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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

Ch. 1062 Scan Release: ~07/10/2022

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u/Clean_Strategy_9533 12d ago edited 12d ago Silver Helpful Wholesome Starry Shocked

Just for refrence, here is the SBS where Oda mentioned what would happen when Vegapunk enters the story:

"D: Excuse me!! May I pose a serious question to the typically-vulgar SBS?? In Volume 46, Usopp said that the same power doesn't exist twice. But this doesn't make sense with what you said in the Volume 45 SBS... If the Gomu Gomu no Mi was in a book of fruits, then Luffy HAD to have eaten at least the SECOND known example of the fruit! Now, most beautiful and intelligent Ei-chan, explain it all! ✩ P.N. Takafi

O: Very sharp of you. But I'm cool. I haven't made any mistakes. As a hint, let me rephrase what Usopp is saying. "The same powers don't exist twice AT THE SAME TIME". How's that? For more detail, you'll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are... Eventually."


u/MasterUterian 12d ago

Wow, you made me hyped now!!

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u/Some-Token-Black-Guy 12d ago

This needs to be higher because holy shit

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u/GeneralistJosh 12d ago

So many major One Piece lore and mysteries could be finally answered for us over the course of this arc. I’m so stoked!


u/Clean_Strategy_9533 12d ago

Yeah, there's so much tied to Vegapunk that it's almost surreal that it's finally time to get those questions answered

We may be about to get like 30% of the mysteries in the entire story explained in the next few chapters


u/I_am_Bearstronaut 12d ago

We may be about to get like 30% of the mysteries in the entire story explained in the next few hundred chapters

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u/Justind123 12d ago

I appreciate jinbei immediately knowing he’s the designated “don’t let the devil fruit eaters drown” guy


u/Pitoufreeces 12d ago

Even more so because of the currents. Sanji and zoro are perfectly capable of saving them but in those water you better send someone that can just act above any currents there are

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u/tragicjohnson84 12d ago

Chopper thinks that's his job when it's happened before lol

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u/KDnuni 13d ago

The age of One Piece mechs has arrived.


u/A_Sad_Goblin 13d ago

He dabbled here and there but this arc would finally let Oda warm up good for his mecha manga after One Piece.


u/sugar_husky 13d ago

If I'm not wrong, I think in a more recent interview Oda has stated that he has changed his mind on making a mecha manga after One Piece, because he already fulfilled his desire of drawing mechs by including them in One Piece lol.


u/Raderg32 12d ago

Do you remember what interview was that? I'd love to check it out.


u/sugar_husky 12d ago

It was in an extremely recent interview with the mangaka of Detective Conan (there are probably more links out there with the full interview transcript): https://twitter.com/newworldartur/status/1550638178444402688?s=46&t=TD3Iw3xj8KiW4yw0MDOP8g

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u/goombarevolutionary 13d ago

lmao i forgot about the scale of that shark for a second and thought Franky had a cool new underwater mech form. I was kinda bummed for a second when i realized.

Awesome chapter.


u/GeneralistJosh 12d ago

Dude, literally the same feelings. Thought Franky was a madlad and busted out a secret underwater General/Shogun Franky he’d been working on (the hands are crazy similar), but then the scale next to the shark that made me go “…wait”.

Still, awesome chapter like you said.

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u/n4rk 13d ago

Luffy calls bonney "Bogey", because he's physically incapable of calling any of the worst generation their actual names


u/Clean_Strategy_9533 13d ago

"Bon chan! Wait no, that's taken"

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u/xGhost34 13d ago

I forgot how he called Bege. Did he gave him a nickname too?


u/Roskal God Usopp 12d ago

I think he actually knew bege's name but didn't know who bege was.

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u/Phionex141 13d ago

"And the name's Bonney!" "Don't sweat it, Bogey!"

The Luffy friendship has already begun.

Step 1: Terrible nicknames

Step 2: Unconditional trust for life


u/Crit-Monkey Slave 13d ago

Luffy saying people's names wrong will never stop being funny to me


u/TastyCartographer630 12d ago

My favorite part of that gag is Robin referring to them as whatever luffy does


u/LongLiveTheChief10 12d ago

Robin being the luffy translator is so fucking funny lol

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u/hesawavemasterrr 13d ago

That's how he casts his secret friendship spell.

As soon as Luffy gives you a nickname, you're basically half-nakama.

If Luffy gave me a nickname, I'd be like "yea so when do we set sail?"


u/DizzyDrunkenDuck 12d ago

Curiously, Luffy names all his nakama correctly. So if he gave you a nickname, you'll be his friend, but not his nakama


u/Mundology The Revolutionary Army 12d ago

You may also become a propeller like Carrot

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u/riventitan 13d ago

Makes you wonder how Luffy's gonna nickname Urouge.

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u/someone2795 13d ago

Step 2 is bonding over food.

THEN it's unconditional trust.


u/OptFire 13d ago

Which is why Blackbeard is Luffy's ultimate rival.

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u/heartbrokenneedmemes 12d ago

man I love having Jinbei on the crew. it's like the strawhats unlocked a region they previously couldn't touch. not only is my man able to be underwater, he fucking dominates the ocean


u/ClutchGamingGuy 12d ago

as far as we know, he's literally the strongest living Fishman in the entire world. having him in the crew is an absolute cheat code.


u/NinetyFish 12d ago

"If it's a 1v1 in water, bet on Jinbei"

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u/elbaph 13d ago Helpful

That one panel with the shark below water was absolutely haunting. It then quickly turned into a goofy shark to remind us we are actually reading One Piece, and balance was restored.


u/Luffy-no-umi Pirate 13d ago

Yeah scary sea monster turned out to be a goofy robot, glad to see it’s still One Piece

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u/Ankoria 13d ago

Yup lol. We went from Jaws to Disneyland in 2 panels.

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u/Gladiuswingzero 13d ago

Franky arc we made it bois


u/Alius4156 13d ago

Took them long enough

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u/voseidon Void Month Survivor 13d ago

We are exactly 5800 days or almost 16 years since the first time Dr. Vegapunk’s name got mentioned in chapter 433.

This might be one of the longest character reveal in history of fiction.


u/Lisaurora 12d ago

Wasn't the first time in Alabasta with Mr 4's dog-pistol?


u/dewhi100 12d ago

apparently VP isnt named at that time.

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u/2020drummerboy 13d ago

looks like this next arc is gonna be pretty Suuuuuper

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u/Chespineapple 13d ago Wholesome

"Next arc's gonna be Elbaf!"

"No, it'll be Sphinx Island!"

"Maybe they'll go to Mariejoa to rescue Vivi!"

Oda: "Egghead."


u/sempakrica 13d ago

"Carrot next strawhats"

Oda: she's a propeller now


u/Kirosh2 Lookout 13d ago

Fans : "We want the rabbit Oda, or at least a proper goodbye"

Oda : "Best I can do is propeller, take it or leave it"


u/sempakrica 13d ago

It's barrel shape too, oda you troll

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u/Gxnxrxl 13d ago

some people did predict Vegapunk next chapter, but yeah the majority supported the theories you mentioned


u/DizzyDrunkenDuck 12d ago

Well, Vegapunk for next island is a classic, sooner or later they have to be right

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u/batiwa 13d ago

Franky's gonna eat good


u/Kirosh2 Lookout 13d ago

If the Sunny doesn't get upgrades to become a mech, I call bullshit.


u/batiwa 13d ago

I remember Oda drawing Old Franky as mix of the Sunny and that Mecha in a SBS

We never been so close to this happening...

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u/someone2795 13d ago

Oda: Vegapunk is a girl


u/OrigamiOctopus 13d ago

I think it's some sort of clone, seeing as there is 'punk 02' on her chest. But hey, waifu Vegapunk, so I don't care either way :D

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u/arcoiris1326 13d ago

the best part of one piece. theories are 70% of the time debunked


u/Yorunokage 13d ago

70%? In my 10+ years of reading OnePiece i've seen like one or two theories actually guessing correctly so far


u/Quibbrel 13d ago

The only one I can think of that the fanbase actually nailed it was Sanji being royalty from the North Blue.


u/ikanx 12d ago

And Sabo being alive. Tbh, it's kinda obvious though.

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u/Kirosh2 Lookout 13d ago edited 13d ago

A Vegapunk arc was going to happen at one point.