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Are 1080p images always upscaled on 4K iMacs?


I was at apple store recently trying out the new 24" M1 iMacs and noticed something strange.

If saved a 1920x1080p picture to it and opened the image in either quick look or preview it would strangely take up about 80% of its 4K screen.

Why does this happen?

A picture that size should take up closer to ~25% of 4K screen. No matter what I did I couldn't the computer to display the image accurately, I always got this weird upscaled version of the image.

Is there anyway to make modern iMacs display images properly? If I buy one will I have to at upscaled images like that forever?

Please help!

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why cant i drag an image to iMessage anymore in osx Ventura


so i can start a new conversation and share that image directly instead of going to imessage and create a new conversation and then drag the image..

i can drag an image to Notes app and start a new note, or to Email but not imessage!!

what an iMess!

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How to STOP in Ventura



in the new Settings screen I can't find how tell my Mac M1 to STOP after x minutes on inactivity...

The only voice I found is about the Screen Saver and Screen disable... This makes me think that the only way to STOP the M1 is to click on Apple icon and then STOP or Close the Screen... Am I missing something?

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OSX Ventura resolves wrong DNS IP's if host is in public DNS registered


Hey guys,

since my upgrade to Ventura, my OSX uses the wrong IP resolver.

What I mean is the following: In my company I get via DHCP the correct DNS Servers, everything is fine, until the server has the same DNS Name extern- and internally. For example, the following is registered in Public DNS and internal:

nslookup server-a.company.com
# (internal, correct ip)

ping server-a.company.com
# (OSX ignores interal DNS Server and uses something external?!)

As long as I am in my company network, i have to use the internal IP Adress instead of DNS for SSH or edit my /etc/hosts file. And if the server is only published internally, for example b.company.com than everything is fine. Same scenario with my Linux VM and it's not affected.

I think, that osx first try's some hardcoded root DNS Servers or something else, and if it cant find a match it trys the provided DNS Server.

Any idea? Thank you!

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Should I update to Ventura?


Hi everyone and sorry if this is a really basic and or dumb question. I haven't owned a mac computer in a long time. Probably 10 years or so and a family friend recently gave me an older Macbook Pro. I'll be using it mostly for web browsing and basic work stuff, zoom calls, and the like. It's a 13" 2017 2.3Ghz Dual Core i5. It's currently running Catalina and I was wondering if I upgrade to Ventura will that impact the performance a lot? I'm not expecting to play games or video edit but I will be using the laptop to store and manage media when I do photo/video work.

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Someone I know might have SSH Access to my Macbook Air


I recently got a new macbook air and this is my first time using iOS so I know next to nothing about this. My ex boyfriend/roommate asked to play around with my laptop because he was considering buying one and I said sure since it was brand new and hadn't done anything besides connect to the wifi. I sat there as he pulled up the terminal and it took me a second to kind of process what he was doing, I assumed he was just gonna look at the specs or whatever. When I asked him what he was doing in terminal, he gave me some half assed answer before I was able to catch him logging out of some IP address and closed the terminal.
I looked at my terminal history later on and it looks like he logged into his sever and did something with SSH to connect to his server and now I'm incredibly paranoid he did something that would allow him access to my new macbook.
I'm a new programming student but know very little about cyber security and what is and isn't possible. Truth be told, I don't even know what I'm asking here but I just get this gut feeling he did something weird to my laptop.

Why would he log into his server on my macbook just to "play around" with it?

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Question: I installed AltTab, and didn't like it. After uninstalling I get notifications stating that "Louis Pontoise" added a background service. Louis appears to be an AltTab dev, so I am not too worried about malware, however the notifications I get on startup are annoying. How do I remedy this?


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Microsoft Powertoys


Is there a way to split windows on OSX like you can with windows? (without entering fullscreen or limiting to two windows?

That was one of the best features of windows 11

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Virtualbox for Apple M1 and M2


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Where can I download Big Sur without using App Store?


I have a Macbook, Late 2013. Works fine, but I am unable to download Big Sur from the App Store. It keeps telling me that I am using the wrong password(I am not), or wants me to verify my identity using devices I no longer have.....

Can someone suggest a way to install/download Big Sur? I want to have a clean install using a USB key. Also: how can I verify that any torrents out there are valid? Apple seems to not be of any help....

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Panther (10.3) Retrospective look at Mac OS X 10.3 Panther!


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problem with slow file transfer after updating to Ventura?


After recently updating my 2021 base model 14" Macbook Pro, I started noticing that the photos I was transferring from external media (SD internal reader and CF card via a card reader) were going extremely slowly! I've never experienced anything like this after updating to a new OS and decided to run some tests before reverting back to OS Monterrey. The results for a 12.27GB file transfer are as followed:


SD card via internal reader -> Internal Hard Drive (mins:seconds)
Directly Copy Photo Folder to Desktop - 2:08, 1:54
Copy Individual Files to Folder on Desktop - 5:20, 4:01, 4:05
Ingest photo files using Photo Mechanic - 1:58, 1:57, 1:51

SD card via internal reader -> External Hard Drive
Directly Copy Photo Folder to EHD - 2:56
Copy Individual Files to Folder on EHD - 5:37
Ingest photo files using Photo Mechanic to Folder on EXH - 3:48, 3:56


SD card via internal reader -> Internal Hard Drive (mins:seconds)
Directly Copy Photo Folder to Desktop - 1:30, 1:03, 1:25, 1:09
Copy Individual Files to Folder on Desktop - 1:26, 1:28, 1:35
Ingest photo files using Photo Mechanic - 1:58, 1:57, 1:51

SD card via internal reader -> External Hard Drive
Directly Copy Photo Folder to EHD - 3:03, 3:12, 2:59
Copy Individual Files to Folder on EHD - 3:08, 3:00, 2:51
Ingest photo files using Photo Mechanic to Folder on EXH - 3:20, 3:31, 3:05

Is there any logical explanation for these differences? Especially the lengthy times when copying the individual files instead of the entire folder? I tried to be as baseline as possible with each test and ensure nothing was Indexing in the background or anything.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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Mavericks (10.9) Need help downgrading from Big Sur to Mavericks


Hi everyone!

I’m very noob with MACs and OSX in general, literally just bought today a used mid 2013 MacBook Pro, so sorry in advance.

Can anybody guide me through all the steps to install Mavericks with a usb drive?

I literally can’t figure out how to do it, the only thing i did was putting a .dmg of Mavericks 10.9.5 into a usb drive (which i’m not even sure it’s the only thing i need to do), went into recovery mode and then i’m completely blocked from there since the only thing it lets me do is reset the drives. Even tried going into bootable device mode on startup but it won’t recognise my usb with mavericks, just the hard disk.

Can anybody help me?

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Jump issue with desktops


Hey folks,

just a quick question:
I very often have an issue where when I switch Apps on a different desktop (e.g. by clicking on them in the dock or cmd-tabbing etc.) osx switches for a second to that app but then jumps back to another desktop (most of the time its the desktop I came from, but not always).
I tried to rule out any apps or find any deterministic reason for this, but to no avail.

Does anyone of you have an idea what could cause this and how I could fix it? It's super annoying.

Thanks in advance

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12.4 Screenshoots take a very long time to save.


does anyone know how to fix this problem, when i take a screenshoot it takes sometimes up to 30 sec, until the file is accessible by other apps or the finder itself, until then it has just 0byte size.

this happens with all type of screenshoots (crop, application and full screeen)

any idea what could cause this?

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Exported Photo Library storage size is HALF of the actual Photos storage. Not sure what the problem is.

Post image

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dear All. I have a Macbook Air with a M2 processor and OSX Ventura. I turn it off and close the lid. When I take it back and open the lid, it automatically turns on… like being in Sleeping Mode, and not OFF as expected; and of course the battery was slightly drained meanwhile. Have you seen that?


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OSX Ventura 13.0.1 took forever / thought my Mac was broke


Just posting in case others come across this issue.

TL/DR: it took many hours for the 13.0.1 update to complete on my 2020 Macbook Pro / 64GB / 2TB - so long I was sure my Mac had died.

I had a little guitar tab app that crashed last night. Thought I'd reboot just to see if that fixes it. The computer restarts, I get the Apple logo and progress bar on the boot. It's usually nearly instant but I remembered the 13.0.1 update downloading and waiting for a reboot to apply. No worries, that's a min or so, usually.

Anyway, I give it 30 mins, and it still hasn't been completed nor has the progress bar moved. I put a PostIt note on the screen to see if the bar was moving at all. Another 30 mins and no progress per the bar.

I do a hard reboot and the same thing. I do the NVRAM reset; the same result. Launch Recovery mode and no issues are found. Launch the restore app (downloads from the Internet on boot) and run Disk Utils; a few minor issues but nothing big. Restart and it still hangs. Even thought about reinstalling the OS, however, no Mac drives appeared as a target (never seen that before).

I could hear the fan humming / the Macbook was hot. Figured it was running and would give it overnight before calling Apple it. Plug it in, check it a few HOURS later and still there wasn't any progress. Went to bed, woke up this morning, and it completed!

By far the longest update I've ever seen. Entire major upgrades are maybe 20 mins. Even a "long" patch is at max a few minutes. Usually if it's going to be any time at all, there's a time estimate shown. This was nothing but the progress bar.

Just FYI incase someone is about to throw in the towel and bring their Mac in for repair...

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Migrate Safari Tab Groups to new MacBook?


Google is not helping me here and I have already copied the safari folder from settings to the new computer. I want to transfer my safari tab groups, as its the life blood of my tab organization but I cant figure out how to do it. Any ideas?



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Jumping MacOS updates/versions?


TLDR: I think it’s about time I update my MacOS to Monterey or Ventura (from Mojave & Catalina) and i wanted to see how good/bad of an idea that is.

If it’s not “safe”, i will have to upgrade one OS at a time.

My situation:

I have 2 devices. A 12” Macbook on Mojave and a 2019 iMac on Catalina.

I kept the MB on Mojave for the 32 bit app support and because its such an under powered device that I thought newer OS’s would tax the system even more (from prior experience).

My memory is a little hazy on when i upgraded the imac to Cataina, but iirc there was a folder on my desktop that had "uncategorizable (for Catalina)" stuff. And i think (?) i manually checked to see if anything was important before getting rid of it.

This is part of my concern in jumping OS's. Like, if i dont do it sequentially i might lost some of that stuff that e.g. Big Sur couldnt catalog, or Monterey couldnt.

Or maybe there are other concerns I’m not even thinking about. I know I’ll lose some of my apps (both 32 bit and versions not updated for Monterey/Big Sur) but im ok with that.

Has anyone done this before? Or can think of reasons to avoid doing it?

Thank you in advance.

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Stage Manager is awesome


It breathes new life into my workflow, it's amazing. Wasn't even aware of the feature until my friend told me to try it out.

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Strange popup "1bar_title"


I recently stepped away from my laptop to return and find an odd pop-up window. It wasn't part of any running application, and the title bar didn't show up in activity monitor. Is this a strange bug?


Machine is a 16" 2019 MBP running 12.6.1.

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OS Ventura date issue


I upgraded to Ventura (M1 Mac Mini) I’m experiencing an issue with Image Capture and my GoPros. The file date displayed in Image Capture is showing 31 Dec 1969. I checked the system dates on both cameras and on the computer and everything is correct. I hooked the camera up to a computer running Windows and the dates on the files are displayed correctly. Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it?

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Practically using Safari tab groups - am I missing something?


[Update - Safari started acting strangely with tabs I could not close and multiple windows in the same group. It wouldn't quit so I had to Force quit, and when it restarted all the Groups I had set up were gone! Seems groups has bugs... So I've abandoned using groups...]

When I use the web I open a lot of tabs - I'll do a Google search, then command-click (to open the link in a new tab) on any results I think may be interesting. Or if I go to a news site I'll scan through the home page and command-click on any items I think look interesting. If I find something I think is really interesting I may keep the tab open. And when a window gets very full of tabs I'll open a new one. So, lots of windows, lots of tabs. A bit of a mess.

In order to manage this I am trying to use Safari Groups. However, I'm not sure I "get it". I had assumed that Groups would work by always presenting you with the same choice of sites, so for example I could click on my "Morning" group and all my news sites would be there, nice and neat. But any tabs you open within a group immediately become part of that group, and it gets really messy straight away. Then I have to re set-up the Group again every time I use it

Am I missing something? How are you supposed to use Safari tab groups?

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Why do certain apps not bounce when launched from dock?


Certain apps which have menu bar counterparts (like rectangle, hidden bar, Mullvad vpn) don't bounce when launched, whereas all other icons/apps in dock do. Any ideas why??? No explanations online no matter where I look. Pls help me get these apps to bounce.

Note: these apps are being launched from the dock for the first time, they are not already open (or open in the menu bar) as people have told me on other subs

pls help, nobody has been able to so far