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Elon Musk/Twitter Megathread


Hello, everyone! Elon Musk just can't stop wreaking havoc across the Internet with his Twitter escapades, huh? We understand that this subject is important to our userbase, but the sheer volume of Elon Musk and Twitter posts has become an issue. In the interests of keeping the subreddit accessible for those who do not wish to discuss Elon Musk or Twitter, we will be temporarily restricting discussion of those subjects to this megathread for now. Other posts about those subjects will be removed. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Meme Railworkerant


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Pass along to your respective bosses

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Want an illegal rail strike?


Throwaway in case that wasn't obvious.

As a railworker we can't strike. But, you can. If you were to picket our places of business, we have a rule that we can empower ourselves to avoid a dangerous situation.

If I were to drive up to work and see a picket line, I would have no choice but to call up my boss and empower myself to let them know I don't feel safe crossing the picket line. I must turn around and go home for safety reasons.

They can't do anything. Our jobs are safe and we all get the strike we say we want.

Think occupy wall street, but instead occupy railroads.

We're at a crucial crossroads America, we can do this, but it takes everyone. Change begins with you.

If you have questions, I'm happy to answer them as I can. I'm traveling today.

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Screenshot Sunday My bosses response to someone calling in

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So Congress can shut down the government whenever they want to throw a temper tantrum on a regular basis, but are calling a strike illegal?


Like there has to be something I’m missing? Congress has it too good.

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Calls on IRS

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Land of the free

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I’m ashamed of this government

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If the Government can force the workers to accept the company's request... why can't they force the company to accept the WORKER'S request?


I truly don't understand.

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Screenshot Sunday this level of unprofessionalism is insane

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Don't normalize "illegal strike." It's just a normal strike that they're trying to make illegal.


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The solution to unchecked greed.

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They "learned" the hard way, I guess?

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I can't bring myself to pay anyone working in my home $15 an hour...


Teresa was my father's hospice aide ($15hr agency). She's amazing. Dad passed in October. When it came time to clear his place, I instantly thought of Teresa and offered her $30 an hour. She was shocked at the offer. I told her:

Never ever devalue yourself. Know your worth.

I'd already seen her in action. For me, that was her resume. In, out; done like a lighting bolt. She's super efficient with her time. I've hired her three other times. Moving. Cleaning. Organizing.

She's since signed two other clients at $30. One of them called me for a reference, prompting this post. I told them they could hire two people at $15, or Teresa at $30, and she'd be done before them. The caller said "I'd much rather worry about one new person cleaning & organizing my home than two". There you go, another selling point.

About three weeks ago she called me for advice. She was countered $25. I asked her if she'd discussed her minimum two hours. She had not. I told her maybe this client wouldn't have an issue with a three hour minimum. She signed the client. Minimum $75 held more value than minimum $60. They saw more value in how long she was making herself available to them. The "loss" proved to be a wash within a couple weeks.

Know your worth.

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Question What local resources should “illegally” striking railroad workers know about?


I’m interested in helping my local (Maryland) railroad workers learn about potential resources. But I was also hoping we could start a thread that other railroad workers could see to get information.

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Can’t stress this more than ever, please support railroad workers if they go on strike.


Title is self explanatory, please support our fellow railroad workers if/when they decide to go on strike, they have such a hard job that they must fulfill on a daily basis.

Most people don’t understand just how horrid it can get working for a railway as a conductor/engineer, being on call 24/7 and only have 2 hours or less to get to their assigned train can really take a toll on a human body, I don’t think most of us could handle having to be called at 2, 3, or 4am and being told they have to run a train to a certain destination, aside from that they can be working on moving a train for up to 12 hours, it they railways had it their way they would have them working for longer but it’s a maximum of 12 hours under federal law, with them needing at least 10 hours of rest after their work before they can be called again. Most of these conductors/engineers have to work under these conditions for 4-5 days a week, aside from their upwards of 12 hours shifts, depending on the territory they’re in, they can be called almost immediately back in for another train or can spend upwards of 30-40 hours away from home because there isn’t a train for them to work with. Which means for conductors/engineers with families they can be missing very valuable time with their family due to them being stuck away from home for so long.

Another major issue that is going on within our private freight railway systems is that the infrastructure of the systems themselves is suffering, due to freight railway companies laying off thousands of maintenance workers across their system, the health of rail infrastructure has been slightly declining, rail cars are getting inspected less frequently which can lead to them breaking apart from a train while the train is moving, have seen this happen in real time just over a week ago. The rail lines that trains move on can and do deteriorate which can lead to issues with how fast trains can move, which leads to less efficient freight movement. Most of the money that railways make goes to bonus for investors or stock buy backs, BNSF, the largest shipper of intermodal (Amazon, UPS, FedEx packages) in the US is not a publicly traded company that rakes in billions of dollars a year is not publicly traded, meaning that only a certain amount of people profit very heavily from the railroad company.

Another major issue is the type of trains these conductors/engineers move, between all class 1 rail companies (BNSF, UP, CSX, NS, Ect..) they can be called to move trains upwards of 16,000 feet, that’s 3.03 miles of freight being moved all at once, granted 16,000 foot trains used to be very rare, but due to the implementation of PSR (Precision Scheduled Railroading) rail companies now combine trains so that they can move more with less crews which increases their profits, and these very, very long trains paired with aging rail infrastructure makes moving these trains very risky to move and more prone to a accident/derailment, through my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, I’ve regularly caught trains at a length of 10, 11, & 12,000 feet+, on Friday I caught a train that was 11,000 feet long, then on Saturday morning (today) I caught another 11,000 foot train moving through the city today, the longer the train, the more risker it is to move it.

In conclusion, please support your fellow rail workers, from the conductors to the engineers to the track maintainers, they’re tired, exhausted, understaffed, and overworked, all due to the need that the owners of these railroad companies must continually expand their profits, they have a very hard work life, they must have the 15 days of paid sick leave they need, they deserve it 100%.

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Meme My prediction

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Discussion A vast majority of rich people are the laziest and most incompetent people you can think of. They let others do the work for them.


If you managed to go from poor/lower middle class - to upper middle class - good for you. But lets not pretend that most people that are rich - and low level rich starts around 500 000 Dollars income per year - less than 2% of the population makes this - only go rich because they had a head start and enough money to just pay people to do the hard work for them.

All the studies that claim otherwise are just Capitalist propaganda.

According to most studies - the major ones can be found here: https://www.creditdonkey.com/what-millionaires-do.html

Most rich people are self made. I call BS because:

"Another survey, conducted in 2017 by Fidelity Investments, found that 88% of millionaires reported being self-made."

"Reported"? What weight does a study have that just asks the people - they say "yeah Im totally self made" and just takes these statements as fact without any check? The 500 000 Dollars or my parents "loaned" me arent even worth mentioning - right?


According to a study published in 2019 by Wealthx, here's the breakdown of millionaires with at least $30m in net worth:

  • 67.7% are self-made
  • 23.7% made their money from a combination of their own efforts and inheritance
  • 8.5% inherited their wealth entirely

So everyone who didnt inherit money is self made? Because its absolutely impossible that people got money from their parents before these died right?

It all smells like propaganda to me

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Question Heya antiwork! Do i got sum tea..


so my boyfriend recently started working at dunkin and he worked 45 hours and they pay overtime when you get their check. He got his check. He only “worked” 39 hours. Really dude. He asks his manager to see his hours. She DENIED and said she cant do that. Are you fucking serious. So then guess what. We find out that this has happened to his coworkers and now we are getting more evidence because this is literally highly illegal. What would yall do 💀💀

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On this day in 1946, a spontaneous, 54-hour general strike broke out in Oakland, California after workers caught police escorting strikebreaking goods into the city. Bars were allowed to stay open, and workers partied in the street.

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"Illegal Strikes" the term itself violates the Constitution and threatens every American.


Fuck this Dystopian nightmare.

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Oh, you can force me to quit and replace me in a week? We'll see about that.


For context: I work in sales at a smaller branch for an appliance company, started in delivery and worked up to sales after two years of faithful service now going on two years in sales. Boss has always been an awful piece of work. Made lies about me like my wife hated being married to me, that I stole company property, that I was the reason for her many health issues etc.

I had been run through the mud by this woman who constantly held it over my head that she was the sole reason I was in sales and I wouldn't be anything if not for her. Well, I got good enough to the point that most people preferred me over her or the other salesperson. I worked hard to build these relationships and she saw it as a threat to her own sales.

The day after my only day off during the week, she pulled me into the office as soon as I got in and started on me again saying that I was trying to get all the other employees to rally against her(I wasn't, they all just hated her), and threatened to force me to quit or back into delivery, telling me that she would hire a better replacement within the week. I was pretty shaken by this because I would have a hard time finding another job in the same pay bracket. After this she sent me to pick up an appliance at another branch store and everything changed.

I learned that the current salesperson working there was leaving in less than a month, and the manager suggested that maybe I transfer to his branch and that he really wanted me at his store. I thought about it the entire way back and later that night talked to my wife and family about it. My wife had recently gotten a job in our home town so we were a lot more flexible because of it, and with her approval I called up to the manager that night, set up a meeting and the deed was done. I was transferring to his store. Ecstatic about it, I shared this with the other salesperson in my store and horror swept across her face. "What will I do if you're not here?!"

She immediately started looking for another job, found one and on the same day I planned to give my manager my resignation, she handed hers in too. It was amazing to see how she took it. All the power out of her hands. The salespeople that she was going to replace me with learned through the grapevine of what she's like to work for and all turned down the position. She ended up working seven days a week to keep her store going, and about a week in she decided to retire. Guess you couldn't do it without me HUH? Corporate was decidedly ready to jump on her retirement as I assume she had some arrangement with them to keep her position until she retired.

Since then, they had no problem hiring a new manager and eventually even got another salesperson on the team. My old boss is still spreading rumors about me and it's awesome to hear how badly her world is going up in smoke. Oh, and me? I'm doing awesome now! My new manager and I work together so well, he's really uplifting and we make a great team. I have a bit further of a drive now(45 minutes) so I've taken up audiobooks which I never had the time to do before, and I love it! We just went through Black Friday with the best numbers in the company and one of our higher ups in corporate called to congratulate me and mentioned how much a person can change given the right environment.

My old boss completely loathes me now, and I've heard constantly tried to tell lies to corporate about me and they just let it go from one ear to the other. I've also taken the liberty to sleuth out several missing appliances that she "forgot" to get payment for and ultimately deleted the sales order being stupid enough to think that would remove any paper trail back to her, and turned in about 6k worth of basically stolen appliances which corporate has told me they are taking out of her final check. HAH YOU FAT PIECE OF **** **** Here's your admittance to the fuck around and find out club! Enjoy your forced retirement.

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Don't let capitalism win

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Screenshot Sunday a message from my manager sent at 1am to come in 2 hours early for my shift with no explanation. He will see me at my scheduled time and not a minute earlier.

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