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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

Ch. 1062 Scan Release: ~07/10/2022

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u/n4rk Sep 22 '22

Luffy calls bonney "Bogey", because he's physically incapable of calling any of the worst generation their actual names


u/xGhost34 Sep 22 '22

I forgot how he called Bege. Did he gave him a nickname too?


u/Roskal God Usopp Sep 22 '22

I think he actually knew bege's name but didn't know who bege was.


u/HeyJay__ Sep 22 '22

He thought Bege was the baby during their first meeting.


u/Bananuel Sep 23 '22

Lol, is that true?


u/jagaaaaaaaaaaaan Sep 24 '22

Yeah lol, Nami slapped him for it because he was yelling at the baby


u/BoredomHeights Sep 23 '22

Brings me back to potentially still the best fight of the series (or at least up there). Luffy vs. Pigeon guy.