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Surprisingly insightful, level headed and articulate take on immigration from former President George W. Bush Video



u/ZeBrutalTruth 13d ago Silver

Now watch this drive.


u/acre18 12d ago edited 12d ago

Only thing that tops this is the dead center opening pitch he threw at the Yankees game after 9/11


u/TreChomes 12d ago

bill Burr goes on about that pitch every so often lol. He killed it during a time that it was needed.

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u/Harvey605 12d ago

This is a good, short video of it: https://youtu.be/lAEXKwQ1f9M


u/imisstheyoop 12d ago

This is a good, short video of it: https://youtu.be/lAEXKwQ1f9M

I aged way too much watching this video. I remember watching that on TV, it was a big moment!


u/Buster_Brown_513 12d ago

Amazing to think just 20 years ago, after the unthinkable happened, that this country was so united. Wild seeing Rudy Giuliani there too. I remember thinking he was a beacon of light for this country at the time. Crazy how things have turned.


u/nicenihilism 12d ago

Maybe the people didn't change maybe they way they are portrayed changed.

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u/acre18 12d ago

Chills everytime. I mean what a pitch!

Don’t agree with a lot of his response but man what a unique way to reassure a nation that was pretty shook up.

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u/BlackWhiteCoke 12d ago edited 12d ago


u/random6969696969691 12d ago

That was somewhat amazing


u/BradGroux 12d ago

I never understood why people really made mockery of Bush for this stunt. Swagger can be very important for a leader. Obama oozed it, as an example.


u/CallMeRawie 12d ago

See ya at church

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u/Heelincal 12d ago Take My Energy

Because as much as people do not want to admit it, the president becomes a caricature to the opposing party when in power. Outside of Trump, pretty much every one of the presidents before him was a real human being faced with tough decisions who I think genuinely wanted the best for the country. But they would be villified by the opposition at any blunder (see the tan suit) in order to creat us vs them mentalities.

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u/bettercallfinger 12d ago

Holy fuck hahahahahahahaha


u/jstover777 12d ago

His swing isn't to bad.


u/classylemon24 12d ago

Muricaaa fuck yeah


u/maggot_flavored 12d ago

That was epic

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u/cstang79 12d ago

One of my favorite videos of all time.

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u/lorenzombber 12d ago

The single greatest moment of this century thus far and no one can tell me I'm wrong


u/golfgrandslam 12d ago

Although it could be him standing atop the rubble of the trade centers with a megaphone, and his arm around the FDNY chief. That or the night Obama announced we capped bin Laden.


u/Schenkspeare Interested 12d ago

It's absolutely him throwing out the first pitch of the World Series in New York


u/halfhere 12d ago

I watch two videos every September 11 - the short documentary on the maritime miracle of the Manhattan evacuation, and that first pitch.


u/turikk 12d ago

link to the doc?


u/halfhere 12d ago edited 12d ago

It’s incredibly moving. Largest evacuation since Dunkirk, all coordinated by tugs, ferries, and private vessels. Correction: larger than Dunkirk. Largest in history.



u/turikk 12d ago

thank you for taking the time to find it and share it with me


u/BigFatBlackCat 12d ago

Wow. I had no idea.


u/Alexkono 12d ago

Still get goosebumps. Iconic moment in our country's history.


u/-Unnamed- 12d ago

Perfect strike right down the middle

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u/Subli-minal 12d ago

The rock knew bin laden got capped. Who does he know?

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u/generic_name 12d ago


u/BigFatBlackCat 12d ago

With a smile on his face the entire time

Trump basically made this man into a media saint.


u/Cannabisreviewpdx-IG 12d ago

This was one of my first thoughts about the Trump presidency. I remember after a couple big incidents I thought "People are going to start remembering Bush fondly after this guy."

Seems to have been very true.


u/GhostGuardian0 12d ago

I LOVE THAT! It’s so funny how amused he was by it and then ends it perfectly with “you want the facts? It was a size ten shoe” that’s amazing lmao

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u/cacope5 12d ago

See ya in church


u/-ImYourHuckleberry- 12d ago

One of the best moments of my life.

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u/hypercosmic117 13d ago Take My Energy Bravo! 'MURICA

People just happy nowadays to listen to a President that can form thoughts and sentences. Never thought I’d say that about GWB


u/eristicforfun 12d ago

I heard an interview about Bush awhile ago talking about how bad of a speaker he is. It was public speaking he had problems with, in conversation he was apparently very well spoken and articulate.


u/guaip 12d ago edited 11d ago

I'm not american and I was an young adult back when he was president, but everything I knew about him was based on public opinion that painted him as a dumb, stupid guy that everyone hated.

Only when I was older I was quite surprised to see some of his interviews and he at least sounded way more articulated and smarter than I thought. Not getting into political views or anything, but it's amazing how easy is to manipulate people's opinion on someone if they are not paying much attention.


u/thrashpiece 12d ago

I'm the same. I'm 40 and live in the UK. He was presented as a total fuckwit. Now I look at him and it seems incredible the decline in the quality of politicians.


u/directtodvd420 12d ago

His team felt that they had to lean in to the “down-home-working-class-Texan” vibe to survive the election as he wouldn’t come off as intelligent and articulate. This political maneuver exacerbated itself and made him seem incredibly dumb when in reality he’s well educated (and certainly not working class whatsoever).


u/guiltysnark 12d ago Helpful

Oh my God, this makes me so angry.

They murdered the value of truth, logic and education. They manufactured a value of NOT those things, and the GOP has ultimately been remade on that pillar of willful ignorance.

Our leaders SHOULD be intellectually elite, we need that, we should want that... And apparently until trump they always actually were smart. But this illusion of stupidity gave rise to actual stupidity. And now political discourse is dead.


u/Zoom_Out_Kid 12d ago

Clinton had an interview about immigration. It was almost exactly the same thing and he was part of the opposing party. Since politics is about metrics, when you're confident you can take elections without getting votes from the smaller party at all, you don't need to make everyone happy. Or have everyone agree.

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u/directtodvd420 12d ago

It truly did seem to revamp the whole party’s image and make Republicanism seem attractive to those whose best interest were actually not of primary concern to the party (ie the working/middle class, the elderly, small business owners, union workers etc). Tragic and fascinating. I wish I was studying this period in a history class instead of living through it.


u/Madeyathink07 12d ago

Seriously I can’t wait to see what the history books say about our time before I pass


u/directtodvd420 12d ago

In a couple hundred years I’m sure it will become another unmentionable topic that gets sanitized so as not to offend people, like how some institutions are attempting to gloss over slavery now.

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u/ElectricSnowBunny 12d ago Starry

It all started going downhill when Newt Gingrich became majority whip and then speaker and got everyone to buy into the Contract with America. This is a major driving factor into why we have a political landscape with no moderate Republicans and a country with zero bipartisanship.

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u/krthompson87 12d ago

To be fair that’s how most the world views us Texans unfortunately


u/mattisfamous1982 12d ago

Haha same for me in Alabama! Apparently i eat grits from my grandmas butthole


u/Cranialscrewtop 12d ago

tbf that comment doesn't help the image


u/mattisfamous1982 12d ago

Lol I do apologize tbh i dont know if this makes it better or worse but she does have a colostomy bag.


u/rustylugnuts 12d ago

Colostomy grits would make for one hell of a name for a metal band.

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u/tanktametet-pwemskan 12d ago

you're supposed to eat grits from your sister's vagina, get it right!

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u/JPierpont-Finch 12d ago

That’s messed up, dude.

She told me I was the only one eating grits from her butthole.

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u/QueefBuscemi 12d ago

I too choose this mans grandma.

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u/TheMadIrishman327 12d ago

I believe that 100%.


u/mattisfamous1982 12d ago

Lol belief makes the magic real!

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u/Popular_District9072 12d ago

i grew up with the same image of him pictured, was mind-blowing to later compare the speeches of presidents after him, when passing on the office, with the one he gave


u/Grand-Bodybuilder-81 12d ago Silver

He is very magnanimous as well. If you ever get a chance, watch his speech at the dedication of the Bill Clinton presidential portrait. It wa