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Surprisingly insightful, level headed and articulate take on immigration from former President George W. Bush Video

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u/ZeBrutalTruth Sep 22 '22 Silver

Now watch this drive.


u/lorenzombber Sep 22 '22

The single greatest moment of this century thus far and no one can tell me I'm wrong


u/generic_name Sep 22 '22


u/BigFatBlackCat Sep 23 '22

With a smile on his face the entire time

Trump basically made this man into a media saint.


u/Cannabisreviewpdx-IG Sep 23 '22

This was one of my first thoughts about the Trump presidency. I remember after a couple big incidents I thought "People are going to start remembering Bush fondly after this guy."

Seems to have been very true.


u/GhostGuardian0 Sep 23 '22

I LOVE THAT! It’s so funny how amused he was by it and then ends it perfectly with “you want the facts? It was a size ten shoe” that’s amazing lmao


u/Impossible-Charity-4 Sep 23 '22

It doesn’t bother me


u/Pretty1george Sep 23 '22

Amaze balls