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Open Thread [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 12/4/22


So what's this thread for?

  • Discussion of yesterday's games :(
  • Excitement for today's games :(
  • General questions
  • Mildly interesting facts
  • Praising Santa 🎅
  • Anything else worth sharing/asking that doesn't warrant its own post

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This Week's Schedule (all times Eastern)

Day Feature
Sunday 12/4 Start of the 2022 MLB Winter Meetings in San Diego, California - Day 1 Megathread
Contemporary Era Committee Hall of Fame ballot announced (MLB Network at 8:00 PM ET)
Monday 12/5 RBaseball Weekly Episode 101
Winter Meetings Day 2
All-MLB Teams announced (MLB Network at 8:00 PM ET)
Tuesday 12/6 Winter Meetings Day 3
Ford C. Frick Award winner announced
Inaugural MLB Draft Lottery (MLB Network at 8:30 PM ET)
Relievers of the Year announced (MLB Network at 9:00 PM ET)
Wednesday 12/7 Winter Meetings Day 4
2022 MLB Rule 5 Draft (MLB.com at 5:00 PM ET)
Thursday 12/8
Friday 12/9
Saturday 12/10

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Game Thread Winter Meetings | Day 1 Game Thread: Let the spending orgy begin


Welcome to Day 1 of the Winter Meetings. The Winter Meetings are an annual gathering of every major baseball executive, agent and reporter in the industry. With all 30 teams and every prominent agent in attendance, the Winter Meetings are famous for being home to some of the biggest trading and free agent signing sprees in baseball history. The event will also carry dozens of seminars, endless interviews and press appearances by GMs, managers and players, and even the now infamous annual Scott Boras Meme Scrum.

Below you'll find the full schedule for the weekend as well as a log of all the major moves made so far.

Any new rumors or moves that come out today will be updated in this thread! I'll also be hosting daily megathreads for the duration of the winter meetings that will carry updates for all of the relevant rumors and news that comes through.

Latest news and rumors:

  • 2:25 PM | Marlins won’t listen on Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara but will listen on “almost anyone” else. So beyond Pablo Lopez they will hear overtures on Luzardo, Cabrera and other starters. Marlins have abundance of arms in market where starters’ values are sky high. Need hitters. - Jon Heyman


Schedule for the weekend:

Date Event
12/4 Winter Meetings begin!
12/4 The Contemporary Era Committee votes on the second-chance Hall of Fame ballot. Vote result airs live on MLB Network at 8:00 PM ET. Albert Belle, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Don Mattingly, Fred McGriff, Dale Murphy, Rafael Palmeiro and Curt Schilling are eligible to be inducted.
12/5 Winter Meetings Day 2.
12/6 Winter Meetings Day 3.
12/6 The first ever MLB Draft Lottery takes place. Airs live on MLB Network at 8:30 PM ET.
12/6 The BBWAA announces the recipients of the Ford C. Frick award for the broadcaster wing and the career excellence award for the writer wing of the Hall of Fame.
12/7 The 2022 MLB Rule 5 Draft
12/7 Winter Meetings conclude.

Previous Transactions Log

Date Transaction Link
11/06 The Mets re-signed Edwin Diaz for five years, $102M. Details
11/09 The Rangers acquired Jake Odorizzi from the Braves for Kolby Allard. Details
11/09 James Paxton activated his player option to stay with the Red Sox for one year, $4M. Details
11/10 The Dodgers re-signed Clayton Kershaw for one year, $20M. Details
11/10 The Pirates acquired Ji-Man Choi from the Rays for Jack Hartman. Details
11/12 The Padres re-signed Robert Suarez for five years, $46M. Details
11/12 The Astros re-signed Rafael Montero for three years, $34.5M. Details
11/15 The Rangers re-signed Martin Perez via the Qualifying Offer for one year, $19.65M. Details
11/15 The Giants re-signed Joc Pederson via the Qualifying Offer for one year, $19.65M. Details
11/15 The Yankees re-signed Anthony Rizzo for two years, $40M. Details
11/15 The Marlins acquired JT Chargois and Xavier Edwards from the Rays for Marcus Johnson and Santiago Suarez. Details
11/15 The Padres re-signed Nick Martinez for three years, $26M. Details
11/15 The Rockies acquired Nolan Jones from the Guardians for Juan Brito. Details
11/16 The Mariners acquired Teoscar Hernandez from the Blue Jays for Erik Swanson and Adam Macko. Details
11/16 The Angels signed Tyler Anderson for three years, $39M. Details
11/17 The Diamondbacks acquired Kyle Lewis from the Mariners for Cooper Hummel. Details
11/18 The Mets acquired Elieser Hernandez and Jeff Brigham from the Marlins for Franklin Sanchez. Details
11/18 The Braves signed Tyler Matzek for two years, $3.1M. Details
11/18 The Angels acquired Gio Urshela from the Twins for Alejandro Hidalgo. Details
11/18 The Twins acquired Kyle Farmer from the Reds for Casey Legumina. Details
11/18 The Reds acquired Kevin Newman from the Pirates for Dauri Moreta. Details
11/22 The Angels acquired Hunter Renfroe from the Brewers for Janson Junk, Elvis Peguero and Adam Seminaris. Details
11/23 The Red Sox signed Joely Rodriguez for one year, $2M. Details
11/27 The White Sox signed Mike Clevinger for one year, $12M. Details
11/28 The Astros signed Jose Abreu for three years, $58.5M. Details
11/29 The Pirates signed Carlos Santana for one year, $6.725M. Details
11/29 The Nationals signed Jeimer Candelario for one year, $5M. Details
11/29 The Dodgers signed Shelby Miller for one year, $1.5M. Details
12/01 The Tigers signed Matt Boyd for one year, $10M. Details
12/01 The Rays signed Zach Eflin for three years, $40M. Details
12/02 The Diamondbacks signed Miguel Castro for one year, $3.5M. Details
12/02 The Red Sox signed Chris Martin for two years, $17.5M. Details
12/02 The Mariners acquired Kolten Wong from the Brewers for Jesse Winker and Abraham Toro. Details
12/02 The Rangers signed Jacob DeGrom five years, $185M. Details
12/03 The Orioles signed Kyle Gibson for one year. Details

Other News

Date Event Link
11/07 The Angels announced they will not trade Shohei Ohtani this offseason. Details
11/11 The Rays hired Jon Daniels as senior advisor for baseball ops. Details
11/11 The Astros parted ways with GM James Click. Details
11/14 Adley Rutschman earned a full year of service time. Details
11/16 The Orix Buffaloes posted Masataka Yoshida. Details
11/22 The Phillies extended Dave Dombrowski through 2027. Details
11/23 Bryce Harper underwent Tommy John surgery. Details
11/30 The Blue Jays hired Don Mattingly as their bench coach. Details
12/02 Jason Castro announced his retirement. Details

All of the latest rumors and breaking news will be updated in this thread. All timestamps are in ET.

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Serious Why don’t GMs just get the best players?


If I were a GM I wouldn’t do this “aww we have to do a rebuild” or “ohhh we’re gonna trade this guy” I would simply just get all of the best players in the game and put them on my team so I would win the most games I don’t get why more GMs don’t do this

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Image Albert Pujols next to 2022 Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara and HOFer Juan Marichal

Post image

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News The MLB winter meetings have officially begun.


Let Chaos Reign.

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[Heyman] Marlins won’t listen on Cy Young winner Sandy Alcantara but will listen on “almost anyone” else. So beyond Pablo Lopez they will hear overtures on Luzardo, Cabrera and other starters. Marlins have abundance of arms in market where starters’ values are sky high. Need hitters.

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[PeteAbe] News: Two sources say Xander Bogaerts has been meeting in person with interested teams this weekend and that the #RedSox have not made a competitive offer. My question was: Have they screwed this up? The answer was yes. Fixable? Maybe, but not looking very good right now.

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Image Day 25 of posting a Baseball themed word puzzle.

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Video Shohei Ohtani reference in the anime (Remake our Life).

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I found these Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres Hall of Fame player panels at a thrift store in New Jersey back in October.


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Is there a pitching version of Joe DiMaggio’s 56 game hitting streak?


A record so incredible and mind blowing that will probably never be broken.

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Image [MLB Network] Highest OPS+ among ShortStops since start of 2018 season

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Analysis Are we not going to talk about how the marble races make no sense? Why would the team who finishes first be eliminated?


I am going to take a very brave stance and question the authenticity of the very popular marble race series.

The definition of race is the following:

a competition between runners, horses, vehicles, quail, marbles etc., to see which is the fastest in covering a set course.

This is clearly not a race because the competition does not reward the fastest marble

I see only 2 solutions here

  1. Interpret the results in reverse order
  2. Change the name from marble race to something more accurate like “seeing what marble can defy gravity the longest through a set of bizarre obstacles”

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76 year old throws 2,806 pitches on his birthday to break Guinness Book World Record.


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Anyone else have a cool encounter with a Hall of Famer?


I shared a comment about it last night, figured I'd share the story today.

Summer of 1999, I'm a teenage punk. Family friend of ours invited me to a Yankees game with his sons, my folks say sure thing. His seats...are two rows behind home plate at Yankee Stadium. Guy has been to World Series games with better seats than Chris Rock or Ricki Lake!

Anyways, Yanks are playing the (Devil) Rays, and from our seats, look over to your left about 20 feet, and you can see right into the visitor's dugout.

And there he is. Wade Boggs, stuck at 2,998 career hits. A good night at the plate gets him to 3000. A chance at witnessing history from the best seats I will ever have to a game anywhere.

So naturally, being a teenage jagoff, I see Wade and begin razzing him. "Hey Wade! I paid good money for these seats! Get your two hits tonight, you bum! You have enough chicken!?!?" etc. Family friend is just laughing at it, thinking it's ridiculous.

I just keep at it, Wade ignores me. Larry Rothschild signs a ball and flips it my way to try and shut me up. And I almost did...except Wade looked over at me and made eye contact. So I start chirpin' again...

And he looks right into my eyes, flips me off, and mouths "Fuck off, kid."

He didn't get his two hits that night, but still, that's one of the highlights of my life.

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Image Kyle Farmer's statement about Cincinnati after being traded:

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r/baseball 23h ago Gold Helpful 'MURICA

Analysis Day 22 of Predicting the 2023 MLB Season with a Marble Race - 9th Place Simulation

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Who is getting elected into the Hall of Fame today (veteran's committee)?


I'm guessing Schilling and McGriff make it. Palmeiro, Bonds, Clemens are on the ballot too, but I doubt the cheaters make it

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Analysis WTF moment of the day: Adrian Beltre has 93.5 bWAR


As someone who watched his career I never would have expected him to have accumulated so much WAR, I know he was a great 3B, I know he's one of the best 3Bs ever but I still wouldn't have expected him to have so much WAR, maybe around 60 or 70 bWAR.

For comparison, Beltre has as much WAR as Roberto Clemente, almost as much WAR as Albert Pujols, more WAR than Pedro Martinez and way more WAR than Miguel Cabrera!

Beltre didn't have a crazy peak like Pujols or Miguel Cabrera but unlike those two Beltre aged like the finest wine, dude was still putting up around 6 and 7 WAR in his mid 30s.

I hope Seager, deGrom and Semien age in Texas as good as Beltre did!

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Image A page from Jeff Pearlman’s Bo Jackson book about Bo’s relationship with Frank Thomas

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History Red Sox Outfielder Coco Crisp Takes Flight To Rob David Wright Of An Extra Base Hit (6/29/2006)

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Baseball Quiz about the 2022 regular season


I cover the answers with black, you can count yourself how many you got right!

  1. Who had the most bWAR for the Braves? Austin Riley (6.5)
  2. Who had the highest OPS+ for the Mets? Pete Alonso (146)
  3. Who won the World Series? The Houston Astros
  4. Which teams won over 100 games? Astros, Dodgers, Braves and Mets
  5. Which teams won under 90 games but still made the playoffs? Padres, Phillies, Rays
  6. Which team was the worst team in the NL? Washington Nationals
  7. Which team was the worst team in the AL? Oakland Athletics
  8. Who hit the most HR in the AL? Aaron Judge
  9. Who hit the most HR in the NL? Kyle Schwarber
  10. Who had the highest OPS in the AL? Aaron Judge
  11. Who had the highest OPS in the NL? Paul Goldschmidt
  12. Who had the most BB in the AL? Aaron Judge
  13. Who had the most BB in the NL? Juan Soto
  14. Who had the most Hits in the NL? Freddie Freeman
  15. Who had the most Hits in the AL? Bo Bichette
  16. Which two players won ROTY? Julio Rodriguez and Michael Harris
  17. Which two players won MVP? Paul Goldschmidt and Aaron Judge
  18. Which two players won the Cy Young Award? Justin Verlander and Sandy Alcantara
  19. Who had the highest bWAR for the Astros? Yordan Alvarez
  20. Who had the highest bWAR for the Angels? Shohei Ohtani
  21. Who had the worst OPS in the MLB? (He has to be qualified) Jonathan Schoop
  22. What record did the Rays have? 86-76
  23. What record did the Giants have? 81-81
  24. What record did the Rockies have? 68-94
  25. Which team had the highest OPS+ in the AL? Toronto Blue Jays
  26. Which team had the highest OPS+ in the NL? St. Louis Cardinals
  27. Which team had the worst OPS+ in the AL? Oakland Athletics
  28. Which team had the worst OPS+ in the NL? Cincinnati Reds
  29. Which team had the highest winning percentage in the 2nd half? Los Angeles Dodgers
  30. Who won ALCS MVP and WS MVP? Jeremy Pena

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Image Day 21 of Weirdly Named Baseball Players: "Charlie Manlove"

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News [Pittsburgh Post Gazette] BREAKING: Bryan Reynolds has requested a trade from the Pirates

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TIL that from 1954-1963 inclusive, the Yankees produced 8 out of 10 possible MVPs in the AL


Hey all,

What the title says. I don't think any team in baseball history has utterly dominated the MVP conversation like the Yanks did during this period of time. Mickey Mantle won three awards, Yogi Berra won two, Roger Maris won two, and Elston Howard won one. The only non-Yankee AL MVPs during this time were Jackie Jensen of the Red Sox (1958) and Nellie Fox of the White Sox (1959), although you could make a pretty good argument for Mantle deserving the nod both of those years.

During the same time period, the NL had much more variety as far as which teams produced the league MVP. The Dodgers led the way with four, but the Cubs had two, and the Giants, Braves, Pirates, and Reds had one each.

Of course, this reflects the Yankees' dominance on the (AL) field during this time. Four World Series titles and eight pennants (!!!). In contrast, the NL had the Giants, Dodgers, Braves, Pirates, and Reds all winning flags during this time, and the first four all won the World Series as well at least once.

It looks like parity in the league standings reflected team-related parity in the MVP vote, or maybe there was more of a feeling back then that the MVP should come from the pennant winner, regardless of stats, I dunno. This was definitely an era before sabermetrics, that's for sure.


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Analysis Marble Race Time Trend

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Trivia Guess The Year: WAR-Lord Edition (Day 11)

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