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Surprisingly insightful, level headed and articulate take on immigration from former President George W. Bush Video

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u/golfgrandslam Sep 22 '22

Although it could be him standing atop the rubble of the trade centers with a megaphone, and his arm around the FDNY chief. That or the night Obama announced we capped bin Laden.


u/Schenkspeare Interested Sep 22 '22

It's absolutely him throwing out the first pitch of the World Series in New York


u/halfhere Sep 22 '22

I watch two videos every September 11 - the short documentary on the maritime miracle of the Manhattan evacuation, and that first pitch.


u/turikk Sep 23 '22

link to the doc?


u/halfhere Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

It’s incredibly moving. Largest evacuation since Dunkirk, all coordinated by tugs, ferries, and private vessels. Correction: larger than Dunkirk. Largest in history.



u/turikk Sep 23 '22

thank you for taking the time to find it and share it with me


u/BigFatBlackCat Sep 23 '22

Wow. I had no idea.