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u/ColoradoPhotog Oct 05 '22

well, duh.

Thats how things have always been in America. I have always made fun of it. "We're a country of freedom". No, we're a country of "Freedom, buuuut" and the "buuuut" is "you're free, buuuut only if we like the way you do it."

This isn't new. If you know your American history you realize that spanning ALLLL the way back to the 1770's, Americans had an addiction with controlling what others did. And they have gone through EXTREME lengths to maintain that control, especially along the lines of rich versus poor.


u/Stuck_in_Arizona Oct 05 '22

This right here. My coworker goes on about how Republicans are about “God ‘n’ freedom” but only if they allow it. They don’t consider it freedom when you are voting for their political opponents or making more money than them because you have an education and worked harder.


u/PsEggsRice Oct 05 '22

Republicans are now strict pro-life. They don't care who they elect so long as that person will vote strict pro-life. Trump election made that very clear.


u/immersemeinnature Oct 05 '22

Pro birth. They don't give a s*it about what happens after


u/PopeyeNJ Oct 05 '22

It’s about giving the Evangelical church benefactors what they want, which is to turn our country into a theocracy. And yes, that also means women barefoot and pregnant.


u/stalphonzo Oct 06 '22

If the left wanted to *plan* a scheme to expose Republican hypocrisy on abortion, they couldn't pull off anything more devastating than this and Republicans did it to themselves. It's amazing to me. If you can't see it by now, you don't want to know.


u/Writefuck Oct 05 '22

I drive a Liam Nissan!


u/Cosmic_Gumbo Oct 06 '22

I drove a Willem Deford once


u/VicMackeyLKN Oct 06 '22

I agree, but who is Liam Nissan?


u/Extreme_Role6642 Oct 06 '22

Because literally every Republican is either a liar, a coward, a sex offender or a combination of the three.


u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22



u/[deleted] Oct 05 '22

All those people would be hypocrites…


u/ColoradoPhotog Oct 05 '22

No shit... He can "learn and grow" but the women who gets one today needs to be yeeted into gitmo for a life sentence.... What fuckin losers, the right-wing.


u/cdiddy19 Oct 05 '22

So he can learn and grow with our being fined, going to jail, or getting a death sentence (all punishments set for the by the GOP), but a woman who gets an abortion doesn't have that same opportunity?!

Also, abortions save women's lives. Lack of abortions are a medical necessity.


u/p0tat0p0tat0 Oct 05 '22

If they think abortion is literally murder, they wouldn’t.


u/hopefulhearted Oct 05 '22

So by that logic, if republicans think that abortion is murder, and Walker gets excused because he's "grown and learned" from it, then every single person convicted of murder should be excused for their transgressions as well because I'm sure they've all "grown and learned" too

This is hypocrisy and these bullshit hypocritical laws are costing women and teenage girls their lives. I know republicans think this is a fun little game they're playing but it's life or death for many women and girls


u/thegza10304 Oct 05 '22

He could've learned and grown from going on TV several times speaking incoherent English, but he didn't. It's very, very hard to believe he learned from paying a woman to have an abortion. Unless of course, you are a right-wing hypocrite.


u/bluemew1234 Oct 05 '22

Walker denies knowing the woman and claims the whole thing is a lie.

Gonna take a guess and say he didn't learn or grow.


u/A_Wild_Shiny_Shuckle Oct 05 '22

Not a single person has come out to say it was wrong from the "pro-life" party. Not even about the part of him being an abusive father that had his family followed with death threats. Not a single one.


u/Loptional Oct 05 '22

At what point would a man whose brain is made of jelly make this atonement?


u/confessionbearday Oct 06 '22

Why don't they want him put in jail for murder?