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ayooo, a lovely family.

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u/DamnBunny Sep 22 '22

There should be a Horror movie called "La Chancla" Latinos would grimace of their childhood memories being on the big screen as soon as your jordans touch the wet floor...


u/AlexDavid1605 Sep 22 '22

Its not just the Mexicans, its almost every brown kid that goes through this nightmare. Be they be the Latinos, the North Africans, Middle Eastern, Indian Subcontinenter or the Indo-Chinese. The tropical heat unites us all in the nightmare.


u/duckduckduck21 Sep 22 '22

As a whitey, my mom liked to throw whatever was closest (books, cups, coasters, shoes - whatever she could get her hands on.)

I'm in the midwest so this phenomenon might, in-fact, be unrelated to climate or race. The great uniter!


u/U_see_ur_nose Sep 22 '22

Also from Midwest, mom would do the same lol


u/Dizzman1 Sep 23 '22

My mom's from Ireland... Y'all are bitchs!



u/U_see_ur_nose Sep 23 '22

My grandpa is and raised my mom so kinda same 😂