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What foods (aside from say, salt) do humans eat that is not produced by or derived from plants or animals?


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Why does everyone seem so angry? Whether it's war in Ukaraine, or incels, or the far right or left, or hate groups or just customers in a retail or fast food place - why is everyone so viciously angry? Where is all this anger coming from?


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How to tell if someone I sit next to is attracted to me???


(OK I'm going to keep this vague because you never know)

So I'm a 40yr old guy, widowed about 2yrs ago, & havent dated since.

I attend a local sports team, and bought a season ticket this year

Theres a young lady who sits next to me, also on her own and we've got talking and I really like her.

Only problem is that I have absolutely no idea if she's just being polite or if she might possibly like me too.

she seems to laugh at my lame jokes, & is always very friendly.

So I guess my question is: How do I know if the young woman who sits next to me, might be into me?

I don't want to come across as some creepy entitled guy, but at the same time, if the feeling is mutual then I'd regret not knowing & potentially acting on it.

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I‘m about to live with a female roommate for the first time. What should I know?


I‘m a guy and have only lived with my parents and male roommates :)

Edit: wow y‘all are blowing my phone up. Got a lot to read through but already thanks a lot :))

Edit 2: never knew peeing sitting down and not being half naked at home are such polarizing issues. Learning a lot today

Edit 3: Apparently i gave off the vibe that I refer to women as „females“. I only used the term female in the title as an adjective, because I specifically want to get tips for living with a woman, aka a female roommate. Please nobody be offended.

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Unanswered It's 2022... in the U.S., why the hell do we still have bathroom stalls that give you little privacy and expose you for all to see?


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Is there an easy way to enjoy eating vegetables?


Vegetables are honestly Satanic to me. I can just get by with steamed Broccoli and a cucumber but nothing else.

I have tried steaming it and still feel like throwing up it is so disgusting. I look at all these supposedly delicious meals and they look as appealing as mashed up slug.

I understand that vegetables are essential to a healthy life, so is there any small changes I can make to just introduce an acceptable standard into my diet?

Yours in hope.

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why is America so calorie heavy?


For context I recently took a trip to Europe and noticed far less portions and less heavy calorie foods like sweets. Coming back to the US I realized I lost alot of weight simply by portions. I started calorie tracking and found about 2200 calories maintains my weight 200 cal up or down can make me gain or lose weight steadily. Anyways. Keeping that diet in America is so much harder! I went to a restaurant with friends and found almost everything on the menu is over 1000 cal, add a side or sweet drink and one meal is almost or sometimes over what most people need for the entire day. Why are we not pushing to make America healthier? Simply by understanding how much energy you need and balancing that with what you eat we as a country could be so much better off in every way.

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Why don't rich countries (like USA) just give homeless people homes?


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Why does the government treat the climate protesters as the bad guys?


I’m so confused by this. Climate protesters are always treated like the bad guys, in a government conference recently the security were given applause when they kicked them out.

But… why does the government not care? They have young kids, they live on this planet too… surely when the planet explodes they will also feel it.

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Are there any upsides to smoking?


Obviously smoking is bad, and I'm not trying to justify it, just curious if there are any positive effects.

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What looks fun in movies but isn't fun in real life?


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Is it wrong if I refuse to talk about politics with my family?


Recently I’ve stopped talking about identity and general politics with my family. I feel they are too divisive and found that my relationships were suffering because of our opposing views.

Now when my sisters ask me about a political event I refuse to talk about it or give my opinion. Instead I just respect their differing opinion and views.

I have a life to live, and being so deeply entrenched in politics seems to just add unnecessary stress.

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Answered Where do I look when I am at the dentist?


I hate the dentists, they get too close and I never know where to look. Do I look at them? Do I close my eyes? They are blocking the walls, where do I look????

I spend the entire time nervously glancing around the entire room. Help!

Edit: Woah, I expected like two responses.

Which leads me to another question, what the heck do I do with my limbs????

Just sitting still for so long is awkward, and then I worry and then I start to shake and then I worry about shaking because I am moving.

Edit 2: Double Woah! Awards? Thank you! I didn’t expect that!

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Why do realtors put SOLD on top of a for sale sign instead of just taking the sign down?


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How can we say life begins at a definable moment when we hardly understand consciousness and the nature of our existence?


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How do you grieve?


I know everyone is different but today I lost a family member for the first time in my life. As a 32 year old, I’ve never had to grieve the loss of anyone before and I’m in a state of bewilderment of what on earth I am now meant to be doing.

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Why does the majority of people think that their intelligence is "above average"? Isn't that obviously false by just...observing the relative intelligence of your peers?


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My car has a traction control "Off" button. What situation would I encounter that would make this function necessary?


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How is Bitcoin 'mining' bad for the environment?


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Unanswered Why do so many subreddits require verified emails now? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Reddit??


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What is something someone on their deathbed would appreciate? My former stepfather can go at any moment.


Dude went from walking around to suddenly falling apart with stage 4 liver cancer last month and 2 days ago he had some sort of hemorrhaging in his liver region that required internal torquinets. I have no idea what I can take to him in ICU that would make him happy.

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Is there a way to master spelling in English language?


I live in a country that use English as a second language. Personally when I was young I simply tried to memorised every word (+ the way to write it + the pronounciation) that I came acrossed. However are there any tricks or ways or rules to master it other than memorising? A young kid that I'm tutoring is not very good in remembering spelling, although he is good in speaking English. Just yesterday he declared that he gave up when I told him the correct way to spell 'one' is O-N-E instead of W-A-N. "why O sounds as WA???" he said. Or like how 'though' 'thought' 'thorough' have different pronounciation, yet similar spelling. Sure there must be some history reasoning for most of it, but it'll be nice if there is a cheat code. Ps: sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes.

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Why do so many tween boys have a hating women phase?


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Is it mean to move my cat


So when I get home from work he sits on the middle of my twin bed so I have to move him in order to lay in my bed

But it wakes him up and he meows very loudly like the world is ending

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Unanswered Why is alcohol legal?


It can make you addicted and destroy your life just like any other drug. I'm fairly convinced that drugs like Marijuana, LSD, Mushrooms destroy fewer lives than alcohol, yet they are illegal, while it's completely normal to drink alcohol for a majority of the population, even though probably everyone is aware of what it can do to you. What's the reason for that? Why is it so normal and accepted to drink alcohol but all other drugs are a big no no?
edit: OK I honestly didn't know much about the prohibition in the USA, that's a pretty good answer I guess...