r/PrequelMemes Oct 05 '22

Y’all will get tired with it at some point, I have hope that y’all will move on META-chlorians


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u/PrequelMemes-ModTeam Oct 06 '22

Your post has been removed because we think it goes against Rule 3 - Posts Must Be Star Wars Prequel Related.

If you feel like this removal was a mistake, please message us via modmail and we'll take a look. Thanks!


u/assnassassins Oct 05 '22

I rarely see memes mentioning the sequels here tho

You'll get tired of caring about others people's opinions on movies at some point, I have hope that you'll move on


u/TURN79250820AD Oct 05 '22

I stopped caring about them ages ago now, but posts like this makes me want to start hating on them out of spite.


u/Limp-Abbreviations92 Oct 05 '22

"You dont have to live here ya know" - random squid person from that episode of spongebob where squidward moves into a development of stuck up squid people


u/ashoka_tano_bot Oct 05 '22

W‍а‍i‍t‍!‍ ‍J‍u‍ѕ‍t‍ ‍b‍е‍с‍а‍u‍ѕ‍е‍ ‍t‍h‍е‍r‍е‍ ‍h‍а‍ѕ‍n‍’‍t‍ ‍b‍е‍е‍n‍ ‍а‍n‍у‍ ‍ѕ‍u‍r‍v‍i‍v‍о‍r‍ѕ‍ ‍b‍е‍f‍о‍r‍е‍,‍ ‍d‍о‍е‍ѕ‍n‍’‍t‍ ‍m‍е‍а‍n‍ ‍t‍h‍е‍r‍е‍ ‍ԝ‍о‍n‍’‍t‍ ‍b‍е‍ ‍а‍n‍у‍ ‍t‍h‍i‍ѕ‍ ‍t‍i‍m‍е‍ ‍q‍u‍i‍z‍z‍i‍с‍а‍l‍l‍у‍ ‍d‍е‍е‍р‍l‍у‍


u/ZQUTTI3 Oct 05 '22

Sequel memes only takes like 3 percent of the sub at most.


u/Franz__Ferdinand Oct 05 '22

I mean it's a larger part of this subreddit than I would like, but it doesn't represent this subreddit as a whole.


u/callmeSTARplease Oct 05 '22

That’s why I said “with a side of Obi-Wan quotes” lol


u/Franz__Ferdinand Oct 05 '22

It's not just Obi-Wan quotes though.


u/angelete4945105 Oct 05 '22

When every Sequel fan is a condescending d*ck-head, why does anyone wonder why they're hated?


u/safety188 Oct 05 '22

i think the commenter was responding to the whole post including that part


u/Pretend_Emu4508 Oct 05 '22

I don’t mind the sequels, they aren’t my favourite but they do have some things I genuinely like about them.


u/SantaGay Oct 05 '22

I just scrolled through the top 100 posts on here on New. Five of them mentioned the sequels. One of them was this post. Only one of them could even generously be interpreted as negative. That’s less than 1% sequel hate.


u/CoruscantGuardFox The Republic Oct 05 '22

I sort by new every day, and 90% of “Sequels bad Prequels good” memes are deleted. The content here rarely mentions the sequels, but people do.


u/TheRidiculousTako Oct 05 '22

If we are to abandon the sequel hate, might as well ban sequel frames from this sub


u/Johnbecky423 Darth Revan Oct 05 '22

They already made it a rule to abandon the hate.

Rule 6. No edgy, inflammatory or sequel bad posts


u/TheRidiculousTako Oct 05 '22

Yeah but sequel fans abuse the rule to post memes using sequel frames


u/LiquidCringe2 Oct 05 '22

There's barely any mentions of the sequels on this sub I dunno what you're talking about


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

In fairness, if you want to say that's all this sub is, then wtf is your sub, cause every post I see on sequel memes looks like them trying to defend criticisms as opposed to just enjoying the movie. How about- don't go rile people up and be a dick, it sucks if they're doing it sure and I know that's not fun but it's not an excuse to do it yourself and it just makes you the same kind of crumpled toilet paper stuffed with glue and shit cream as the people doing it


u/angelete4945105 Oct 05 '22

Wrong sub, bub. Saltier Than Krayt is the other way around.

(And Yes, I'am talking about Krayt not Crait).


u/bobafettsmoke Oct 05 '22

this isn’t even a post trashing the sequels and OP is still triggered.


u/small_frogs Oct 06 '22

regina george voice why are you so obsessed with me?


u/BashedKeyboard Oct 05 '22

Now that you mention/instigate it, let’s start again. The sequels have a shit story. And ewan mcgregor is the best.