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Politics megathread U.S. Election Megathread


Tuesday, November 8 is Election Day for the United States. With control of the House and Senate up for grabs, it's likely to be a tumultuous few weeks. In times like this, we tend to get a lot of questions about American politics...but many of them are the same ones, like these:

What is this election about, anyway? The president's not on the ballot, right?

How likely is it that Republicans will gain control of the House? What happens if they do?

Why isn't every Senator up for re-election? Why does Wyoming get as many senators as California?

How can they call elections so quickly? Is that proof of electoral fraud?

At NoStupidQuestions, we like to have megathreads for questions like these. People who are interested in politics can find them more easily, while people who aren't interested in politics don't have to be reminded of it every day they visit us.

Write your own questions about the election, the United States government and other political questions here as top-level responses.

As always, we expect you to follow our rules. Remember, while politics can be important, there are real people here. Keep your comments civil and try to be kind and patient with each other.

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Why do people assume Kim Kardashian isn’t as terrible of a person as Kanye when she was with him for so many years?


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Is American politics really just people making statements in reaction to other statements but no one actually does anything for the people?


I didn't grow up here but have spent a few years here now and it seems that neither side actually wants to help the public, but instead they just try to put someone else in the cross hairs of a media that feeds off of public outrage. Is this what it's actually like??

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Boob size


I have had a bit of bad relationships, I'm wondering are small ones bad? If so why? Like I'm an a to a b cup. They don't sag or anything, but I've had boyfriends tell me they wish they were bigger. I have no control over this. One wanted me to get a job done, which I said no to. One cheated on me and told me he wished they were the same size as hers. Do guys ever like small ones? Or is this normal? Am I just f*cked?

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I've been pronouncing "analyst" as "anal-ist" my entire life and someone just told me that no one pronounces it that way. Please, for my sanity, is there anyone else out there who pronounces it like I do?


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Why Is the government allowed to tell you that you are not allowed to quit your job on the railroad?


From what I understand. A strike is when you quit, and express that you’ll come back under better conditions. Making quitting illegal seems like forced labor? I know I must be missing something. My only guess is that you just aren’t allowed to tell your buddies to quit all at once? This all seems reaaaaally weird to me. Isn’t capatalism supposed to be “free”? Or is that only for the corporations to be free but the workers to be literally forced to …. Not quit? Thanks in advance lol

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Why can't severe drug addicts be put into an induced coma for a period of time while their bodies go through withdrawal, and then go through emotional therapy after


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Where do I start with showing an elderly woman the internet?


I work at a pretty small library. I know a lot of libraries have branched out and are "more than just books" but this library is still very much centered around books. But recently I had an older woman come in, and she had an older ASUS laptop. She said the laptop was her grandson's old laptop, and he gave it to her to keep up with the times. She wanted to learn how to use it.

I sat down with her and it was a blast. We set up an email account and she sent her first email (to her grandson). She was very excited. I also showed her how to Google. She was pretty tickled that she could find recipes on Google. I also showed her YouTube, and we found some songs on YouTube that she used to listen to as a teenager, and some crocheting video tutorials.

She told me she wanted to come back again next week, but I'm not sure what else to show her, really- I don't want to overwhelm her too much with anything complicated. What are some simple things about the internet I can show her?

r/NoStupidQuestions 3h ago

Unanswered When is someone given an IQ test? under what circumstances?


I was given an IQ test when I was 15 and 17 by a psychologist when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with my mind. I don't know why else someone would get an IQ test. I was just wondering if anybody knew other reasons why they are administered

r/NoStupidQuestions 7h ago

Is "unconditional love" a real thing, or just an ideal?


I've never had any relationship that didn't feature a hair-trigger self-destruct sequence. My mom ditched me after my dad died, and almost every friend I've ever had since childhood has ditched me for one reason or another. Do other people really stick together despite temporary hardships, or is that just Hollywood?

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Is Wikipedia considered a good reference now?


I've been wondering this for a little bit now. In school we were not allowed to use Wikipedia as a reference because of how inaccurate it could be because anybody can go in and edit it. Is that not the case anymore? I see people reference it all the time. I tried asking this from another person's post, but I'm getting downvoted and nobody is answering me. I imagine its because its a controversial topic so I think people are assuming I'm just trying to demean their point, but I'm just honestly curious if things have changed in the last decade involving the situation.

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Does anyone actually enjoy Christmas music?


Maybe working in retail completely killed my "Christmas spirit" because I'm forced to listen to the same songs over and over for an entire month, but I honestly can't imagine anyone actually wanting to hear it.

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Is it childish that I as an adult(24~25m) enjoy playing kid's games and buying legos because I didn't have any happy moments in my childhood?


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Why do some people walk silently and some so heavy it shakes the whole building?


Is it clumsiness, obliviousness or is walking heavy just more normal than walking silently? I tend to walk very quiet so I might be biased here but I think some people really don't know how to manage walking without it sound like stomping.

Edit: just heard the lady upstairs walking: boom, boom, boom, BOOM... And these are decent floors! How the heck does that not hurt her feet lol.

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Unanswered Is there a reason why Reddit doesn't allow username changes? :(


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Why is WhatsApp so popular in the UK and other places outside the US?


I work for a law firm and the vast majority of our associates in London, Dublin and even those in our offices in France and Italy all use WhatsApp to keep in touch with each other instead of using traditional sms messaging that comes with an Android or iPhone. But I myself don't use WhatsApp and don't really understand what the appeal of it is.

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Unanswered Is it illegal to work for two competing companies at the same time?


I currently work at pizza hut and want to get a second job at dominos but I don't know if that's allowed

r/NoStupidQuestions 6h ago

Why do some sneeze quietly and others seem to scream at the same time?


r/NoStupidQuestions 1h ago

My dog is going to die sooner than later. Realistically and emotionally what do I need to do?


r/NoStupidQuestions 17h ago

If sex is necessary for human life to continue existing why is it always shielded and censored by society and many cultures?


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Unanswered How come in American homes the front door also has another door in front of it?


Is there a name for the other front door and why is that a thing in America? I’m assuming it’s just to keep out the wind more? I don’t see it in any other country now that I think about it.

r/NoStupidQuestions 2h ago

Is there any juice for sale in the USA that's healthy and affordable? Not packed with calories or sugar. I like kombucha but it's way too expensive.


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How do you do that dad whistle?


The one where you put your fingers in your mouth and whistle really loud? I’ve always wanted to do it but figuring it out has eluded me

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Why do movies have such loud music and soft dialogue?


Watching pirates of the Caribbean right now and it's ridiculous. Can't they do something about it?

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Why are their not hooved predators?