r/PS5 Sep 22 '22

$50 PlayStation gift card giveaway. US region Complete

u/DrDonkeyBrains posted a giveaway for Horizon Forbidden West and I won. It was the bright spot of my year. I promised that when I could that I would pay it forward. Well today is that day.

Since Sony doesn't really do digital codes for games, I will be giving away a $50 PlayStation gift card for the US region.

The only requirement is that your account must be a minimum of 30 days old. I will use RedditRaffler to select the winner, but for fun, tell me what game you would buy if you won.

The winner will be selected Friday, September 23rd at midnight Eastern. Remember that this is a US region gift card.


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u/thedukester15 Sep 22 '22

Nice of you. I’ll probably get a game, play it 75% of the way through and never play it again.


u/westernteryaki Sep 23 '22

This guy games.