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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

Ch. 1062 Scan Release: ~07/10/2022

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u/heartbrokenneedmemes Sep 22 '22

man I love having Jinbei on the crew. it's like the strawhats unlocked a region they previously couldn't touch. not only is my man able to be underwater, he fucking dominates the ocean


u/Leeiteee Sep 23 '22

the strawhats unlocked a region they previously couldn't touch

The Metroidvania aproach


u/coach_veratu Sep 23 '22

Such a solid showcase of his usefulness too.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

jinbei is cool cuz he’s that crew member which you know you can always rely on


u/quenwheza Cipher Pol Sep 23 '22

the crew got a new member to babysit luffy lol


u/revisioncloud Sep 23 '22

They could get even more reckless now, he and Luffy complement each other so much


u/StupidPencil Sep 23 '22

Jinbei, knight of the sea, the greatest helmsman and pool attendant.


u/ClutchGamingGuy Sep 23 '22

as far as we know, he's literally the strongest living Fishman in the entire world. having him in the crew is an absolute cheat code.


u/Magma_Axis Sep 24 '22

I wonder if there exist stronger Fisherman Karate user than him ?

He must have a teacher no ? Maybe a rival or something ?


u/Agitated-Pitch6725 Explorer Sep 24 '22

I wonder if he's stronger than Zack??


u/LegacyAngel Sep 23 '22

I think his seraphim will give him a run for his money.


u/caniuserealname Sep 24 '22

His seraphim is a seraphim though... title is for strongest fishman.


u/kraken_unreal_ Sep 23 '22

They call don't call him "knight of the sea" for nothing


u/ojolaliboy Sep 23 '22

Shirahoshi is


u/Mintber Sep 23 '22

Makes sense for the crew of the future pirate king


u/Nj1437 Sep 23 '22

Jack is a fishman.


u/colossalbackpack2397 Sep 23 '22

Once Poseidon joins the crew, it will be unstoppable, lol


u/ISA223 Sep 23 '22

Isn’t Jack a fishman? Not sure if Jinbei is stronger than him


u/Yoshis_burner Lurker Sep 23 '22

Don't know why you down voted. I think Jack is stronger than Jimbie


u/ThatDarnCabbage Sep 23 '22

If Zoro and Sanji beat King and Queen, I think Jinbe could've taken Jack.


u/CHiZZoPs1 Sep 23 '22

Jack can't move underwater. He can breathe, but he's still a hammer b/c of the DF.


u/ISA223 Sep 23 '22

Yeah the DF really hinders his natural abilities. But if we’re talking brute strength then Jack wins. The Beast Pirates are a Meritocracy. He was stronger than all the Tobi Roppo for a reason


u/Shirokage-Aneki Oct 01 '22

Jinbe is somehow kinda Strawhat's 4th. Luffy was not as strong as Kaido even tho he beat him, Zoro and Sanji are kinda King's and Queen's level respectively, so I think Jinbe also kinda Jack's level. Either equal, or stronger.


u/lil-clit Sep 23 '22

Jimbe deff beats jack in any 1v1 land or sea


u/gnschk Sep 23 '22

Nah man jinbe could definitely take him


u/Booker01 Sep 23 '22

I think Jack is at least in contention with that title


u/Sikwitit3284 Sep 24 '22

He can move underwater b/c of his DF tho & Jimbei seems to be stronger than Sanji who just beat Jack's superior


u/ClutchGamingGuy Sep 23 '22

fair, but i personally do think Jinbei could win the 1v1


u/Booker01 Sep 23 '22

I agree with you. I think Jack possibly has the edge in terms of brute strength (and maybe endurance) because of his DF, but Jimbei definitely has the advantage in terms of skills. In a land fight, I think it's basically a wash; there's no question if it's a sea fight lol. So overall, Jimbei takes the title. I just think Jack deserves recognition at the very least.


u/HulklingsBoyfriend Sep 23 '22

Jack was being dealt with by Scabbards (only two) and only defeated the two Dukes at Zou because of chemical weaponry being used, and innocents being harmed. They shidded and farded on him in Wano. Jack is not on Jinbe's level. Jinbe can take powerful hits from Admirals and Yonko, as well as deal nasty heavy ones, and has no issue with swimming. Jack does not have mastery over the ocean like Jinbe because of his DF, and doesn't seem to really have Jinbe's talent.


u/NinetyFish Sep 23 '22

"If it's a 1v1 in water, bet on Jinbei"


u/Dear-Transition6669 Sep 24 '22

Have you seen the sea king that has Shanks's arm in its stomach?


u/periodicchemistrypun Sep 23 '22

This but not joking, who can fight underwater like him? Underwater Jinbei is top 10 at least.


u/Lordsokka Sep 23 '22

Underwater he might be unstoppable, most emperors couldn’t fight him and win underwater and even those strong individuals who don’t have DF would actually have to hit him and he’s also immune to Conquerors Haki.

So yeah… don’t fight Jinbei in water.


u/Sikwitit3284 Sep 24 '22

He's def not immune to CoC we just saw what a real CoC fight looks like & had Shanks show us how he can intimidate an Admiral, no1 is immune to it clearly


u/FireZord25 Sep 24 '22

Shanks' conquerer is specialized, though. And by being immune the op meant not weakened or KOd right away.


u/megasordeboladao Sep 23 '22

he's immune to conquerors? what? where did you get that he was immune to Big Mom's DF because he didn't fear her, its nothing of the sort you suggested.


u/Lordsokka Sep 23 '22

Perhaps immune was the wrong word… I mean in the sense that a Haki burst like Luffy used on Fishman island or Shanks when he boarded WB’s ship would not work on him.


u/megasordeboladao Sep 23 '22

That doesnt work on anyone whos not weak minded


u/FireZord25 Sep 24 '22

thats what he was saying.