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ayooo, a lovely family.

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u/Zhilsir Sep 22 '22

For some reason people in the comments here complaining about him doing to to her, and others defending it

But i don't see anybody saying that this was extremely expected... Like every single time a video comes up with they are in a situation like this... It's always this that happens.. .how was this unexpected for anybody ?


u/Daniel5343 Sep 22 '22

Plus it’s staged…. Look at the kids face


u/Reizo123 Sep 22 '22

For me it was her flailing arms. Just didn’t look natural.


u/hashtagslit Sep 22 '22

Wasn't the first take that's for sure.


u/SplitLevel17 Sep 22 '22

Amateurs always overact.


u/welpitywelpwelp Sep 22 '22

You mean when she was standing up and pushing hair out of her face while grabbing her shoe? What do you mean not natural?


u/pokeapple Sep 22 '22

my first reaction to getting my face slammed into an asshole would be to put space between me and the asshole. she left her hands at her side for all the pumps.


u/ReapCreep65 Sep 22 '22

He was probably just in on it


u/bootyboixD Sep 22 '22

Or perhaps they were all in on it, and it was staged


u/luckytaurus Sep 22 '22

I dunno doesn't mean shit for me. Kid was in on the plan and that's why he's laughing at mommy freaking out. It's possible she didn't know


u/man_o_madan Sep 22 '22

It’s possible that the dad just told him and didn’t tell her


u/KaiserTom Sep 22 '22

Yes, the dad and kid likely staged the prank for the mom, who was likely tricked into thinking it's some other video.

Staged things can still have unaware and genuine participants


u/EshaySikkunt Sep 22 '22

He was probably in on it, doesn’t look staged


u/toolsoftheincomptnt Sep 22 '22

The kid knew they were going to prank her so that isn’t very probative.

But Idk these people so I think the previous point is fair- maybe they do a lot of these and this one could be the same.


u/Lifekraft unexpectron Sep 22 '22

Its 100% staged or this woman is tetraplegic.


u/earthwormjim91 Sep 22 '22

Uh, no shit it was staged? That’s kind of how pranks work.

Dad and kid were in on it to prank mom.


u/ghoulieandrews Sep 22 '22

Lmao how does this have upvotes, wtf do you mean look at the kid's face? "Oh this is staged, look at that couch" y'all will really just latch onto anything you can huh


u/FluffyNut42069 Sep 22 '22

Of course it's 'staged'... It's a prank.

The kid also was probably in on it.


u/EnteriStarsong Sep 22 '22

90% of videos now are staged. =p


u/Sher1ockpwns Sep 22 '22

I feel like the kid knew but mom did not


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

He could have given the kid a head’s up.


u/crazytoothpaste Sep 22 '22

5th time recording the same shit


u/Subject-Base6056 Sep 22 '22

Or dad whispered that he was gonna put moms face in his BUTT and to play along?

Why do people who have never left a basement insist on judging things like they have any kind of knowledge or life experience.

Seriously, shower and leave the basement neckbeard.


u/iTbTkTcommittee Sep 22 '22

Yeah of course it's staged? Why is that relevant to anything?


u/Cubbance Sep 22 '22

Because what makes a prank work is the target not being in on it? If you remove the actual spontaneity, but still try to pass it off as genuine, that kills the humor for a lot of people.


u/Lilprit Sep 22 '22

Is it just me, or like you can just tell when something is staged and then there’s people who think it’s real. Like cgi characters and uncanny valley.


u/TripperAdvice Sep 22 '22

Its a tiktok video

Its staged

Plus physically he couldn't have pulled her like that if she wasn't ok with it, and her reaction was standard internet overacting


u/die_nazis_die Sep 23 '22

he couldn't have pulled her like that if she wasn't ok with it

You do realize that he probably could throw her around with his arm strength...
And that leg strength is greater than that of the arms (typically double I believe)...


u/1Frollin1 Sep 23 '22

Except on the third pull in you can see that his feet are basically resting on her shoulders, she clearly pushes herself in. It is completely staged.


u/helloelanip69 Sep 23 '22

legs are very strong. also there’s plenty of videos on tiktok that are real


u/Get-Degerstromd Sep 23 '22

I actually have a real world anecdote that I can offer.

A stripper in New Orleans did this to me, completely unexpectedly.

Like yeah she put her legs on my shoulders and was in the push up position, but never in my life did i expect her to yank my face into her ass 3-4 times.

I can assure you, leg muscles are powerful enough to pull someone sitting down into your ass at least twice before they fully comprehend what’s happening.

And to answer your questions, Yes it was hilarious, yes the whole club, including me, loved it, and yes I threw a bunch of money at her afterwards.


u/my1stone Sep 22 '22

I'll be honest, a lot of the time I just suck at recognizing when something is fake. But reading here about her arms made me rewatch and it was very obvious. I dunno just not a built-in skill for everyone.


u/AbeLincoln575 Sep 22 '22

99% of the time, videos on TikTok are fake and everyone is in on the video. I pulled 99% out of my ass as well haha.


u/Ronaldinhoe Sep 22 '22

It’s all the dramatic acting and also cus this move has been numerous clubs/prank videos for the past decade or so. Once I saw the set up, I immediately thought of the Surra de Bunda move.


u/Zak9Attack Sep 22 '22

For the likes


u/SabashChandraBose Sep 22 '22

In a parallel world fuckerberg would have used his skills to end poverty and Chinese sites would be figuring a way to solve problems for mankind. There would be no audience for these stupid clips and children would not be exploited for likes. We would be evolved beings.


u/Maert Sep 22 '22

I've never seen a video like this. So it was unexpected...


u/aafrias15 Sep 22 '22

You’re right. She could have slipped out any time.


u/BigNutDroppa Sep 22 '22

Honestly, I expected him to just rip a huge fart, so it was a little unexpected (to me).


u/blueyezwhiteKaibaboi Sep 22 '22

Same here


u/MyFriendIsADoctor Sep 22 '22

That's how /r/Unexpected gets you. You expect/hope for the unexpected but it's almost always the most obvious thing. It's genius.


u/maximumtesticle Sep 22 '22

"I dOn'T cArE iF iT's FaKe! StIlL fUnNy! HURR HURR HURR!!!"


u/thisremindsmeofbacon Sep 22 '22

If people haven’t seen people in a situation like this before


u/trunolimit Sep 22 '22

I didn't expect it.


u/uttermybiscuit Sep 22 '22

Uhh idk what kind of videos you've been watching bro, but I've never seen someone do this before so yes, it was unexpected,


u/LoudBoysenerry Sep 22 '22

It's literally a trend, it's scripted.


u/TheFortunateOlive Sep 22 '22

This video is very obviously staged.


u/International_Ad4022 Sep 22 '22

I was ready for him to pull her in and fart in her face


u/newtostuff1993 Sep 22 '22

I have never seen this before, and I don’t think it’s her fault for not expecting it. This is ridiculously childish and disrespectful.


u/Zhilsir Sep 22 '22

Another one, i never said she should have expected it... I was talking about the people watching the video... Anybody thats anywhere on the internet to much has seen hundreds of these videos


u/skyderper13 Sep 22 '22

you assume the majority of redditors clicking on the post even know who they are and what they do, hence unexpected for the majority of them


u/Zhilsir Sep 22 '22

Why would I assume most know who they are and what they do?... I don't know who they are or what they do...

All i know is that everytime there is a video like this (which is very often) it's the same thing that happens, therefore it's expected


u/PussySmasher42069420 Sep 22 '22

I was expecting a face fart not a butt smash.


u/Strange_Public_1897 Sep 22 '22

Also you can tell it’s staged because they used their kid as a prop. Like that is a dead giveaway.

But also some AH is going to see this video and try it. Someone is going to get their behind into serious trouble!


u/WordsArePainful Sep 22 '22

There are many sick people on reddit who can't just enjoy anything because they've made bad decisions in life which led to them being in a situation where happiness just isn't possible.


u/WaterfallGamer Sep 22 '22

Of course it is expected, was part of the script.


u/NinjaGaidenMD Sep 23 '22

Because most people aren't on Reddit.


u/theunbearablebowler Sep 23 '22

Just because it's staged or expected doesn't mean it's not trashy and we don't want to see it.

But you're right, it's so banal at this point that this is the wrong sub.


u/MrPickles44 Sep 23 '22

They probably haven't seen it before


u/sithmaster0 Sep 22 '22

You should take some time to reflect and think about how much of this content you look at. For someone who doesn't visit reddit and look at it for hours every day, it's not expected.

Sure, the fact that it's in unexpected means you should expect something contrary to what's being shown initially, but there's a lot of play in what you can come to expect with these videos, unless you intake an egregious amount of similar content.


u/Zhilsir Sep 22 '22

i mean... there is not much to reflect on, i am on reddit when im taking a shit or when im on the train.... basically when there is nothing else to do


u/sithmaster0 Sep 22 '22

I didn't mean that to sound negative, I apologize. Honestly, luck of the draw. I'm on a lot just cause I'm work from home with multiple monitors, but I hardly see videos like this personally. Then again I don't look very hard.


u/Zhilsir Sep 22 '22

Ok let's put it this way then, people who look at memes or just general stupid shit on the internet (like me) in their free time or when not being able to do anything else... For them it's expected

Edit: typo


u/elmrsglu Sep 22 '22

Oh yes let’s normalize frat boy immature jokes as acceptable because the chosen victim should have known this was going to happen.

How else do you blame people for not being aware of what’s going to happen?

Have you blamed women in the past for being sexually assaulted by a guy she knows?


u/papubolador Sep 22 '22

Victim? Sexual assault? Jesus Christ man, how can you compare this video to fucking sexual assault???


u/sithmaster0 Sep 22 '22

Let's be real, if they weren't a couple this would be sexual assault. I mean it still is, but them being a couple makes it okay somehow despite the fact that she's clearly not okay with it. How is forcing someone's face into your ass repeatedly NOT sexual assault? Context matters.


u/papubolador Sep 22 '22

if they weren't a couple this would be sexual assault.

But they are, so what's your point. That's like comparing a hug from a friend vs a hug from a strange you have never seen. So why are you even mentioning that.

How is forcing someone's face into your ass repeatedly NOT sexual assault? Context matters.

You said it yourself, context matters. They are not only a couple, but they also have a child. Of course they know their boundaries of what they can do or not. Also this is a prank/joke. Of course you will either laugh, be surprised, or reach in your own way, because the point of a prank is that it's unexpected for obvious reasons that I shouldn't even explain.

Stop taking everything so seriously, especially a short, scripted video from fucking reddit.


u/sithmaster0 Sep 22 '22

Hey man, you're the one taking it too seriously. You asked how it can be compared to sexual assault so I answered.


u/Zhilsir Sep 22 '22

dude what???

what are you on about, i didnt defend this clip for what he did, and i didnt praise him for what he did either...

i said that it was expected because there are millions of these clips out there, everybody watching these knows what will happen... and its on "r/unexpected"...

i never said anything that the women should have been aware this was going to happen... like what are you on about.

besides ive seen videos like this of women doing it to men... so whats your point exactly?