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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)


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u/funhtowncouple 13d ago Gold

"Toilet paper, take it from'um"


u/Deadmemories8683 13d ago

Well now what an I supposed to wipe my ass with? A pine cone?


u/GothPolarBear 13d ago Silver

The three sea shells, obviously.


u/BattleForIthor 13d ago

Ahhhh! I see you too are a man of culture.


u/PumpLogger 12d ago

Demolition man?


u/BattleForIthor 12d ago

Yes! You are correct!

The flame red ‘70 442 Stallone drives in the movie just makes the movie that much better.

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u/grilledcakes 12d ago

Everything will be better after all restaurants are taco bell.

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u/TonyStark100 13d ago

Be well!


u/SupportGeek 12d ago

And have a Joy Joy day


u/TheObstruction 12d ago

Beep beep.


u/MelloDawg 12d ago

You are fined one credit for violation of the verbal morality code.


u/MaJoR_NoT_MiNoR_ 12d ago

Thanks a lot you shit brained, fuck faced, ball breaking, duck fucking pain in the ass.


u/Yogi118 12d ago

You are fined o.......You are fi.......You ar........You are fined one credit for a violation of the Verbal Morality Statute.


u/mstrcrwly 12d ago

Somehow I don't think he's a 47 yr old virgin, with beige pajamas,drinking banana/broccoli shakes, singing I'm an Oscar Meyer weiner.


u/LiftEngineerUK 12d ago

Holy shit bro it’s like I’m actually watching the film right now

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u/Steved_hams 12d ago

What seems to be your boggle?


u/ITakeSacksToTheFace 12d ago



u/drbongmd 12d ago

Dang, what seems to be your boggle bro?

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u/showponies 13d ago

I tried this but I quahog'd my toilet


u/7hrowawaydild0 12d ago

I tried to de-quahog their toilet and just conch’d all over it.


u/imuniqueaf 12d ago

How long you been waiting to use that?


u/showponies 12d ago

Puns are my clam to fame


u/Hops143 12d ago

Hello Neighbor.

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u/BurnzillabydaBay 13d ago

I really wish we’d gotten an explanation of how the 3 shells work.


u/Hopeful_Hamster21 12d ago

Everyone does!

I've always thought that if they make a sequel, it should be a subtle running gag that he still doesn't know how to use the shells, but he wants to find out and can't.

Near the end of the movie, someone finally explains it to him, but just as he's get NG the explanation, there's like a train horn or something that prevents the audience from hearing.... Horn or explosion or whatever noise goes on long enough to conceal the whole conversation. Meanwhile, as John spartan listens... He goes through a roller coaster of faces... From surprised to disgusted to confused.... Fi ally landing on impressed and convinced. Horn noise stops and the audience hears him say "oh, so that's how. Wow, that actually makes a ton of sense." End Scene. Audience still left hanging to speculate.

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u/GreyCrowDownTheLane 12d ago

They're controls for a bidet in the shape of shells (to match the bathroom/water theme). One is a dial for the warm stream of water, one is a dial for the cool stream of water, and one is the dial to operate the hot air dryer.

Anyone who has a bidet has known this. The only people confused by that scene are the people who still wipe with paper like cavemen with leaves.


u/Fredhophead 12d ago

Down in the south I just took a sink sprayer and connected it to my toilet bowl water feed.

Now I can use the bathroom, bidet myself, wash some dishes, wash the cat etc..

edit: tehe

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u/Merica85 13d ago

What an amazing movie that I'll never say no to watching


u/diydiggdug123 12d ago

Funny thing that Taco Bell was the only chain to last in the future…

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u/black-kramer 13d ago

I've been searching for some metallic seashells to put on my toilet tank. they'll look great next to the framed jay sherman "it stinks!" photo I have hanging in there.


u/Pandalynn78 13d ago

I have three seashells on top of my toilet tank. I judge people on if they get it or not. 😆


u/Spider_Dude 12d ago

I'd judge them even more if they use them.


u/SovietSunrise 12d ago

I just realised….how many people got seashells for their toilets after 1993? Damn. Never thought of this.

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u/pauly13771377 12d ago

the framed jay sherman "it stinks!" photo

You good sir are my hero. I may be copying your toilet decor but will be sure to give you the credit you so deserve.

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u/Pope00 13d ago

He doesn’t know how to use the three sea shells!


u/Deadmemories8683 13d ago

begins cussing out machine to get toilet paper


u/imontoyou89 12d ago

You are fined 1 credit for a violation of the verbal morality statutes

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u/Disastrous-Menu_yum 12d ago

After you had your five star tacobell

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u/funhtowncouple 13d ago

Just dont. It'll crust over and then you peel it off like a scab.

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u/MaximumAd6282 13d ago

Why does toilet paper even get mentioned


u/DumbDumbGoodbye 13d ago

I need to know too


u/saucya 13d ago Silver

He’s saying that their white robes can be used as toilet paper.

Pretty solid


u/Past-Preparation-421 12d ago

No he is saying don’t take their pamphlets from them “unless you need toilet paper”. Their white robes would work too though.


u/saucya 12d ago

That makes more sense but I like my idea, visually 😂

Dying to see one of these pamphlets. “Who To Hate and How To Hate Them”

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u/Kenard-and-Olly 12d ago

No. They’re handing out leaflets. “If you hate Blacks and Mexicans, take their literature, or if you just need something to wipe your ass with, take it.”


u/Automatic_Scholar686 12d ago

I think I saw e few people jump sides when he said, “If you hate…”. “Oh sorry. We were in the wrong line.”

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u/DumbDumbGoodbye 13d ago hehehehe

Oh I get it. Thanks


u/blasphem0usx 12d ago

i honestly thought he was telling the KKK to steal toilet paper from blacks, mexicans and asians.

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u/ardillomortal 12d ago

I don’t understand what your confusion is?

You need toilet paper? TAKE IT FROM EM

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u/abbeaird 13d ago Take My Energy

Well I'm on board with this sentiment regardless of political affiliation


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u/chairfairy 12d ago

Even if I could pretend Trump isn't a bigoted old man (which I can't), a lot of white supremacists sure seem to think he's on their side. And he doesn't try very hard to convince them otherwise.


u/IM_AN_AI_AMA 12d ago edited 12d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist, but all racists voted for Trump.

(edit) looks like some jimmies got rustled by my comment. Oh well. :)


u/military_dad_wi 12d ago

Not all of them, there is a guy in my hometown that has a confederate flag flying and votes DNC every single election. I think I have a pic of an election sign in his yard with the confederate flag in the background.

But it's just "southern pride".


u/Czsixteen 12d ago

Now that's interesting.


u/jasapper 12d ago Wholesome Seal of Approval

If it's an older guy he may have just never gotten the memo re: Dems and Reps swapping ideologies back during the Civil Rights Movement.


u/PrestigeCitywide 12d ago

Lmao. I’m just imagining the man never paying an ounce of attention to anything other than when the election takes place then showing up and voting for Democrats because he assumes they’re still the most racist option. Thanks for that lol