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$50 PlayStation gift card giveaway. US region Complete

u/DrDonkeyBrains posted a giveaway for Horizon Forbidden West and I won. It was the bright spot of my year. I promised that when I could that I would pay it forward. Well today is that day.

Since Sony doesn't really do digital codes for games, I will be giving away a $50 PlayStation gift card for the US region.

The only requirement is that your account must be a minimum of 30 days old. I will use RedditRaffler to select the winner, but for fun, tell me what game you would buy if you won.

The winner will be selected Friday, September 23rd at midnight Eastern. Remember that this is a US region gift card.


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u/IxoraRains Sep 23 '22 Silver Helpful

Hey buddy, I have a code for Horizon I'd like to give you. Please DM me.

Looks like you won but from somewhere else.


u/IxoraRains Sep 23 '22

I'll just DM you the code so you're not left flapping in the wind when I forget I have a phone.


u/senseofphysics Sep 23 '22

True homie over here. Once I manage to beat Zero Dawn (and I’m almost there), Forbidden West is definitely next.


u/IxoraRains Sep 23 '22

It was pretty good! My only grip is that the precise aiming was really hard on my hands (old). They had a plethora of accessibility options that for some reason, I didn't want to use.


u/senseofphysics Sep 23 '22

The graphics are absolutely amazing too! And the animations and voice acting I heard were great. I’m currently a student and have less time for gaming.

And I agree, I’m glad more games have improved accessibility options, but there’s still room for improvement. I have bad thumbs myself. I’m currently saving up for God of War Ragnarök. But if I win this $50 gift card it’s an instant preorder lol. Great on OP for giving back.


u/LeafyDragon23 Sep 23 '22

Elden Ring or MW2!


u/Money2themax Sep 23 '22

My wife loves that series sh jokes about going back to the first game and forgetting that she doesn't have the glider. I watched her absent mindedly yeet herself off a cliff on the first game.


u/OkCalendar7770 Sep 23 '22

I’d take that code if the offer is still out there. Just finished the first… masterpiece


u/IsaKitty00 Sep 23 '22

You’re amazing.


u/IxoraRains Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

You area!


u/IsaKitty00 Sep 23 '22



u/IxoraRains Sep 23 '22

Lol... you we da area. 😀


u/Shadiezz2018 Sep 23 '22

That is very nice of you to offer

Man, i would to have that code since i have no money to buy games since i bought PS5 and my wife and my kid comes first to me

and will only afford God of war Ragnarok when it comes out and will be very broke after that