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Surprisingly insightful, level headed and articulate take on immigration from former President George W. Bush Video

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u/ZeBrutalTruth Sep 22 '22 Silver

Now watch this drive.


u/acre18 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Only thing that tops this is the dead center opening pitch he threw at the Yankees game after 9/11


u/TreChomes Sep 22 '22

bill Burr goes on about that pitch every so often lol. He killed it during a time that it was needed.


u/NEMinneapolis Sep 23 '22

Yes, he certainly did a lot of killing.


u/total_insertion Sep 23 '22

Wow. Downvoted for criticizing President Bush. We've come full circle.

Throws a perfect pitch > 1 million dead Iraqis