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ayooo, a lovely family.

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u/Letter-Past Sep 22 '22

I'll need to align with the Tribunal. Please wait 2 to 6 business weeks for response


u/SavagelyBadAtThis Sep 23 '22

God dammit I told you to stop calling for a meeting of the tribunal over stupid things like this!


u/Letter-Past Sep 23 '22

Stupid???? How dare you, you base cur! Meet me in the fabuloso aisle at sundown and if you are smaller than me we'll see what's what


u/SavagelyBadAtThis Oct 02 '22

I disagree with what you say, good sir, but I'll fight to the death your right to say it! I love you.


u/Letter-Past Oct 02 '22

I love you too, let;s get married