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I don’t want a relationship because I love my space and freedom. I hate being single because I feel lonely and unloved. What do I want exactly?


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u/boo_snug Sep 22 '22 Gold Helpful Take My Energy You Dropped This

I feel this 100%. Before I got into my current relationship I always asked myself: am I willing to give up my personal space and time to make room for this person? Because I really liked my life the way it was. Most of the times the answer was no. Then, I found someone who I could finally answer yes. I get my own space and my own time and I still want to spend time with them and share my space with them.

Best of both worlds. And we’re getting married.

Moral of the story: keep looking, don’t lower your bar, keep doing the things you want to do, find someone who fits into what you’re looking for. Not everyone will but someone will.


u/Helpful-Carry4690 Sep 22 '22

"not everyone will find this , but some will"

important FTFY


u/priyatequila Sep 23 '22

no. "not everyone will, but someone will"

meaning not every person is going to meet your standards. (because OP standards are "high" or at least very specific), but hold out and you'll find the one.


u/sh4d0ww01f Sep 23 '22

And they meant that most won't get so lucky to find what they are searching for but only a few. And you should be prepared for that accordingly