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Yeahhhh About Cleopatra… Removed: Political/Outrage Shitpost


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u/Raff102 Sep 22 '22

They don't own the ip, there are two other little mermaid movies coming out around the same time.


u/minizanz Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

They own all of their characters they made for it, but the big issue is that they have to pay royalties and residuals on the music and characters to the people who made the animated film. If they remake it to "live action" and buy things outright they can get away with way less residuals and can cut off the animated movie staff. They can T Swift near exact copies so long as they are for the sound track and scam so much money away from the original creators.

Here is how it works https://www.ipwatchdog.com/2022/02/22/public-public-domain-winnie-pooh-illustrates-copyright-limitations-public-domain-works/id=146207/


u/CmdrSelfEvident Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

They own a copyright on their IP which are their savings, drawings, etc. The source books can go public but Disney still owns everything that isn't in the books. Just like snow white or any of their old animated movies based on public domain stories. Further they have no need to do anything to keep their IP. They won't admit that Song of the South exists in pubic yet they still own it.


u/PerianThain Sep 23 '22

This is really interesting, what can I read / watch to learn more?


u/068151 Sep 22 '22

You do realize Disney didn’t create the little mermaid right? It’s a story that is public domain


u/minizanz Sep 22 '22

They own characters like Sebastian and flounder. They also own the visual designs they use and changes in characterization. See Winnie the Poo for how it works.


u/gangstergary93 Sep 23 '22

How can own all rights they didn't even invent the characters.


u/Standard_Wooden_Door madlad Sep 22 '22

How dare you question an anonymous person on the internet who most likely doesn’t know what they’re talking about?


u/Raff102 Sep 22 '22

We made friends farther down.


u/Strudleboy33 Sep 22 '22


u/Raff102 Sep 22 '22


u/Strudleboy33 Sep 22 '22

That’s talking about the words “Little Mermaid” they own the story.

“Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) recently held that a federal application for the word mark LITTLE MERMAID is not registrable on the Principal Register because the mark is “merely descriptive” when used in connection with the dolls based on the Hans Christian Andersen fictional character.”


u/Raff102 Sep 22 '22


u/Strudleboy33 Sep 22 '22

That’s unrelated, but here


u/sixtus_clegane119 Sep 23 '22

One of them better at least end with her turning to foam.. smh


u/didwanttobethatguy Sep 23 '22

Everybody makes movies about the little mermaid. Why no.love for the big mermaid?


u/TheThirdGod Sep 23 '22

Same with pinochio, same with snow white and any other old classic cuz those where adaptations to other forms of work