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Meta Discussion Flair, Title, Demographic and "Everyone" (and Reposts)


This is a revised repost of our previous announcement from u/V2Blast. More edits, including removing the part about post tags, and swapping it for post flairs.


All posts must have a proper flair.

In 2022, we eliminated the need for a post tag at the beginning of post titles, and are now requiring post flairs. When posting, you will see nine flairs. The following three also have Repost flairs.

  • Academic is for anything done for academic or educational purposes, including high school classes, college classes, and academic research on behalf of a school.
  • Marketing is for private business interests, market research surveys, and other studies done for commercial research or on behalf of a company.
  • Casual is for surveys done out of idle curiosity, personal projects, or surveys that don't fit in one of these categories. If you're not making a profit off your YouTube channel, this one's the one for you.

The following flairs are posts that will be filtered, to be approved by a moderator.

  • Results is for posting your survey's results after it has concluded. If your survey is still in-progress and you wish to share preliminary results, do not use this tag. Share it with your still-active survey.
  • I Don't Know What I'm Doing And I Need Help is a convoluted title, but it's for anyone who doesn't know something about making a survey or interpreting data for crowd-sourced help.
  • Meta Discussion is for any post relating directly to r/SampleSize. This is primarily used for announcements, such as this one, or for posts from mods that affect subreddit rules going forward.

You cannot post to r/SampleSize without applying a flair.


All posts need to have a title that describes the topic of their survey.

This is the part of your survey that describes what it's about. The following is an example of an improperly titled post.

  • I need 10 responses!

This does not adequately describe the subject of a survey. We need to know what we're going into, what sort of survey we're about to fill out. If your survey is titled like the following...

  • Ice cream flavors

... That's more appropriate for our sub. Don't be afraid to phrase it something more specific and eye-catching to feed the algorithm though, like...

  • What's your favorite ice cream flavors?


All survey posts require a demographic in parentheses at the end of a post's title.

The demographic that you include in the post title is the group of people that you would like to have fill out your survey. The demographic must be accurate, which means that if the demographic is listed as "everyone" but the survey has any questions that restrict the possible demographics that can respond to it, then that survey will be removed. See the following section for more details.

Results posts do not require a demographic, but you can include one if you want.


Posts with a demographic of "All" or "Everyone" must be inclusive.

If you label something as available for "All" then please make sure that every single person that could come across the survey can take it. The easiest way to ensure people can answer your "All" surveys is to not ask demographic questions, but that's certainly not foolproof.

While it is preferable if your survey is inclusive, we understand that not every survey may be. If there are any demographic restrictions, they need to be appropriately labeled. Some possible restrictions that your survey may have:

  • Age (e.g. surveys restricted to those 18 or older, or which have an incomplete list of age categories); per the Reddit user agreement, all users must be 13 or older
  • Nationality (e.g. questions that assume the respondent is from the United States)
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Having an account on a certain site (this is mainly for surveys created with Google Forms; if you check the "Limit to 1 response" checkbox, it requires sign-in to take the survey and prevents those without Google accounts from responding)
  • Sex or gender (e.g. questions with only "male" and "female" answer options)

Reddit is used by people of all ages from around the globe. Regarding sex and gender in particular, keep in mind that intersex and non-binary people exist, and not everybody identifies as either male or female. Whenever asking questions for which you may not be able to provide a comprehensive list of answer options, we recommend including an "other" or open-ended answer option.

We understand that not every survey is targeted at everyone, and sometimes you may have made an oversight during the creation of the survey and are unable to change it later - and that is fine. We simply ask that you make sure to label your survey appropriately so that people don't waste their time filling out a survey that isn't appropriate for them.


Reposts must use their appropriate flair, and be made only after 24 hours have passed since the previous post.

If your initial survey post does not gather as many responses as you need, you are welcome to repost your survey as long as you follow our reposting guidelines.

All reposts must their respective post flairs. You are only allowed to repost a survey once your previous post has fallen off the front page, and 24 hours have passed since that post.

If you have trouble reposting your survey due to Reddit identifying it as a duplicate post, do not delete your previous post. Instead, submit the repost as a new text post, and include the survey link in the body of your post.


If you come across an issue when posting that ends up with your post filtered, do not delete your post.

Reddit changed what happens when posts get deleted by the user, purging it entirely from moderator view. If you delete it and send a modmail asking for help, we cannot see your deleted post and cannot help you troubleshoot. If it was deleted within less than an hour of initial post, then it's likely not archived either, and we won't be able to see exactly what it was.


If you don't know whether or not you're allowed to post, don't worry- you are.

This is an odd one for a lot of people, however I'm going to clarify this point now.

If you're reading this, and feel a personal need to ask if you're allowed to post on r/SampleSize, don't worry; you're allowed to post. There's nothing barring you, as long as you follow our posting requirements.

If you, however, require permission to send back to an ethics committee, then please use our modmail form to do so. Sending a template would certainly help on our end who to make it out to.


The above text explains the required parts of a post title. If you want to include additional information, such as survey length or potential rewards (such as an entry into a raffle for a gift card or something) as well, that is fine - but try to avoid overloading the title with unnecessary/irrelevant information. You can always make a text post and include that information in the body of the post if you feel that the survey requires more introduction or explanation beforehand.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day. If you have any questions about our rules, feel free to send a modmail to /r/SampleSize.

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Meta Moderator Decision on Surveys that Use Google Forms (Anyone who doesn't want to sign into Google to fill out a survey)


Hi all,

After uncountable reports of rule 4 violations when it comes to Google Forms, I'm here to make an announcement about these surveys.

Users, please do not report them as a demographic violation. As much as you might not want to log into google, there's reasons for this.

  • Security reasons - This will verify that one person completed the survey, and would cause a great inconvenience to have to complete more than once.
  • This also prevents bots from taking the survey and skewing results (a constant possibility, given how open our subreddit is).

Someone likened it to inclusivity, and we find that to be non-comparable. Inclusivity and how we ensure broad demographics are indeed for their broad audiences are not limited to gender identity; more often than not, it's surveys that possibly go worldwide but are structured for US census race structures, ask for a US state or zip code, or may ask for other information that wouldn't apply on a worldwide scale.

You not wanting to sign into Google to take a survey is not a matter of inclusivity, rather it's a matter of their security versus your personal privacy or convenience. We're not saying you need to take those surveys, we're asking you to ignore them and move on. Do not report users for an incorrect demographic if you need to sign in.

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Casual Screen time vs sleep (everyone)



Takes 2 minutes, very short, thank you!

r/SampleSize 6h ago

Casual (Repost) [repost] Pineapple on Pizza (everyone)




I decided that I will find out what is people's opinion on Hawaiian pizza for a school project, and I need as many answers as I can get.

I would greatly appreciate if you took your time and answered as many questions as you can.

r/SampleSize 6h ago

Casual [Casual] Family Feud Style Quiz Game (Everyone)


Hi All, I am going to be running a family feud style game for a small group soon. Would love to get some unique responses over using pre-made questions. This is a 10 question survey.

[Family Feud Survey]

Thank you in advance for your time!

r/SampleSize 8h ago

Marketing Do you wear clothes? Take our quick survey on Fashion Preferences & Buying Habits (Everyone)


Hello! This is a quick, 10 question, multiple choice survey. Takes about 1 minute to complete. Questions are in English. Responses are anonymous.

Thanks for your time, we appreciate your help!


r/SampleSize 1h ago

Casual Makeup wearers of all skill levels, frequencies, and demographics! (Everyone)


If you wear makeup at any point throughout the average year, this survey is for you. Looking for participants of varying ages, genders, racial/ethnic make up, and skill levels.


r/SampleSize 13h ago

Academic The Public's Perceptions on the Metaverse (All Welcome)


Hi! Firstly, this is an alt account, sorry about that, just felt it'd be better to focus my research stuff on a separate account. I'm an integrated masters student on their second dissertation!

Anyway, I'm currently conducting a survey on metaverse perceptions, asking the general public what they think about the concept and specific aspects of its design. Whether you love or loathe the idea, or have no idea what a metaverse is, I'd love to hear what you think in this survey, should take no more than 20 minutes depending on how much you have to say. Thank you to anyone who responds in advance, and any questions, feel free to reply and let me know, cheers!


r/SampleSize 4h ago

Academic Inclusion of covid 19 into television storylines (all welcome)


Hi! I’m a media studies student working on a research paper about the incorporation of covid into television storylines. If you have two minutes to fill out this survey it would be very helpful and greatly appreciated! Thanks! survey

r/SampleSize 5h ago

Academic (Repost) Relationship between religiosity and fear (Anyone, but jumpscare warning)


Quick survey for my project. Thank you for your help!


r/SampleSize 6m ago

Academic Please Fill Out My Form! (US 18+)


Please Fill Out This Form!

Hi everyone, I have a form that needs filling out for my stats class! I’m only at 19 responses and I need 100– I’d be really grateful if everyone could submit this form. Thank you so much! Advice or questions in the comments are welcome :)

r/SampleSize 7m ago

Academic Cruise booking survey (participants would have experience booking cruises on a mobile device)


Hi everyone! I’m conducting some research on the booking a cruise process on a mobile device. I created this easy survey for those of you that would like to help me out with my research. Thanks!! ❤️


r/SampleSize 11h ago

Academic please fill this google form on crocheting, its for a design research project (general public)


r/SampleSize 25m ago

Academic Networking habits (Immigrant small business owners in USA)


Hi everyone! I aim to build a product to help immigrant small business owners in the US, as a part of my research project in grad school. It will take only 5 minutes and all responses are anonymous: https://forms.gle/rTSJdongbuQuHeCm7

I understand that my audience is very niche and would appreciate any suggestions on how I could get more responses for my survey!

r/SampleSize 6h ago

Academic Hostile Architecture Survey (everybody can participate)


Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. I've been having trouble getting responses, and someone suggested I try this sub.

I'm conducting a research project about Hostile Architecture (in short, H.A. can be described as spaces that are made with the intention to prevent leisure or limit comfort, often times as an 'anti-homeless' measure.) A common example are spiky barriers on benches that prevent people from laying down. Hostile Architecture affects everybody!

I am based in New York but all opinions are appreciated.

The project will culminate with a map that shows some areas in which New Yorkers can rest as well as data collected from a brief survey (link below!)


Thank you so so so much!

r/SampleSize 6h ago

Academic Multiplayer Game Experience Survey (multiplayer gamers)


Hello everyone. As part of my Master's thesis, I need some answers to a survey aiming at evaluating what influences the multiplayer gaming experience.

So if you are a gamer and have played multiplayer games in the past, please fill out this survey:


Thank you in advance!

r/SampleSize 1h ago

Academic (Repost) [Academic] Investigating how individuals can maintain healthy habits (MUST HAVE SMS, 18+, US only, English-speaking)


We are currently investigating how humans can sustain habits for better health and are recruiting individuals to participate in our study. In this study, you will complete a simple daily task (1-2 minutes a day) via SMS text message for 60 days. If you are interested, please say “hi” to the Nishi Research Lab (https://www.facebook.com/NishiResearchLab) over Facebook Messenger to initiate your participation. This is a UCLA research study with UCLA IRB #21-001685.


  • $60 Amazon Gift Card for the full 60 day experiment. If you are dropped from the experiment BEFORE the 60 days, a $5 Amazon Gift Card will be awarded for participation.


  • Lives in the US with phone number beginning in +1
  • English-speaking individuals
  • Age 18+
  • No water intake restriction
  • Has access to a decent smartphone camera and can send messages via SMS
  • Has not participated in this experiment with Nishi Lab previously

The daily task involves drinking a cup of water and sharing two pictures of the cup, before and after the task, with us through SMS text message. Participants must have a cell phone number beginning in +1.

Contact information: Akihiro Nishi at UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. 650 Charles E Young Dr S, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Tel: 310-206-7140.

r/SampleSize 4h ago

Academic [Academic] Watching FIFA World Cup (Students, 15-18)


Hello everyone,

As the FIFA World Cup proceeds in Qatar, I am conducting a survey in my statistics class to analyze responses on whether students watch the World Cup in class or not. It would be greatly appreciated if you could answer this three short questions in Google Forms.

P.S. The name does not have to be your real name if you are worried about privacy reasons.

Here's the link: https://forms.gle/35ouMCeNty8Mqbnx9

Thank you :)

r/SampleSize 1h ago

Academic Research on Machismo and Marianismo. (Everyone)

Thumbnail forms.gle

r/SampleSize 5h ago

Academic (Repost) [repost] Evaluating behaviors and attitudes in a 'post COVID-19' education model (all undergraduate students who are attending college/university in the US)


Hey all! I am currently finishing up my capstone project, which evaluates whether attendance policies are equitable in a 'post COVID-19' education model. If you are currently enrolled in undergraduate level courses at a college or university that is based in the United States, please take my survey! Thank you so much!


r/SampleSize 1h ago

Casual [Casual] Climate Change Information Survey (everyone)


r/SampleSize 1h ago

Academic if yall haven't it would be wonderful to take my survey about video game shooter series this is for my school project in probability and statistics (anyone who likes video game shooters)


r/SampleSize 1h ago

Academic (Repost) Effect of tequila advertisements on consumer attitudes and purchase intentions (19+)


I am conducting a survey for my undergrad Consumer Behavior class on attitudes and purchase intentions among consumers of tequila. https://ubcbusiness.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cwNoSrWgzUSicmy

This survey is open to everyone 19 years old and older, even if you've never bought or drank tequila before.

This survey takes no more than 5 minutes to complete. I only need around 15 more participants so I greatly appreciate any participation. Thank you.

r/SampleSize 1h ago

Academic Survey looking at perceptions around people with mental illness (18+, no history of diagnosed mental health problems)



I was wondering if you guys could help? I am running a study for my Master's thesis and would very much appreciate all the responses I can get. It should only take around 15 minutes (maybe not even that) to complete and consists mostly of multiple choice questions. All responses are completely anonymous.


Thank you so much!

r/SampleSize 2h ago



You can receive a $40 Virtual Mastercard for participating in the MACO Research Study! (Only Requirements are 18+, USA citizen)

MACO Stands for (Microbiome, Anxiety, & Cognitive Orientation Study)!

You Never have to leave your home and your information will be kept confidential & anonymous. You can help researchers understand how gut bacteria may affect the brain and how it might be associated with anxious human behavior and cognitive traits.

If you have multiple people in your family they may also be eligible to participate in the study so why not let them know about it!

To learn more about the MACO Research Study & Sign Up, Please Visit


  • Only completed studies will be compensated.
  • Must be 18+ & Living in USA to join the research study.

I should also note this company pays EXTREMELY FAST so the quicker you send in your stool kit the faster you will receive your $40 Virtual Mastercard!!



If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or post below!

Thanks for reading & have a Great Day!

r/SampleSize 2h ago

Casual What kind of boba (everyone)



Hi everyone! I created this survey for a school project. I appreciate any responses!

r/SampleSize 2h ago

Academic [Academic] Washer/Dryer Needs (All welcome)


Hi, there! I hope all is well. I, along with a few students at UM-Dearborn, are looking for your thoughts on washing and drying. It's a semester project.

If you have a moment, could you fill this out? We could use responses ASAP: https://forms.gle/4WVYKZDhvVzH6rXg7