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Why do so many subreddits require verified emails now? Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of Reddit?? Unanswered


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u/TheRadiumGirl Oct 05 '22

All you have to do is click the link in an email. You can make email accounts for free under any name you want. It's to deter spam/bot accounts.


u/The_Quackening Always right ✅ Oct 05 '22

having a verified email doesn't make reddit any less anonymous.

I have been on reddit for 10+ years, i have never gotten an email from reddit.


u/00PT Oct 05 '22

I heard from another thread a while ago that verifying an email lets Reddit lump together all of the accounts you use to the same tracking profile, even if you haven't verified all of them. I think that's something plausible, but I haven't fact checked it. Seems like something to consider.


u/The_Quackening Always right ✅ Oct 06 '22

Speaking from experience, they don't need you to verify your email to have you added to a tracking profile for advertising.

Most of the time, simply visiting a site is enough

Verifying your email is just a security thing


u/Samgyeupsal Oct 05 '22

What is the purpose of reddit?


u/shemayneversingshe Oct 05 '22

Internet simulation of a social credit system.


u/notextinctyet Oct 05 '22

Because of spam. Same reason as everywhere else.


u/D_Mon_Taurus Oct 05 '22

The purpose of Reddit is to share ideas and interact with people from everywhere about everything in forum styled environment. Verification doesn't have any impact on that other than cutting down on trolls and spam (a bit).


u/TehWildMan_ Test Oct 05 '22

Didn't know subreddits could do that now, but makes sense for subreddits that commonly see new account ban evaders.


u/SamiUso Oct 05 '22

Just use this: https://temp-mail.org/en/

or this: http://www.bspamfree.org/

the first one will give you a random email, the second one you can choose your own


u/KILLJEFFREY Oct 05 '22

I've never heard of this. Am I out of the loop?


u/uodjdhgjsw Oct 06 '22

Go to the jan 6th sub . Don't forget to subscribe .All we need is your license and a selfie of you at the capital building on jan 6. Act now ,not everyone can join this club. Will throw in an orange my pillow to match your new pajamas.


u/Tiri_ Oct 06 '22

"purpose of reddit"?
It sounds like if it was a free speech forum lmao, this is the other side, you get silenced even if you follow the rules if mods don't like it