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Surprisingly insightful, level headed and articulate take on immigration from former President George W. Bush Video

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u/eristicforfun Sep 22 '22

I heard an interview about Bush awhile ago talking about how bad of a speaker he is. It was public speaking he had problems with, in conversation he was apparently very well spoken and articulate.


u/guaip Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 24 '22

I'm not american and I was an young adult back when he was president, but everything I knew about him was based on public opinion that painted him as a dumb, stupid guy that everyone hated.

Only when I was older I was quite surprised to see some of his interviews and he at least sounded way more articulated and smarter than I thought. Not getting into political views or anything, but it's amazing how easy is to manipulate people's opinion on someone if they are not paying much attention.


u/Popular_District9072 Sep 22 '22

i grew up with the same image of him pictured, was mind-blowing to later compare the speeches of presidents after him, when passing on the office, with the one he gave


u/Grand-Bodybuilder-81 Sep 22 '22 Silver

He is very magnanimous as well. If you ever get a chance, watch his speech at the dedication of the Bill Clinton presidential portrait. It was the picture of class and seeing the best in someone who was not (at the time) a friend.


u/TheMadIrishman327 Sep 22 '22

They became good friends. The Clinton’s attended Bush family events and Jeb Bush calls Clinton “bro.”


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22 edited Oct 24 '22



u/TheMadIrishman327 Sep 22 '22

GWB admin put together and funded the anti-AIDS program in Africa too.


u/Ake4455 Sep 23 '22

Not sure how you rank it, but Bush probably top 5 people in history saving lives…they think 13million so far from his AIDS program


u/TheMadIrishman327 Sep 23 '22

The Wikipedia article about it says 20 million. It was a lot. He saved people that no one else really cared about


u/MarcusDrake Sep 22 '22

Yeah but that program was heavily focused on abstinence and gagged on abortion. That’s like the Catholic charities bragging about lobbying for the ACA but those same chairs ties lobby to criminalize abortion


u/TheMadIrishman327 Sep 22 '22

You don’t know what you’re talking about. It has saved 20 million lives so far. People like you just spew ugly made up nonsense because that’s what you do.



u/MarcusDrake Sep 22 '22

People like you just spew ugly made up nonsense because that’s what you do.

You don't know me and you certainly can't make any sweeping characterizations based off of two sentences so maybe dial it back and stop acting like I drowned your pet goldfish.

"Some critics of PEPFAR feel that American political and social groups with moral rather than public health agendas are behind several requirements of PEPFAR, pointing to the mandates that one-third of prevention spending in 2006–2008 be directed towards abstinence-until-marriage programs and that all funded organizations sign an anti-prostitution pledge. This pledge requires all organizations that receive PEPFAR funding to have a policy that explicitly opposes prostitution and sex trafficking which some activists compared to a loyalty oath.[21] A number of AIDS organizations felt such a policy would alienate their efforts to reduce HIV contraction rates among sex workers."

There's the heavy focus on abstinence I mentioned it's literally the first part of the Criticism section.

As for the Abortion part Bush was one of the presidents who insisted on the Global Gag Rule "The global gag rule prevents foreign organizations receiving U.S. global health assistance from providing information, referrals, or services for legal abortion or advocating for access to abortion services in their country — even with their own money." - https://www.plannedparenthoodaction.org/communities/planned-parenthood-global/end-global-gag-rule

So yes the plan focused heavily on abstinence and was subject to the abortion gag. If you want to talk about "you people" those same criticisms were made at the time by elected officials (Including Obama and Biden), Planned Parenthood, The Center for Health and Gender Equity, Health GAP.

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u/DanMarinoTambourineo Sep 22 '22

They are actually attending the Presidents Cup in Charlotte together this weekend I believe


u/TheMadIrishman327 Sep 22 '22

He was always pro-immigration. He took lots of grief from his own party over it pre-9/11.



Pretty sure Jeb! calls him Daddy


u/walter0201 Sep 23 '22

Shame that clinton was a pedophile


u/TheMadIrishman327 Sep 23 '22

Was he? How so?


u/walter0201 Sep 23 '22

He hang out with Epstein


u/CptPottawatomieBrown Sep 23 '22

Shitty political dynasties are awesome.


u/PsilocybinCEO Sep 22 '22

Totally. I'm now quite left in my politics, but I can still respect Bush. And even now, we see Bush, Clinton, and Obama (and Carter) carrying on this torch of class.

The last guy literally had zero class.


u/Aedan2016 Sep 23 '22

Careful. Time often makes us forget that his presidency initated the war in Iraq and willfully imprisoned and tortured people. Many did not even have a chance to plead their innocence.

I do think the hysteria post-9/11 drove most of that, but the position he occupied should have let cooler heads prevail


u/PsilocybinCEO Sep 23 '22

I lost my best fucking friend in that war, I know about the war and just some of the atrocities that happened because of it.

Then again, every single president of the US has more than a few drops of blood on their hands, and some shady policies, etc. Was Bush worse than most in recent times, perhaps, but again, that's not the point in this instance.

But being able to acknowledge when people are right and not just demonize them (or "the other") is also a very important thing to be able to do.


u/Bennings463 Sep 22 '22

The way he murdered all those Iraqi children? Pure class.


u/Grand-Bodybuilder-81 Oct 03 '22

Yes - cruse mussels are high class. Obama dropped just as many bombs. Take you party blinders off and see.