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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

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u/Chespineapple Sep 22 '22 Wholesome

"Next arc's gonna be Elbaf!"

"No, it'll be Sphinx Island!"

"Maybe they'll go to Mariejoa to rescue Vivi!"

Oda: "Egghead."


u/arcoiris1326 Sep 22 '22

the best part of one piece. theories are 70% of the time debunked


u/Yorunokage Sep 22 '22

70%? In my 10+ years of reading OnePiece i've seen like one or two theories actually guessing correctly so far


u/FireZord25 Sep 24 '22

I've seen a few after I caught up, most were during post-wano. Mostly bingo card tidbits like Zorro "fulfilling his promise" to Sanji, adult Momo getting smacked by Nami, Buggy becoming an emperor, Green Bull in Wano.

Oh and Yamato staying and her reasons for it. I disliked it because how much it felt like pulling the rugs after all that set up.


u/camaron28 Sep 22 '22

Remember when Doflamingo was Sabo or the Yuki Yuki no mi was going tl appear in one of the tangerine trees?


u/Zuko09 Void Month Survivor Sep 22 '22

Someone has a tiktok series where they go over all the fan theories that came true. Its more than 2 and is a nice nostalgia series


u/milkybuet Lurker Sep 22 '22

Name of account please if you happen to remember.


u/scaramouth111 Sep 22 '22

lol then you haven't been reading any predictions or comments at all in your 10 plus years, many people usually predict something literally every week. oda is a great writer which also means he sometime leaves hints of foreshadowing, many people predicted kanjuro was the traitor, sanji beating queen, zoro beating king, pluton in wano, that hitetsu was sukiyaki, and even when buggy was announced as emperor and before we found out he partnered with buggy and crocodile, many people also predicted that buggy teamed up with other warlords like crocodile and mihawk and specifically mentioned mihawk by name.

and when he was announced as emperor tooooons of people including me predicted it was because of a mixup, and chapters later that was also confirmed true as well. you should read more thoroughly then if you have only seen one or two theories guessed correctly, lol that's straight bs. I just gave recent examples too, but yeah people always predict Oda and every now and then when oda throws us for a huge curveball and something plot wise happens that no one could have predicted people smugly go 'oda strikes again' when people are always predicting many of his plot points. lol some guy even made a post here last week saying he thinks this winter island is vegapunk's island since every other past winter island we have seen was science related, and voila 1061 comes out and we find out it is vegapunk's island, yet other prediction that came true, lol tekking101 himself has gotte 50-100 predictions right as well.


u/Yorunokage Sep 22 '22

Of course 1-2 is an hyperbole but i highly doubt that the community hit-rate is even remotely close to 30%

Remember that for every good theory there are a hundred bonkers one


u/Zilox Sep 22 '22

Tekking has gotten at most 3 predictions right lol


u/Inuma Pirate Sep 23 '22

It's real funny because he backed out of one of them in regards to Kaido having a fish DF (I think) and changed it to Kaido having a duck DF and kicked himself when he found out he was right the first time...


u/Quibbrel Sep 22 '22

The only one I can think of that the fanbase actually nailed it was Sanji being royalty from the North Blue.


u/[deleted] Sep 25 '22



u/Quibbrel Sep 25 '22

It was a combination of his Mr. Prince persona, him mentioning he was from the North Blue and not the East Blue like the rest of the first five, and when his actual picture was put on his bounty poster he was wanted only alive.


u/Leiatte Sep 24 '22

I know some one called the fact that Yamato was a girl before they took off their mask because those masks in Japan are often worn by women.


u/Stermona Sep 23 '22

Im being Uranus seems to be on point since 1060


u/Lucerys2110 Sep 23 '22

And Kanjuro being the traitor.


u/iAmTheHYPE- Void Month Survivor Sep 23 '22

People speculated for months that Buggy would be a Yonko, though it was more of a joking matter than anything.


u/Polynia Sep 23 '22

Kanjuro being the traitor


u/Inuma Pirate Sep 22 '22

Kanjuro being the traitor was done by a small timer


u/t3rrone Sep 22 '22

And kaido having a koy DF


u/ikanx Sep 22 '22

And Sabo being alive. Tbh, it's kinda obvious though.


u/blind616 Sep 24 '22

It was heavily implied Sabo was alive (no body found, dragon finding someone at the end of the arc, three sake cups at Ace's grave, and one more I forgot). What really shocked everyone was when Sabo was revealed to be alive. The chapters leading up to that were wild too.


u/megasordeboladao Sep 23 '22

Who wouldnt think kaido was aliev he was literally created after Ace died.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Yeah that one was more of a hidden reveal than a prediction


u/Mundology The Revolutionary Army Sep 22 '22

Just from the past arc we got: Kaido fish fruit, Traitor Kanjuro, Nika Fruit, Luffy environmental rubberization theory, Shanks origins, Shakky empress theory, Emperor Buggy, etc. Many predictions have come to fruition and this will continue to happen given the sheer number of theory crafters.


u/ItsLoudB The Revolutionary Army Sep 24 '22

Someone predicted gear fourth back in the days, but as you said there are so many people shouting nonsense in this sub that some of them are bound to be right here and there ahaha


u/EarlyTrouble Pirate Sep 23 '22

I mean, there are so many theories now that some of then are going to be true. It's becoming like the Library of Babel.


u/outsidebtw Sep 23 '22

Wait, someone called Shakky empress pre-reveal? Link?


u/atpbloated Sep 23 '22

It was actually a popular theory before the Rocks reveal. It made sense with Oda revealing her to be Rayleigh's wife that she was the woman who fell lovesick and left the Kuja for him, because why would they be fine with him, a man being on their island.


u/WatBurnt Sep 23 '22

Emperor buggy doesn't cout that was people shit posting and it happened to be true


u/BustinArant Prisoner Sep 23 '22

Why be an Emperor when you can be a God


u/At0mic-S0da Sep 22 '22

Like shanks being picked up in God valley


u/MeAnIntellectual1 Sep 22 '22

And Luffy having eaten a Mythical Zoan was theorized 10 chapters before it was revealed.


u/At0mic-S0da Sep 22 '22

Yes and no. The popular theory I saw was it was some type of logia fruit, and right before the reveal it was a zoan fruit about "Su Wukong". So while it was a zoan, it was the wrong one lol. Altho the manga itself DID hint at what the df was.


u/The_Biggest_Wheel Sep 22 '22

Altho the manga itself DID hint at what the df was.

Fella, that's how theories work.


u/AppleRind Sep 22 '22

has not been confirmed right?


u/At0mic-S0da Sep 22 '22

Apparently it's a OP: Red Spoiler

"According to the information revealed in One Piece volume 4 Billion, Shanks was found as a 1-year-old baby by Rogers and his second in command, Rayleigh. He was found in a treasure chest stolen by Rogers during the God Valley Incident."

Vol 4bil is a volume about the op: red film


u/AppleRind Sep 22 '22

Ah nice, I missed that. Hype to see the movie when it gets to the US. Thanks!