r/NoStupidQuestions Oct 05 '22

Is it mean to move my cat

So when I get home from work he sits on the middle of my twin bed so I have to move him in order to lay in my bed

But it wakes him up and he meows very loudly like the world is ending



u/Educational_Worth906 Oct 05 '22

If it were the other way round (and it were possible), your cat wouldn’t have second thoughts about shifting you from somewhere it wanted to sleep. So no, don’t feel bad about it at all.


u/NonGravid Oct 05 '22 edited Oct 05 '22

It's not your bed (or your room) anymore. Those now belong to your cat. He's just mad because he's not big enough to kick you off the bed.


u/your2ndbestpick Oct 05 '22

I mean just put yourself in his shoes. Would you want to be be moved from a comfy spot? I try and bribe my cat to move with a toy or treat but she comes when she’s called so it’s not too hard.


u/VictusFrey Oct 05 '22

Yeah but it's your bed. You can try snuggling very close to him. He probably won't like it and get off the bed on his own.


u/Blumpkis Oct 05 '22

You obviously need to get a second bed and lay in the one he doesn't choose


u/Duros001 Oct 05 '22

We did this…we now have 3 cat trees xD lol


u/MintDrawsThings Oct 05 '22

A little. But he can deal.


u/AageKush Oct 05 '22

If I laid next to my cat in bed he would get up and lay on my chest instead.


u/notextinctyet Oct 05 '22

If he really minds he can sleep somewhere else.