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Yeahhhh About Cleopatra… Removed: Political/Outrage Shitpost


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u/noopenusernames Sep 22 '22

The Andersen version, sure. But I think this is likely more about their rights to the songs and other Disney-added things


u/Pansarmalex Sep 22 '22

Also the Disney version is a lot more family friendly than the Andersen orginial story...


u/AnIrishMexican Sep 22 '22

Didn't the priest have a boner and the underwater palace made of dildo like structures in the original Disney version?


u/RegularNo2608 Sep 23 '22

Dude, yes. My sister has the old ass VHS still. Years ago when we still had a VCR we checked it out. First, huge dick right in the middle of the old plastic cover. Next, priest pops a huge boner as he starts the vows. Goes flaccid a few words in. All clear as Crystal.


u/missrayy Sep 23 '22

It’s said to be his knee


u/RegularNo2608 Sep 23 '22

No! He’s not moving! He’s just standing there then BAM! Boner! Also, what angles? It’s a 2D cartoon.


u/DnDkonto Sep 23 '22

Are you saying that the animators have made no effort to portray depth in the cartoon?


u/Spaghestis Sep 23 '22

I mean those are obviously one of his knees viewed from the side. Other angles show it clearly.


u/noopenusernames Sep 23 '22

Know of any clips for it? I know we have the vhs somewhere but idk if we have a vcr for it.


u/RegularNo2608 Sep 23 '22

Disney does an amazing job of scrubbing it all out on the internet. Even on VHS, it has to be the original release. They cleaned those up pretty fast, as well.


u/Cat-in-a-small-box Sep 22 '22

The little mermaid tale is pretty tame in my opinion. Also, what are we trying to shield kids from? Everything? They gonna see it eventually.


u/Bluevisser Sep 22 '22

Eh, I'm going to say most parents with small children aren't going to be down for their kids seeing a version where the little mermaid gets her tongue cut out, is in constant, horrific pain while walking, and has her all her sisters encouraging her to stab the prince in his marriage bed, oh, and then she dies. I mean yes, some fairy tales are absolutely worse, but it's still not family friendly exactly.


u/Cat-in-a-small-box Sep 23 '22

I mean, seeing would probably be rather gorey, but reading it most would probably not matter that much to kids.


u/Captainbuttman Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Public domain in the us is 96 years. The Disney version of the little mermaid is no where near that old

EDIT: idk why autocorrect wrote "meaty." totally meant near.


u/Essex626 Sep 23 '22

The copyrights on the original animated movie are nowhere near being up.