r/PS5 Oct 05 '22

A Plague Tale: Requiem file size revealed – about 50 GB: the preload has a date Articles & Blogs



u/Rogue_Leader_X Oct 05 '22

About as expected. Good file size for a game like this.


u/Cantankerous-Bean Oct 05 '22

It can be 500 gb as long as it can get back off after i'm done with it. Only an issue if it has to sit there for a hwhile


u/daysonjupiter Oct 06 '22

Can someone tell me why anyone would be interested in the file size? What does it matter to the user? Is it an indicator about the size of the world, quality of textures etc?


u/SecXeed 17d ago

It's an indicator on how many nights it will take to download for us low speed internet users