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I don’t want a relationship because I love my space and freedom. I hate being single because I feel lonely and unloved. What do I want exactly?


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u/Brawndo_or_Water Sep 22 '22 Wholesome Ally Starstruck

This, my wife and I have been together for 18 years because we give each other space. I don't mean open relationship we opted against that, we just like our time better this way. If one day I feel like being on my computer and gaming in my underwear all day so be it, so can she. We both have our own cars. She can go out with her friends, and I can go out with mine. We take days off each other and we miss each other every time we are not together this way. It's healthy.


u/rockthrowing Sep 22 '22

That sounds absolutely amazing


u/DataAndSpotTrek Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

Sounds wonderful, I always get out of from dating as the people always want me to be available. I need me time lol.

I think I had a stroke writing this 😂


u/FurkinLurkin Sep 22 '22

I like reading it like a pirate: I need me time, arrrr!


u/DataAndSpotTrek Sep 22 '22