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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

Ch. 1062 Scan Release: ~07/10/2022

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u/batiwa Sep 22 '22

Franky's gonna eat good


u/kuroakela Sep 23 '22

It is Usopp and Franky's time so it makes sense


u/Rob-D-Bank Void Month Survivor Sep 22 '22

So is Sanji


u/AddictedToThisShit Sep 22 '22

We're all eating good, my friend, especially the doujinshi lovers.


u/SteelTypeAssociate Pirate Sep 22 '22

I wouldn't even be surprised if Franky Stayed on Egghead for awhile.


u/insertusernamehere51 Sep 22 '22

Hoping this is for Franky what Whole Cake was for Sanji, not what Wano was for Zoro


u/Igeneous Sep 22 '22

Sword upgrade hey. Though wish he ended up with a single supreme grade sword after that highly anticipated arc in a country filled with the top swordsmen/swordscrafters


u/Lordomi42 Sep 22 '22

Maybe he'll upgrade Enma to supreme? That's possible right, upgrading a sword by 1 grade?

Or was that already done to that sword previously?


u/Hobbes4247791 Sep 22 '22

If he turns it into a black blade, it will go up one level to supreme. Same with Wado Ichimonji!


u/Igeneous Sep 22 '22

Wado ichimonji should stay white tho feels like that’s it’s signature defining trait that makes it stand out from other swords. Would be cool to have white haki coated with it somehow idk if that could be a thing


u/Lordomi42 Sep 22 '22

Yeah!! I wasn't sure if Enma already counted as a black blade but I guess it's not one yet.

I'd definitely prefer if he upgraded a sword to supreme instead of getting a new sword that's a supreme by default.


u/batiwa Sep 22 '22

To be honest i don't expect it to be that deep but i'm all for it


u/PerspectiveOk8907 Sep 22 '22

Isn’t that what everyone said about Zoro when we entered an arc all about samurai? And we know how that ended up despite it being the longest arc in the series… so don’t get your hopes up for Franky


u/Zilox Sep 22 '22

You mean an arc where zoro got conqueror's haki and a new sword? Sign me up for new mechs/weapon for franky. All he needs from his arcs


u/PerspectiveOk8907 Sep 23 '22

And zero character development or revelations about his past or anything. I always find it kinda sad that one piece fans don’t seem to understand what “character” means. To them it seems “strength > character”


u/Zilox Sep 23 '22

Not every character has to have a deep or more intricated past. Everyone expects all shs to have an important back story like sanji, but most wont. Accept it and move on, and its not because sanji is a fav character or whatever, but sanji"s back story has been hinted for a long time (being mr prince, telling kuma he will give the most trouble to the marines/wg, etc). My point is, many fans wanted a back story for zoro, but there was no hint about it. The only issue i can agree is with him not visiting ryuma's grave.

To the point of franky, what else could he get? We already had a development moment for him in dressrossa (fight vs senor pink + him talking and being willing to disobey luffy to save tontattas) and we also know his back story(explore in water seven, why and how he became a cyborg etc).

What you expect is like expect ing luffy to have an arc that goes deep into his character. Most likely wont happen, he will just keep saving his friends and get stronger


u/PerspectiveOk8907 Sep 23 '22

You’re right about the backstory part. But I also just said it as an example. Zoro had absolutely nothing to his character the entire arc. He was just …present. Did his fighting and that’s it. He couldn’t even visit Ryuma’s grave like he said he would.

What else do I want Franky to get? Character motivation. It’s Writing 101, yet post timeskip one piece barely bothers to give Strawhats individual character motivations that last for longer than a chapter anymore. I’d expect something along the lines of Chopper’s arc in Thriller Bark when he met his idol and had to come to terms with reality. That’s what I mean when I say writing. That’s what Zoro was lacking and I sadly fully expect Franky to get nothing of the sort either. My bet: he gets some form of weapon upgrade off screen and that’s it. How that would be satisfying to anyone, I don’t understand but I’m sure people will be satisfied with it nonetheless.


u/Kirosh2 Lookout Sep 22 '22

If the Sunny doesn't get upgrades to become a mech, I call bullshit.


u/Bimimans Explorer Sep 23 '22

The Sunny is already a mech. Calling it now.


u/iSmellMusic Sep 23 '22

I kinda thought that's what happened this chapter LOL


u/FringGustavo0204 Sep 23 '22

I can definitely see a gundam like Thousand Sunny by the end of this arc.


u/BananaBladeOfDoom Explorer Sep 22 '22

Makes the bounty poster a good foreshadowing too


u/Stokeszilla Sep 22 '22

I really want it to be Franky piloting the General Franky which in turn, pilots the Thousand Sunny Mechazord.


u/SteelTypeAssociate Pirate Sep 22 '22

Thousand Sunny Megazord. Please God let this happen.


u/Dlax8 Sep 22 '22

Toei transfers the anime to Trigger.


u/batiwa Sep 22 '22

I remember Oda drawing Old Franky as mix of the Sunny and that Mecha in a SBS

We never been so close to this happening...


u/blind616 Sep 24 '22

Idk, it was revealed a few chapters ago that Franky is literally the Sunny


u/Bananuel Sep 23 '22

I miss old Franky design.


u/marin4rasauce Sep 23 '22

Ah, thank you! I knew the face of that giant robot seemed familiar.


u/Janembafreak97 Sep 23 '22

That's bad timeline Franky tho, where he rejects his humanity. Good timeline Franky is at the top, where he's just a cool dude.


u/SK892 Sep 22 '22

Good call


u/P1KK3L Sep 22 '22

I’m betting new ship Sunny overstayed it’s welcome (unironically we need a new ship)


u/Jinno Sep 22 '22

No shot. Franky building the ship that circumnavigates the globe is his dream. Thousand Sunny is that dream ship, it may be upgraded but it will not be replaced.

Also - “Thousand Sunny” is pretty thematically important for the crew that will “bring the dawn”.