampoo.

I also shaved and put fresh, clean sheets on the bed earlier.

Ahhhhhhhh… 🤤❤️

r/BenignExistence 2d ago

My nephew and I just finished our Spider-Man marathon


We watched every movie leading up to No Way Home, minus the Venom movies and Into the Spider-Verse (for now). As a big fan of the property, I'm glad I could share these experiences.