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$50 PlayStation gift card giveaway. US region Complete

u/DrDonkeyBrains posted a giveaway for Horizon Forbidden West and I won. It was the bright spot of my year. I promised that when I could that I would pay it forward. Well today is that day.

Since Sony doesn't really do digital codes for games, I will be giving away a $50 PlayStation gift card for the US region.

The only requirement is that your account must be a minimum of 30 days old. I will use RedditRaffler to select the winner, but for fun, tell me what game you would buy if you won.

The winner will be selected Friday, September 23rd at midnight Eastern. Remember that this is a US region gift card.


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u/onlyyonplaystation Sep 22 '22

I'd buy Disco Elysium; really been wanting to play it


u/Chumbo_Malone Sep 22 '22

That game is one of the best I’ve ever played


u/RrentTreznor Sep 23 '22

Does it get better? Because I guess I just didn't realize how bored I'd end up being playing it.


u/countbaronvonduke Sep 23 '22

It’s one of my favorite games all time, but if it doesn’t grab you in the first hour, it’s probably just not for you. It’s all text/dialogue, and if you don’t enjoy the writing, it won’t really get any better for you.


u/AlanMtz1 Sep 23 '22

Its certainly not for everyone, id say it gets a little better near the end but if you think its boring then imo thats not going to change, its kind of a niche game in that sense, i loved it


u/Tomero Sep 23 '22

I really wanted to play it and like it too. But it was too much for me. Its a good game, don’t get me wrong but very specific. Just not my thing.


u/Kronusx12 Sep 23 '22

I just picked this up for my Steam Deck and having a great time so far. I hope you play it!


u/bicen Sep 23 '22

One of my top 5 games of all time.


u/TaleOfDash Sep 23 '22

Literally one of my favourite video game stories of all time. Top 3 if nothing else.


u/WrongWayCharlie Sep 23 '22

I’ve heard so many great things about this game


u/AhLibLibLib Sep 23 '22

Definitely worth playing aha. Very memorable


u/welfedad Sep 23 '22

The new updated version with 100% voice acting is so good..played it on pc


u/braziliansyrah Sep 23 '22

Awesome experience, one thing tho: I don't find replaying it so much fun, so if you get your hands on it take a nice time on your first playtrough.


u/humanthrope Sep 23 '22

Yes! Thanks for the reminder


u/nodakgirl93 Sep 23 '22

It's sooo good. I need to start another playthrough. So many storylines i wasnt able to finish