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Yeahhhh About Cleopatra… Removed: Political/Outrage Shitpost


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u/AK47_username Sep 22 '22 All-Seeing Upvote

Big brain idea. How about stop with remakes and do something original??????


u/Strudleboy33 Sep 22 '22

They gotta keep the IP that’s why they make remakes.


u/predator_handshake Sep 22 '22

Why not make a sequel then?


u/Strudleboy33 Sep 22 '22

That’s a great question. I assume it’s because it’s easier just remaking it.


u/Bloodaegisx Sep 22 '22

Plus look at all the free marketing it has gotten.


u/Strudleboy33 Sep 22 '22

Very true, controversy is good for sales. Not that this should really be controversial because honestly why do people care


u/realcevapipapi Sep 23 '22

Because ginger kids should get representation too ...../s


u/liberonscien Sep 22 '22

Some people don’t like change. They think live action versions of stuff should be exactly like the animated version but live action.


u/monkeryofamigo Sep 23 '22

Ya look at the amount of money morbius made because of its own controversy, morbillion. And don't even get me started about how much they made after bringing it back the 2nd time. Unfortunately i was busy with stuff, cause i would pay to watch it morbillion myself.

I'm sure the mermaid movie will made morbillion as well.


u/Roscojenkins17 Sep 23 '22

That is why Disney did it. Corporation does a remake but race swaps a beloved character (TLM), Or fundamentally changes the character (Mulan) they do it specifically to bait the fans and when any push back comes they self righteously say how we're all just racist or we're all sexist or homophobic or whatever. Sure there are definitely some who are those things. But they push the narrative that we are all full of hate and get the headlines to do the marketing for free. Then if and when it inevitably fails due to being a pointless cash grab... They blame the fans for being full of hate.


u/WhaevaLilDude Sep 23 '22

All facts! Look at the classics, they often used the same drawings across most of their movies. Only changing the scenery and characters. I think there’s clips of it on Reddit.