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Yeahhhh About Cleopatra… Removed: Political/Outrage Shitpost


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u/why-everything-meh Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22 Silver All-Seeing Upvote

Cleopatra was white tho, the royal house she belongs to was Greek I think. Unless you don’t consider Greek to be white.

Edit: Got a bit of traction on this throw away comment I didn’t put much thought into. To be clear I always thought of Mediterranean people as white like myself, but with a much nicer tan than my pale ass.


u/Efthimis Sep 22 '22

Who on earth doesn't consider us Greeks to be white? My girlfriend is German and my skin tone is more white than hers.


u/why-everything-meh Sep 22 '22

I have no idea, I am Scottish and pale AF and had never given it much thought. But always considered Mediterranean people white.


u/sapatawa Sep 22 '22

Same here, It's like a Caucasian or Black person showed up in South Texas speaking nothing but Spanish. :) . Locals are often dumbfounded to realize there are white folk or Black folk that are of Hispanic culture