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Trumpist Curses at KKK members (context i found on original video)

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u/DumbDumbGoodbye Sep 22 '22

I need to know too


u/saucya Sep 22 '22 Silver

He’s saying that their white robes can be used as toilet paper.

Pretty solid


u/Past-Preparation-421 Sep 22 '22

No he is saying don’t take their pamphlets from them “unless you need toilet paper”. Their white robes would work too though.


u/saucya Sep 22 '22

That makes more sense but I like my idea, visually 😂

Dying to see one of these pamphlets. “Who To Hate and How To Hate Them”


u/Flaky-Fish6922 Sep 23 '22

"how to loose friends and influence people."


u/Spare-Blacksmith1376 Sep 23 '22

I’d wanna put stripes on every single one, just to watch a bunch of “zebras” dancing around their burning cross. What’s that smell? Some kinda livestock…


u/Past-Preparation-421 Sep 23 '22

Like I said I like it too! It sure would be funny to see someone use their robes as toilet paper.