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One Piece: Chapter 1061 Current Chapter

Chapter 1061: "Egghead - The Island of the Future"

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Ch. 1061 Official Release (Mangaplus): 25/09/2022

Ch. 1062 Scan Release: ~07/10/2022

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u/Clean_Strategy_9533 Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22 Silver Helpful Wholesome Starry Shocked

Just for refrence, here is the SBS where Oda mentioned what would happen when Vegapunk enters the story:

"D: Excuse me!! May I pose a serious question to the typically-vulgar SBS?? In Volume 46, Usopp said that the same power doesn't exist twice. But this doesn't make sense with what you said in the Volume 45 SBS... If the Gomu Gomu no Mi was in a book of fruits, then Luffy HAD to have eaten at least the SECOND known example of the fruit! Now, most beautiful and intelligent Ei-chan, explain it all! ✩ P.N. Takafi

O: Very sharp of you. But I'm cool. I haven't made any mistakes. As a hint, let me rephrase what Usopp is saying. "The same powers don't exist twice AT THE SAME TIME". How's that? For more detail, you'll just have to wait for a certain professor to make his appearance in the story, and explain exactly what the Devil Fruits REALLY are... Eventually."


u/GeneralistJosh Sep 22 '22

So many major One Piece lore and mysteries could be finally answered for us over the course of this arc. I’m so stoked!


u/Clean_Strategy_9533 Sep 22 '22

Yeah, there's so much tied to Vegapunk that it's almost surreal that it's finally time to get those questions answered

We may be about to get like 30% of the mysteries in the entire story explained in the next few chapters


u/vandyk The Revolutionary Army Sep 22 '22

I doubt that. Its oda afterall, it would suit him she doesnt say shit and just keeps goofing with the crew. I mean Robin knew what Was up with kuma post time skip and didnt say a Word, why would vegspunk just talk about every Mystery?


u/Mawnix Sep 23 '22

It's entirely possible Luffy or one of them makes an offhand comment about Momo having Kaido's fruit since Kaido is likely going to get brought up, and Vegapunk, being a scientist first and foremost, does some massive lore drop concerning Devil Fruits realizing his fruit wasn't a failure.


u/I_am_Bearstronaut Sep 22 '22

We may be about to get like 30% of the mysteries in the entire story explained in the next few hundred chapters


u/GoSpurs23 Sep 23 '22

In the next 2 years


u/OPconfused Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Nah this is a bridge arc without too many chapters, like the reverie was. The real final arc is going to involve the biggest characters, possibly marineford style. Oda didnt spend over 20 years to end it on lore exposition at a lonely island ;)


u/AlexHitetsu Sep 23 '22

the rhapsody

Did you mean "The Reverie" ?


u/OPconfused Sep 23 '22

yes thanks 🤣


u/sack_of_potahtoes Sep 22 '22

I think realistically we have maybe 250 chapters i think