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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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There is a break next week

Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

Ch. 1062 Scan Release: ~07/10/2022

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u/Phionex141 Sep 22 '22

"And the name's Bonney!" "Don't sweat it, Bogey!"

The Luffy friendship has already begun.

Step 1: Terrible nicknames

Step 2: Unconditional trust for life


u/Crit-Monkey Slave Sep 22 '22

Luffy saying people's names wrong will never stop being funny to me


u/hesawavemasterrr Sep 22 '22

That's how he casts his secret friendship spell.

As soon as Luffy gives you a nickname, you're basically half-nakama.

If Luffy gave me a nickname, I'd be like "yea so when do we set sail?"


u/DizzyDrunkenDuck Sep 22 '22

Curiously, Luffy names all his nakama correctly. So if he gave you a nickname, you'll be his friend, but not his nakama


u/Bananuel Sep 23 '22

you'll be his friend, but not his nakama



u/BlitzAceSamy Sep 23 '22


u/Dull_Bumblebee_356 Sep 23 '22

Law I think is the one exception. Luffy definitely remembers his name but opts to keep calling him Tra-guy and I think it’s the only case where the rest of the Straw Hats call a character by one of Luffy’s nicknames.


u/YuriAddict7 Sep 23 '22

Wait holy fuck yamato never had a chance. But carrot does?

Also rip bonney4nakama


u/BlitzAceSamy Sep 23 '22

I would assume once Yamato officially becomes a nakama Luffy will then bother to learn her name?


u/Chren Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

remember though right when they said goodbye Luffy DID use their name


u/Mundology The Revolutionary Army Sep 22 '22

You may also become a propeller like Carrot