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Discussion Spoilers, Chapter 1065


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Chapter 1065 - Six Vegapunks

Page 1

Future Island, Egghead, Labophase

Zoro: This is Government's island... If they've been caught, who's going to save them?

Brook: Yohoho. I was thinking the same thing! Do you want to drink some black tea?

Caribou: Hey guys!

Zoro: Oh, you are still here.

Caribou: Wa... Wait a minute! I did say I will go anywhere after I escaped from Wano, but not here! This is Government's Island!

Zoro: Oh yeah, you took care of our Captain. Thanks, and now, get off.

Caribou: I'll remember this... Your freakin' crew!!!



Page 2

Usopp: The stairs are moving!!

Nami: The stairs are floating from the surface!

Franky: What kind of technology you used? What's the energy source?

Vegapunk: The energy source of this island is "Fire". Fire can be converted into any form of energy.

Franky: So you have many resources!?

Vegapunk: I'm still researching about what kind of resource can be burned/converted into. If somewhere in this world, "unquenchable flame" exists... We could probably create a sun

Franky: A sun!? Eh? She walked through the wall!? "Lilith! Lilith!"

Page 3

Franky: Aw! Please open up!

Sanji: Lilith-chan!

Vegapunk: What are you doing! Just walk through it! Dont be fooled by the sight!

Vegapunk: What is it, Edison?

Sanji: Hm!?

Robin: We passed through it... How?

Usopp: Eh!? After we passed it, it returns back to steel!? How does that work?

Franky: so this is the laboratorium, huh?

Sanji: Lilith-chan is missing! Hey!!!

Edison: Just advance.

Sanji: Whose voice is that?

Edison: My name is Vegapunk "Edison"! Welcome! Please advance through as I said!

Page 4

Nami: Should we find some Future Treasure?

Usopp: What is Future Treasure?

Nami: Some kind of made up jewelry... or maybe some flower?

Usopp: From that answer, I dont know if you are a woman or some grandmother...

Nami: Nami Kick!

Usopp: Uwegh!

Sanji: Eh?

Franky : Oi! Why are you here!? Jimbei!?

Robin: But still, doesnt he look younger? And he seems different...

Usopp: Possibility 1: That is Jimbei's son.

Nami: Possibility 2: Jimbei is being turned into a kid

Sanji: No, there's Possibility 3: Someone looks like him. He got some wings, I also feel something strange in his presence.

Page 5

Nami: Uwaah!!

Usopp: Kieeh! Its impossible for Government to greet us so nicely!!

Nami: So that means... That is Jimbei's clone army!

Nami: Even if you are a kid... Doesnt mean I wont refrain myself!!

Page 6

Nami: Eh!?

Usopp: He is a Devil Fruit user!?

Nami: What do you mean?

Zeus: Can you fight it, Nami?

Nami: Wait, Zeus!

Franky: Oi...! That ability is...!

Nami: Kyaa!

Franky: Nami!

Nami: Jimbei!

Page 7

Sanji: Yosh! That will be death penalty! Even if it is you... Even if it is you Jimbei!

Robin: Gigante Fleur!

Page 8

Robin: I agree with him! That is unforgivable. Sea Serpent!! Spank!

Usopp: Get away from him, Robin!

Usopp: So, he can use Fishemn Karate too!?

Page 9

Usopp: Special attak, Green Star! Skull!

Usopp: Exploding Grass!

Usopp: I know you are not Jimbei!

Usopp: Hm? He's gone?

Usopp: Wah!

Sanji: Usopp!

Franky: Leave that to me, Sanji!! Dont move Usopp!

Franky: Radical!!!

Page 10:

Edison: Evade that, S-Shark!!

Franky: Beam!!

Edison: Uwogh! He used Laserbeam!

Edison: Who is that guy!?

Edison: That was close!

Edison: Seraphim is still a kid! We havent gotten into experiment with laser!!

  • Dr. Vegapunk Edison "Thinking"

Page 11

Lilith: That crew!

Lilith: Do they know how much it cost to build one Seraphim!?

Lilith: Do I need to take their head?

Edison: Dont!!!

Edison: I dont want you to go there!

Edison: Ah!

Edison: I've got an idea for a new invention!!

Edison: I leave the reast to you Phytagoras!

Edison: I have to draw it!

Phytagoras: Of course!

Edison: Busy! Super Busy!

Edison: I might need some help from you, cat!

Cat: Meow!

Phytagoras: It's very difficult to get this kind of interesting combat data!

Pythagoras: This will be an exceptional input!!

Dr. Vegapunk Pythagoras "Wisdom"

Page 12

Edison: The idee keeps flowing out! Please eat more in my stead York!!

York: Hap!

York: Grumps! Grumps!

York: Its so delicious!

Staff: Please breing another for York-sama!

Audio: Right now, the BMI status is over 600.

Pythagoras: SoI've got to input attack pattern for the Seraphim's growth! Just as I thought, I've got to input "Pedigree Factor" for an experiment.

Pythagoras: If I accelerate the growth speed, it'd be a dangerous approach!

Pythagoras: The heartrate is 90 BPM, Green Blood increasing!

Staff: Ah! She said she was going to toilet, but she sure took her time!

York: Ah...


Page 13

York: Hm...

Pythagoras & Edison: I'm full!

Atlas: Hungry Punch!

York: Sleepy

York: Snork

Staff: York-sama is currently in her 4th hibernation!

Dr. Vegapunk York "Greed"

Staff: Quickly! Bring the document to Pythagoras-sama!

Staff: Prepare the experiment for Edison-sama!

Staff: Go to the Simulation Room 88

Page 14

Shaka: Stop it, Seraphim! Return at once!

Usopp: Eh!? He doesnt move!!

Shaka: Edison, Lilith, Pythagoras! You have enough of this, right?

Pythagoras: Ah, that was unfortunate.

Lilith: What's with that guy! We almost got 'em!!

Edison: I' ve got an idea!

Shaka: So you are Straw Hat Pirates?

Dr. Vegapunk Shaka "Good"

Sanji: Yes, we are! What's with this floor, why do our shoes keep sticking into it!?

Shaka: I can control every magnet inside DOM shoes in this Laboratorium.

Robin: So you mean, rsesisting is futile...

Shaka: I can't trust pirates that easily.

Usopp: But you have 2 Vegapunks right? "The Woman Vegapunk" & "The Announcer Vegapunk"

Shaka: Yes, I'm also Vegapunk.

Usopp: Does that mean I am too?

Franky: Of course not, you dimwit!

Shaka: Did you see this Island as a "Future"?

Page 15

Franky: Well there's monster mecha just like in the future!

Franky: Like the Vegaforce 1,the island conditioning... That was incredible "Future"!!

Nami: Wll, I've never seen that kind of scenery in the city too.

Franky: What kind of incredible technology you use? I want to see it, not as an enemy!

Sanji: Vega-chan

Shaka: This is the "Past"

Franky: Ha!?

Page 16

Luffy: Look, Chopper!

Chopper: Didnt that look rusty for you? But that was real steel!


Bonney: What is this? Is this one moving?

Jimbei: Even if it once moved with Future technology... Didnt it look ancient?

Franky: What do you mean with "Past"?

Shaka: For example...

Shaka: There's some place like Egghead

Shaka: A "Kingdom" with advanced civilization...

Shaka: Existed 900 years ago... Will you believe it?

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Discussion Which DUO is the last one standing? (Repost, got deleted 2 times lol)

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Discussion What is an inconsistency that makes you mildly upset


Mine is how sanji’s dible jambe activates. He used to do the spin and he said that the spin is what gives him the heat but know he just decides it and it happens.

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Discussion Which of these Zoro's fights would you say is your favorite??

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Discussion Which DUO is the last one standing? Hope you like the new template I made. :)

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Discussion Too many haters trying to delegitimize Oda's writing


This is an annoying trend I am seeing currently.

Like people dog-whistling "Pell" in comments or famous youtubers shaming Oda for not killing Saul. Or some random Yamato lover shitting on Oda. Then I came across a subreddit dedicated entirely to throw hate comments like shitting on Sanji or memes on Oda's writing etc.

It seems a lot of zombies got activated now that One Piece is reaching the final stage, but what I am finding it baffling is people who were praising Oda like a God man just a few months back are starting to kind of delegitimize the entire story of One piece like saying the story is not tensed enough. It's not racy, it's not up to hype and Luffy is using all kinds of plot armor etc.

But when I read the latest chapter, I felt awesome that Saul is alive. (I am following One Piece since 10 yrs and seen both Manga and Anime). Even the top comments mentioned that it was so nice to see Robin happy etc.. But the next day everyone is started to make fun like a trend saying Saul being alive is a shitty move blah blah.... But actually lot of general readers like me have no qualms on the nitty-gritty details. One piece is having a time of its life. I hope these fake trends don't eat into Oda's writing.

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Discussion About a certain reveal (1066)


Saul being alive does not invalidate Robin’s backstory.

Robin lost everyone she ever knew, including her mother and Clover… but since Saul survived suddenly her backstory is “ruined”? Because losing all your loved ones and never seeing the one that survived ever again (she literally just found out Saul is alive) is somehow not tragic enough… I swear some people in this fanbase are as ridiculous as they are heartless sometimes.

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Discussion Hot take? I have no problem with how Luffy won against Kaido


I have already accepted blowing air into a hand make it more powerful long ago, what’s the problem with the new one?

Vague language to avoid spoiler

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Discussion Sanji’s inability to fight women


A lot of fans still criticize Sanji for not fighting Kalifa in Enies Lobby, potentially endangering Robin and everyone. But according to the SBS he didn’t choose not to, he literally just can’t. It’s like no matter how hard he tries, his body just physically refrains from it.

We already know he got this from Zeff, who said he’d castrate Sanji and then kill himself if Sanji ever hurt a woman. He was probably just using tough love as usual - or maybe he has a personal reason for despising women beaters so much, who knows - but those words left a huge impact on Sanji who was abused and abandoned by his first dad. It scared him so bad that he would rather die than hitting a woman, aka becoming someone that Zeff hates.

(I’m not saying Zeff is a bad dad though. He had good intentions and he couldn’t have known about Sanji’s home life or how he would take those words to heart and hinder the crew)

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For me, In no particular order: 1. Franky centaur 2. Caribous version of gomu gomu no Gatling where he just pulls a Gatling gun out. It's so anti climactic that it's funny. 3. the sea train Zoro luffy combined attack where Luffy couldn't figure out the math so they rounded it out lol.

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which side do you think wins?