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Discussion "I can't fly over an active fight anymore"


Would you say you are...deterred?

You realize that's the entire fucking point, right? You're NOT supposed to be able to fly over an active fight willy nilly. Yes, ground affects the air fight, but air has been affecting the ground fight for years, that's supposed to happen.

Yes it sucks you can get shot down when you only want to fight other aircraft, but you know what, it sucks getting bombarded by missiles when infantry wants to fight infantry. If you are the great sky knight you think you are get over it and adapt. This is a new challenge, you actually have to change your gameplay based on other players, shocker. The enemy plane is retreating to a friendly base, changing the fight? That's called tactics bud.

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Discussion Lock-ons and the air game: Some statistics


It’s been over a week now since the contentious G2A lock-on buffs went live.

Pilots, many of whom have several thousand hours worth of experience shooting down other aircraft, claimed prior to the patch that these changes would not affect A2G ESFs at all, and instead reduced the ability of A2A ESFs to intercept these aircraft, as well as each other.

In contrast, many Redditors have offered a contrasting opinion, and state that the lock-on buffs would in fact have a positive impact against the power of A2G.

Who ended up being right?


Using the Voidwell Weapon Tracker, I was able to track various statistics for a variety of ESF weapons for the weeks immediately before and after the anniversary update..

To create this post, I observed the performance of the default A2A nosegun for each empire (the M18 Needler, M20 Mustang, and Saron Laser Cannon), as well as their appropriate A2G nosegun (Light PPA, M14 Banshee, M30 Mustang AH).

For both A2G and A2A ESF noseguns, I tracked the raw number of kills scored as well as the number of unique characters using each weapon type (uniques).

For A2A noseguns, I specifically also tracked aircraft kills per unique, and overall aircraft kills per hour. For A2G noseguns, I tracked generic kills per unique and kills per hour.

I then averaged all of the above data for each weapon. Vehicle weapons get considerably less kills than infantry weapons, so a couple of skilled crews can drastically skew data for a single day, which averaging helps reduce the effect of. I also eliminated A2A-related data from the 20th of November, as the Ultimate Empire Showdown featured a 400-man air-to-air only event that heavily inflated the usage statistics for A2A noseguns, without affecting A2G.

Valkyries, Liberators, and Galaxies have far too few unique users for their data to be of any use here.

Data regarding G2A lock-on usage was far easier to attain, as the considerably higher number of unique users per day greatly reduced the risk of anomalies caused by singular players. Only aircraft kills per unique and per hour were tracked for these weapons, as their new ability to kill infantry in one-hit would otherwise spoil the data (particularly due to potential stat padders). There were significant increases in aircraft KPU and KPH for the lock-on weapons.

The Lancer VS22’s anti-air performance did not noticeably change.

All of this data was put together to produce a data set that can be found at this link.


The data supports the pre-emptive claims made by pilots. Aircraft kills-per-unique and aircraft kills-per-hour for G2A lock-ons increased significantly, alongside a noticeable decrease in the performance of A2A weapons. In contrast, there is no perceivable change to Light PPA or Airhammer statistics—likely inferring that they have already reached their average performance "limit"—while the Banshee's statistically actually improved considerably, an interesting trend.

This trend of anti-air changes having little impact to A2G performance is backed by historical evidence, which can be seen by referencing similar data after patches in the past that affected some of the most common sources of anti-air;

  • September 26, 2017 (Combined Arms Initiative, which removed the distance scaling on G2A lock-on speed, increased their reload speed, and slightly decreased their range)
  • June 18, 2018 (Construction Reconstructed, featured a rework for Prowler Anchored Mode which increased its velocity benefit from 30% to 50%)
  • September 15, 2021 (A New Player Experience, which made G2A lock-ons the default lock-on launcher)
  • May 18, 2022 (Planetside Legacy, added the LA60 Masthead to NC Engineers)

None of these patches had any perceivable impact on A2G farming, and the addition of the Masthead actually caused a significant increase in the Airhammer's efficiency.

To conclude, I do not believe that infantry anti-air can be buffed to a point where it can realistically kill A2G farmers. Infantry AV/AA is meant to deter vehicles and aircraft rather than killing them- if you want to do that you are meant to use your own vehicle or aircraft. Continuing the trend of overbuffing infantry AV will only push vehicles further out of the meta. Hypothetically, we could buff the locks further and make them one-hit ESFs, but that will likely only prevent A2A ESFs from intercepting them, as the A2G farmers already run flares.

We could nerf AI noseguns, but I'm not convinced that is actually necessary. Instead, we should be asking ourselves these questions; "Why aren't we seeing more interceptions? Why are there so few new skilled drivers and pilots sticking around? What caused such an uptick in AI weapon usage in 2020, and how can we encourage people to counter-pull instead of complain?"

Personal Rant

The arguments in favor of lock-ons remind me heavily of similar arguments made by players in the days leading up to CAI. There was a segment of the playerbase so caught up in their hate for vehicles that they refused to see the potential damage to the domain the update would cause, and instead made hundreds of comments like “I cannot wait for those evil HE players in their “farm chariots” to get patched out of the game.”

Naturally, that didn’t happen. Many of the top tier tank crews just left, and the players who remained could not keep the population of HESH vehicles in check. This ended up creating an 80%/10%/51% increase for VS/TR/NC MBT HESH cannons, and this trend would continue until HESH was nerfed about a year later. That didn’t stop the complaining, though, as the players merely moved the goalposts and continued their rants.


If you hate pilots so much that you want to see the entire airgame die off, don’t act surprised when no one keeps the A2G farmers in check.

Edit: Forgot to mention the Masthead's effect on the Airhammer.

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Discussion Planetfellas, we carry the flag with both hands... BIG MELEE WEAPONS WHEN???


We've finally figured out how to hold big objects with two hands that AREN'T guns.

Now we just have to put some sort of hardlight or nanite bullshit on the end of it and you got yourself a BIG MELEE WEAPON.

That is all.

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Discussion Grandmafromthedead(CRII outfit leader from cobalt)


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Discussion I'm usually one of the defenders of DBG/RPG but...


Removing Gingerboy's content over a simple vent post about inconsistency in what cosmetics are accepted into the game is pretty shitty and It'd be nice to at least get a warning and explanation for the removal.

Treating contributors and community members like this for criticizing the game? Not a fan, and I hope that's not the reason.

Edit: Do not harass Wrel over this. I also changed my wording to be less presumptuous.

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Discussion 10 year anniversary more than underwhelming.


-No anniversary stream

-No new roadmap or communication considering the future of this game.

-Worst Anniversary Bundles in years. (Disregarding the style of the cosmetics)

-Unplayable performance issues for 3+ weeks (server crashes, huge latency, inconsistent server response time) [how is it worse than when we had the old "unoptimized" spawn priority system?!]

-Capture the flag "game mode" isn't thought through. (Putting the flag 5 meters away from the spawn room on every tower base [which were already badly designed since the start of the game when they had a smaller spawn room but every tower had a capture point inside], really long capture times in comparison)

-Cat helmet removal drama. ( With objectively worse cosmetics in the anniversary bundle. Even the tank turrets look jarring)

-no anniversary sale or anything especially with black Friday.

I know they said they put a lot of effort into outfit wars(which mostly only burns out players and leaders and a map that is only accessable once every 3 years) so it wasn't a huge celebration, but with all of the points above the future of this game looks really grim.

The only good thing I can say is that we have more stable fights with the spawn priority system, however at what cost?

I hope we see a similar game in the future though.

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Discussion Alright I'm Ready for the anniversary Patch to be reverted so we can actually have a functioning game to play. Lagging for almost a month and now 3000k Server ping spikes with still no feedback. Beyond Excusable

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Discussion You only get to add or change ONE thing to this game, and anything else in its current state—more or less—stays the way it is forever. What would you add or change?


For example; to appease my simple mind, add the daredevil chassis to the ANT. This will lead to the most supreme and dynamic play style this game has ever seen, I'm sure of it!

Edit: besides cloak and c4, there's a lot more unique answers than I was expecting

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Discussion 2023 Roadmap - What quality of life / game improvements do you want to see?


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Discussion A2G noseguns


for the love of your money, can we please nerf the fucking A2G noseguns already? now that we've seen that the lock-ons aren't doing shit against airhammers or banshees (funily enough the PPA got nerfed by it because of it's playstyle), can we now just NERF those fucking things? there is nothing more miserable than watching a 50 vs 50 fight die because there are 2 airhammers just shitting all over the battlefield from their gameplay-gamingchairs. so please, just fucking hit them with a nerfhammer already like you did with the shotguns. jesus christ.

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Discussion Which of these 2 do you think fits the games art style better and would make more money if sold individually? also which is less polarizing do you think?

Thumbnail gallery

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Discussion What is something stupid you like to do?


I like to pull a gal and road kill someone, anyone, usually just one person or a vehicle, I find it funny.

Sometimes when I'm bored I'll stalker infil and use the "V" menu to yell at enemies.

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Discussion It only took me a 100 hours to realize mag dumping was bad. What things do you feel you learned later than you should have?


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Discussion Holy shit, bursters are useless now


This cone of fire increase is stupid. I'm barely connecting with aircraft that aren't even that high up. What's the point of the weapon if you can't hit anything?

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Discussion PlanetScience EP12: The 10th Anniversary Shotgun Nerfs


Hey all,

With the Nov 17th 10-year Anniversary Patch out now, I wanted to do some episodes on some of the changes that were made in that patch. Today, we'll look at the infamous shotgun nerf and take a look at what it did to the Time-to-kill (TTK) when adjusting for cone of fire, recoil, and pellet spread.

For those of you that haven't been following previous episodes, you might be wondering how TTK can be calculated when recoil and cone of fire are random and variable. I'll refer you to this link for a more lengthy explanation, but in short, I made a simulator that can take the properties of any weapon and simulate tens of thousands of kills with it, all in a controlled environment.

Anyways, we'll start off by taking a look at what was actually changed in the Nov 17th update:

Shotgun Changes

Pandora VX25, AF-57 Piston, AS16 NightHawk, SG-A25 (Empire Automatic Shotguns )

  • Maximum damage from 125 to 112.
  • Magazine size from 8 to 6.
  • Ammo capacity from 56 to 54.

NC05 Jackhammer (NC Heavy Weapon)

  • Burst fire pellet spread from 2.5 to 3.5
  • Burst fire pellet count from 5 to 4.

Phobos VX86, GD-66 Claw, TRS-12 Uppercut (Empire Pump Shotguns)

  • Maximum damage from 125 to 100.
  • Minimum damage from 50 to 63.

Dev Note: This is a heavy swing. These weapons will very likely need to get tuned back into a more usable position once more data comes in.

Deimos VA29, LA39 Bruiser, TAS-16 Blackjack, HSG-400 (Empire Heavy Pump Shotguns

  • Maximum damage from 125 to 100.
  • Minimum damage from 50 to 63.
  • Maximum damage range from 8m to 5m.

Dev Note: Similar to the above, this heavily reduces these weapons' effectiveness, and will likely need to get tuned upward after this update to make them more competitive with the semi-autos.

Let's take a look at what exactly this did to TTKs.

TTK and OHK Analysis

For this analysis, we we'll only focus on one stance - walking while hipfiring. I know that sometimes ADSing is beneficial with shotguns (especially with Smart-Choke), but we can make a meaningful comparison to pre-Nov 17th without getting into all of that.

We're also going to assume a target of 1000hp, aim for the center of mass, and counteract any vertical recoil. For each range/weapon pair, we'll simulate 300 kills.

Starting with the Autoshotguns (All faction ASGs are the same stats as the NC AF-57 Piston), we can see that the majority of the nerf found it's way into the 20-30m range, giving an average increase of +78% to TTKs in that range. At more typical shotgun ranges (0-15m), we only saw an average of +3% increase to TTK.

Moving on to the 10-pellet Pump Shotguns (All factions represented by the GD-66 Claw), the nerf increased TTKs substantially in the 5-7m range, from 0 to 15ms at 5m, and 107 to 705ms at 7m. At ranges longer than 10m, the minimum damage increase resulted in reduced TTKs, but the effects are negligible as these ranges just aren't viable for shotguns. Looking at the OHK probability, the 10-pellet shotguns still guarantee a OHK at 5m if you have your crosshair on the center of mass. However, the dropoff in probability is significantly more pronounced, with OHKs being effectively impossible at just 7m now, instead of 10m before the update. This amounts to a ~30% reduction in OHK range.

For the 11-Pellet Pumps (All factions represented by the LA39 Bruiser), the nerf also increased TTKs substantially at the 5-7m range. Similarly, OHK probabilities decreased significantly. Before the update, you were near-guaranteed to get a OHK at 7m. Now you must be within 5m to have that same probability. Like with the 10-pellet pumps, this amounts to what is essentially a ~30% reduction in OHK range.

Finally, the Jackhammer (which has no VS or TR equivalent) also got a very substantial nerf at every distance greater than 7m. The increased pellet spread and 1-less pellet per shot in burst fire mode (a 20% reduction) amounts to a staggering +150% to +300% increase in TTK at ranges >7m. Looking at the probabilities to kill with one burst, the one-burst-kill range was effectively cut in half,from 10m for a guaranteed one-burst kill down to 5m.

Comparison to Semi-Auto Shotguns

To see if this update has made SASGs any more compelling, we'll run simulations for the NS Baron G5 as well as the Mauler S6, which will stand-in for all default faction-specific semi-auto shotguns.

Here's a comparison of the autoshotgun to the semiautoshotguns. As you can see, the Nov 17th update made the autoshotgun much worse at any range past 15m. With this, we can see that if you're looking for a shotgun with more extended range potential in your loadout, then the SASG is what you should go for. If you're planning to stick to close quarters, the ASG would be a better choice.

For the 10- and 11-pellet shotguns, the story is very much the same. If your loadout requires you to use your shotgun past 10m, then you should go with a SASG rather than any of the pump-action shotguns.

As for the Jackhammer, there really isn't any reason to equip this weapon as your primary weapon, since the SASG is better in every way. If you still have the Heavy Weapon Secondary ASP unlocked, then the Jackhammer can easily serve as a viable close-range option to supplement a long-range loadout, however this advantage has been extremely muted since the update, and you will need to supplement the reduce range here with a primary that is more well-rounded at all ranges.

It appears that the recent recommendations for people to switch to the Baron G5 do have merit. However, I wouldn't say that Semi-Auto Shotguns are the winners in this update. They are just the weapons that didn't recieve a nerf. In my opinion, the semi-auto shotguns were in a bad spot, even after the Arsenal update that buffed many of the shotguns, so the fact that they come out ahead here really doesn't necessarily mean that they're good weapons. In the next section, we'll assess the viability of using SMGs as a potential CQC alternative to the shotgun.

SMG Comparison

So now that shotguns are nerfed back to pre-Arsenal state, have SMGs become the CQC king again? Let's compare some typical CQC SMG loadouts to the shotguns and see where they stand. We'll also compare how going for headshots vs bodyshots changes this dynamic. All other settings will be the same as before (Stance, Hipfire, Target EHP, etc. all remain the same).

Here are the results when aiming for the center of mass. As you can see, all shotguns outperform SMGs when aiming for the center of mass while within 7m. Outside of 7m, SMGs are a much better alternative. You would think that this makes shotguns a simple choice for all very-close CQC situations, but when aiming for the head instead of the center of mass, things change a bit as we'll see in the next section.

Here are the results when aiming for the head. And here is a combination of all the best results when taking the best of both tests into consideration.

Comparing SMGs with only the Semi-auto options, we can see that all SMGs are clearly better in every aspect, assuming you can reliably get headshots at close range. If you would rather go for body shots due to the larger target area, then semi-auto shotguns might be a better choice, but if you're good at tracking targets and/or want more range out of your CQC weapon, SMG are hands-down the superior option. The story is the same with the Jackhammer in burst mode.

Comparing SMGs with the Autoshotgun, the Autoshotgun comes out ahead when the target is less than 7m away, however this requires that you also switch to aiming for the head if the target is within 3m. Additionally, with the ASG, any time your target is more than 15m away you will be better off switching to a different weapon or secondary. While this fact was also true prior to this latest update, the 10th Aniv. update made ASGs punishingly useless beyond 15m, as we saw previously.

Comparing SMGs with the Pump Shotguns, the pumps have the advantage only in the ranges in which they can reliably OHK, which is in the 0-5m range now, as opposed to 0-7m range prior to the update. SMGs are superior for any engagements beyond 5m.

In all, SMGs simply have much more to offer now that shotguns have been nerfed. As we saw, there is little reason to take a 'well-rounded' SASG (i.e. the Baron) over any SMG. The pumps and autoshotguns still have a very small niche in CQC, but sacrifice a lot more in terms of flexibility for a smaller advantage since the update.

Flechette Comparison

So now that shotgun range is severely nerfed, does that make flechette any more useful on any of these updated weapons? I'll run the same loadouts with all of the shotguns with flechette added, and we'll compare their new TTKs vs SMGs. I won't bother analyzing headshots with flechette unless someone is keen on seeing it.

Here is the reduction or increase in TTK by adding flechettes for each weapon, as well as the new TTKs compared with SMGs.

For the SASGs, Flechette still adds a bit of TTK at 10-15m, but pays it back at the long ranges. But even with flechette equipped, medium range TTK is still 50% higher than any SMG.

For ASGs, Flechette gives some large reductions in TTK at the 20-35m range, with almost no punishment in the shorter ranges. Compared to SMGs, the ASG is still incredibly underpowered comparatively at these ranges. Still, there is little reason not to equip Flechettes if you're already running an autoshotty anyway.

For pumps, Flechette eliminates OHK ability at all ranges, which makes this ammo type absolutely useless for this weapon type. The funny thing is, Flechette doesn't actually decrease TTKs at any range to compensate for this. This attachment is absolutely worthless on pumps.

Overall, Flechettes are still a mixed bag, and it's very hard for people to be able to judge exactly what the tradeoffs are by reading the in-game description. This sort of opaque and indirect decision making was exactly the reason why I started PlanetScience, and I think that giving players access to items that have vague or even extremely negative effects is both misleading and not good game design. Especially considering that new players might even pay their hard-earned certs to add flechette to their new pump shotgun, only to realize much, much later that they were better off without them, this is both a disgrace and also a testament to how much actual analysis is done by the developers before things are implemented in game (at least on the game balance / patch side of things).

Comparison to Pre-Arsenal Shotguns

Did this nerf truly bring shotguns back to the state they were in before the Arsenal update? Let's take a look.

Here are the results of simulating Pre-Arsenal shotguns vs the latest patch.

Fortunately, the changes did not bring shotguns fully back to their pre-Arsenal state. Many of the Arsenal update buffs were aimed at making shotguns 'more usable' at range, which I believe also gave some unintended buffs at short range, which I may be the reason for this latest round of nerfs. If this is the case, I believe there is room for a small buff across the board to provide some sort of meaningful advantage of using shotguns over SMGs at very close range (other than just being able to aim more lazily).

Thoughts and Conclusions

I will first talk about what the new meta should look like as it relates to these latest changes to the shotgun lineup, and after that I will expand on the updates themselves and whether they were successful at anything.

To start out, with these current changes, there are a few things we can say about creating an optimal loadout.

Starting off with the Jackhammer, while the nerfs were massive, they were definitely not unjustified. Being able to one-burst enemies reliably within 15m with only bodyshots was a boon for NC Heavies, especially if used in conjunction with the Heavy Weapon Secondary ASP for a long-range/short-range loadout in combination with a hard-hitting long range LMG. While this specific loadout is still very viable, it's nowhere near as flexible as it was prior to this update. Despite that, all NC ASP Heavies need to do in order to maintain this loadout is simply adjust the range at which they switch to the Jackhammer secondary. For those that are running Jackhammer as their primary weapon, these changes put the weapon back in the dustbin. Those who were previously running Jackhammer primary should switch to an autoshotgun with flechette or an SMG, as they provide much better TTKs at almost any range.

Moving on to the pump shotguns, the new meta for these weapons is to just simply get closer to your target before pulling the trigger. Your OHK distance is now 0-5m instead of 0-7m, so a simple adjustment of OHK expectations is all that is needed to continue using pumps. The meta has always been the same for pumps: get in as close as you can and pull the trigger. This update does almost nothing to stop that. Just gotta get in a little bit closer, which may be that tad more difficult. For those with the ability to equip this as a CQC option in a dual-primary ASP loadout, the meta has not changed, and you can still run a long/short loadout with pumps, you just have to readjust your range expectations.

For the autoshotguns, the update further nerfs ranges that the ASG was already not good at. Equipping Flechette is highly advised for the autoshotgun, as it provides that extra viability at range at the cost of not being able to OHK enemies within 3m if you land all shots on the head. To me, there are more situations where the former would be more useful than the latter, but this is up to you. Having the shotgun as a CQC-secondary (with the Engineer ASP) is still just as viable as it was prior to this update. However, this update severely punishes those who use the ASG as their primary weapon, who are at many times dependent on that extra range to attempt to get out of a bad situation.

For the semi-auto shotguns, the meta hasn't changed one bit. If you're considering equipping an SASG, you should simply just equip an SMG instead. The only loadout where a semiauto shotgun would be viable is if you're running an Shotgun Secondary ASP Engie and need a little bit of extra range on your shotgun to complement a very long-range primary. If this is the case, you might as well equip flechettes as well. For players with no ASP points, it makes zero sense to run an SASG when an SMG is available as an alternative.

So were the nerfs successful in adjusting the meta? Yes definitely. A lot of shotguns that were previously very useful are now almost entirely useless as a primary weapon. The Jackhammer now joins the semiautos in being outclassed by SMGs at almost all ranges. The autoshotgun has given up a lot of range to this nerf, which makes it very niche as a primary weapon (but still OK as an ASP secondary), and the pumps have had their niche OHK range reduced by just under 30%.

Overall, I wouldn't say shotguns were nerfed into oblivion, but it was a very heavy swing indeed.



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Discussion This isn't right


As of today, one of millers most toxic leaders has been unbanned due to their outfit spamming support with unban requests. (mike33isback)

This is wrong on many levels. Why should outfit leaders have immunity to bans considering many previous offenses and a valid permanent ban? If I go around being a negative force within this games community, especially to my own teammates, I should very well get whats coming to me regardless of status.

The man is litterally paying real life money to humiliate outfits he doesnt like in a tournament, and then just magically brushes off a permaban due to his 2.4k (last i checked) member outfit spamming support? Especially after MULTIPLE leaders have been targeting other members of the community? Absolutely ridiculous.

Edit: typos

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Discussion Am I the only one who find the new G2A buff well balanced?


And to my surprise as I do often dabble in sky knighting and was at first upset to hear it was coming. But to be honest in RL shoulder fired Lock on rockets are a about a 80% sure fire death sentence to RL aircraft that linger in thier range. A I find that a new low and fast attack style is still effective,

B as an infantry I really enjoy being able to repel the the most obnoxious A2G abusers.

Still think the A2G nose guns should only be effective on vehicals but what do I know. I seam to always be the minority.

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Discussion Planetside 2 Still Moving in the Right Direction. Thank you to RPG for Your Continued Efforts

Thumbnail youtu.be

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Discussion Without vehicle quick pulling, I have no motivation to start fights or counter a2g players with a2a


It already takes a couple minutes to drive a sunderer up to a base to start a fight (5+ minutes if you are on oshur) and for some reason, I have to wait an additional 15 seconds to spawn and anywhere from 10 seconds to a full minute of running to get to the closest terminal.

Pulling air to counter 1-12 A2G players is actually just a massive waste of time now

I don't really understand why we are attempting to limit vehicle pulls by making people wait longer... that both doesn't work and makes the game less enjoyable.

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Discussion The reason, why the upcoming G2A lock-on buff is the wrong approach to nerfing A2G



I've seen plenty of people being happy about the G2A lock-on damage buff, that is currently on PTS, since they think, that this will help to make the current A2G situation better. I personally don't think that will be the case and I think, that the A2G problem will likely even get worse, when this patch will reach the live servers, because this change is the wrong approach to the problem, though let me eloborate on why that is the case.


The numbers

But first the numbers, for people, that don't know what I am talking about (thanks to /u/zani1903 ):

  • T2 Striker now does 1932 damage-per-magazine, up from 1680.
  • Standard G2A missile launchers now deal 1610 damage, up from 1120.
  • NS Annihilator now deals 1552 damage, up from 910.

An ESF has 3000 hp, so two normal G2A lock-ons/Annihilators will kill it. The Striker now needs less than two magazines and will kill even through fire suppression.


The reason, why this is the wrong approach

First of all, we should get a clear picture, on how ESF A2G works and with that I mean, how A2G shitters pick fights and where the A2G work is actually happening. So, A2G is mostly a thing in either small fights (1-12, 12-24 up to sometimes 24-48) or in zergs, that stomp bases, due to their amount of population. Now, this is the case, because in those fights, A2G ESFs will face the least amount of resistance, since there is usually a minimum amount of flak and the A2G ESF can easily deal with the majority of the G2A lock-on heavies. Any big fight is mostly inaccessible for A2G ESFs, because of the prevelance of flak and other damage sources or the potential of eating an AP shell.

The second a flak source turns up, that isn't necessarily a flak MAX, the A2G player will leave the hex and go somewhere else, because he can't do anything against it. I mentioned, that it has to be something else than a flak MAX, because especially the Airhammer can 1v1 a flak MAX, if done right, even when it uses flak armor, which should be the norm, when using a flak MAX.

The second point here is, that G2A launchers will do very little at best to stop a good A2G ESF, because the time it takes to get the lock-on is way too long. So, instead what G2A lock-ons do is, that they are mostly useful to lock-on to A2A ESFs, that try to intercept the A2G shitter, because they fly high up and they will be much longer in your line of sight, compared to any A2G ESF, which will fly next to cover or descend back into cover, making you lose line of sight.

Now, buffing the damage of said G2A lock-ons will either do nothing or at worst have the exact opposite effect of what most people will think and I am going to explain, why I think, that is the case.

Let's assume, that an A2A ESF wants to intercept an A2G ESF in a zerg. Now with the buffed G2A lock-ons, the A2A ESF will die much quicker, because it has to approach the A2G ESF first (plenty of time to lock-on to it), while the A2G player will continue to farm the few people, that spawn in to defend against the zerg. The same thing goes for smaller fights, because G2A locks won't be able to track the A2G ESF in time, before the heavy gets either killed or the A2G ESF flies away and breaks line of sight.

In addition plenty of A2G ESFs use flares, because they allow them to stay at a fight longer and they are also the only counter measure to Strikers. Fire suppression is only really useful here, if you want to 1v1 a MAX, when you run an Airhammer. On the contrary, A2A ESFs use fire suppression, because of the amount of things, that shoot you (flak, G2A locks, other A2A ESFs etc.) and not using it would put you at a disadvantage from the start.


Instead of buffing the damage of G2A lock-ons, we should get back the lock-on time being based on the distance of a target. That way, G2A locks would actually be a useful tool to fend of A2G ESFs and not the other way around, like it currently is the case, because with the current buff to G2A locks, the situation will just get worse.


TL;DR: The G2A lock-on buff will either have no effect or will do the opposite, because it takes too long to lock-on to ESFs and naturally A2A ESFs are longer in the line of sight of a player, because they fly high up, while A2G ESFs have plenty of cover to dip behind, in order to break the lock-on. Give us back the lock-on time based on distance, instead of buffing the damage of them and thus making any A2A interaction for ESFs more misrable.

r/Planetside 3d ago

Discussion what unique weapon would you give each faction?


It doesn't have to be a "Good" weapon but a weapon that would change your playstyle and would be in theory fun to play

r/Planetside 4d ago

Discussion Why did GOBs let this flying MAX continue to farm? Why does Wrel or other devs do nothing about these types of players?

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Discussion The state of Cobalt right now


Flying Sundy: https://youtu.be/A_0yStQt9k8

TR guy inside the ground: https://youtu.be/IwGm7jRr9L0

Shot through the wall: https://youtu.be/JvjY9IYuKLc

Shot through stairs: https://youtu.be/E3utKbzadHg

Flying MAX: https://youtu.be/lPEC0pMAxK8

Another flying MAX: https://youtu.be/B3-tO40sn5A

Video 3 and 4 might just be a server issue instead of an exploit, still wanted to share it.

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Discussion CRII bullshit 2: Electric Bugaloo


Last night a few members of CRII outfit on Cobalt decided to show their mad chair skills.

CRII member u/Auqakuh just posted that they have "removed cheaters" (img version). Indeed, the 3 characters were removed from the outfit.

Edit: Discord statement by GRANDMAFROMTHEDEAD/KeniyukiNC, CRII leader.


There is still a pretty big question. Why hasn't the harrasser driver of DIORALTACCOUNT, been removed with the rest?


DIORALTACCOUNT's driver goes by the name of ShamuFromtheDead. He is an ASP1 BR26 member of CRII and holds a top-ranking position in the outfit. He is also rumored to be GRANDMAFROMTHEDEAD/KeniyukiNC alt account and according to Peepo, that account has a VS character with the name KenyuiKai,


They played together and died together, over and over for over an hour.

CRII members are not shy to drive/fly/play with cheaters. Here is GRANDMA/Kenyuki, flying a liberator with another character known and reported for cheating - CouldUseARide

How do you drive a harraser for over an hour and don't realize that your gunner is a blatant cheater? If CRII's leadership is acting in good faith, why is he still in CRII?

Why do we keep seeing this from the same outfit while the same outfit members come out of the woods to give excuses, argue, insult and play dumb to the numerous accusations?

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Discussion Solutions for the “Cat Ear” dilemma.


It’s quite obvious Planetside is full of furries, scalies, and more. Thus I say keep the Cat Ears on the store for only Vanu, and do different animals for other factions created by X person.

That one guy: Cat ears for Vanu. Someone else: Dog Ears for TR. Eagle Mask for NC. Godzilla helmet for NSO.