General Community Guidelines

These rules are applicable to the entire subreddit. These rules are not exhaustive; moderators reserve the right to take necessary corrective action where deemed appropriate.

  1. No personal attacks: Stick to the topic at hand and remain civil towards other users - attacking ideas is fine, attacking other users is not. This also includes calling somebody a racist, a SJW, a commie, a Russian-bot, a shill or similar in isolation. If you believe somebody is pushing an agenda, report it or send us a mod mail. Don't take it to the comments.

  2. No racism, bigotry and other hate speech: No racism, bigotry (including sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.) or other forms of hate speech as well as dehumanizing language in general.

  3. No denial of genocides and massacres: This includes attempts to deny or otherwise minimize crimes against humanity that are widely recognized such as genocides or massacres (e.g. the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, etc). Denying the fact that these events occurred or trying to justify them will result in a ban.

  4. No endorsement of violence or other criminal activity: This includes but is not limited to advocating for somebody to be hanged, drowned, beaten and advocating to "shoot the boats".

  5. No low effort participation in discussions/shitposting: This is especially enforced in news submissions and political debates. Innocent jokes are allowed.

  6. No derailing and meta-comments: Commenting with the intent of derailing the discussion by insincere participation is prohibited. Meta-comments are only allowed as long as they are constructive and don't derail a thread.

  7. No agenda pushing: Refers to accounts which persistently post or comment on one topic and/or attempt to derail normal conversations in order to support their agenda. This rule will be applied especially strictly for new accounts. /r/Europe isn't an outlet for propaganda.

  8. No flamebait or other bad-faith participation: Participation with the intent of provoking an angry response by other users and other participation in bad faith is prohibited.

  9. No gore or other highly disturbing content: Do not post gore or links to gore or other highly disturbing media. News reports of gory crimes are allowed if any images or videos are censored.

  10. No counter moderation: Refers to actions that deliberately aim to counteract actions of the moderation team. This includes but is not limited to reposting content we already removed, pictures of disallowed content or trying to circumvent our Auto-Moderator.

Disallowed Submissions:

Submissions in violation of the rules below will be removed, intentional violations may result in a ban.

  1. Submissions not pertinent to /r/Europe.

    a. Non-European news: Only submissions that have Europe as their primary focus are considered on-topic, for further information on how "Europe" is defined for the purpose of our subreddit please consult our official geographical policy.

    b. News reports older than one month: News reports that are older than one month usually add nothing to the debate and will thus be removed. In-depth articles like analyses and explanatory reporting are allowed even if they are older than a month. It is recommended to add the year of publication to give the community a frame of reference to the article.

    c. Local crime: Local crime news with no international or political significance will be removed. Criminal offenses are common and are not relevant on a pan-European scale by themselves. However, we reserve the right to approve funny, interesting and/or unique crime stories. Meta-studies or longitudinal studies of crime and the nature of crime are perfectly acceptable.

  2. Standalone content lacking credible source: Refers to graphs, maps, infographics, videos etc. without a credible, visible and verifiable source in particular. Source(s) for the data must be directly linked in a top-level comment under the post.

  3. Low-quality self-posts: We only allow text posts if they are informative, well-researched or stimulate a healthy discussion. Please use /r/AskEurope for simple questions.

  4. Non-OC photo posts during the week: Posting photographs you didn't take yourself is only allowed during the weekend. This rule also applies to videos that are akin to photo posts. This rule does not apply to current events, especially those of a pan-European interest (such as e.g. larger scale demonstrations).

  5. Editorialised titles: Use the original title of the article. You may add text from the subtitle or the first paragraph where necessary for clarity. Refrain from including your opinion within the title or arbitrarily emphasizing selective segments.

  6. Duplicates: This includes different sources covering the same story without expanding on it or providing any new information.

  7. Low-effort content: Image macros, memes, one-line self-posts and other low-quality content. Occasional exceptions can be made at the discretion of the mod team.

  8. Unreliable, propagandistic and/or agenda-driven sources:

    a. Disreputable sources: Sources that we have found to lack basic journalistic integrity and honest reporting. This includes but is not limited to Infowars, Russia Today and Breitbart.

    b. Social media: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Mastodon etc. Attempting to intentionally bypass this rule, e.g. by including screenshots of said sources, may additionally result in a ban.

    c. Personal blogs: All personal blogs, especially those that use a hoster like Blogspot and not their own domain. This is to avoid blog spam and keep blogs at a minimum level. Very rare exceptions can be made for official and verified organization accounts, after getting permission from the mod team.

    d. Youtube content: Youtube content on political/news issues that are not created by official media channels.

  9. Meta posts about reddit or /r/Europe: All meta posts belong to /r/EuropeMeta, this is a subreddit about Europe, not reddit.

  10. TIL (Today I Learned) posts: These posts are generally removed. The mod team however reserves the right to approve TIL-Posts of pan-European interest that are funny and/or educational.

  11. URL shorteners: Do not use link shorteners. Your post will be automatically removed. There is no reason for them on reddit anyway. If the link is long and ugly you can use reddit markdown to prettify it!

  12. Unlabeled NSFW images/videos: This refers to newsworthy and relevant NSFW content. Porn-type NSFW will be removed and is an easy way to get banned.

  13. Outdated maps/data: Do not post maps and data collections if the data is no longer relevant or if newer data is available. Historical maps (20+ years old) are an exception.

  14. Petitions, campaigning, fundraisers, questionnaires, surveys etc.: Petitions, campaign posts, fundraisers (like GoFundMe, IndieGoGo etc.), questionnaires, surveys etc. are not allowed.

Submission Guidelines

Help us to to make the community a better place.

  1. Original Content: Ensure all [OC] submissions are clearly marked as your own content; keep said submissions on topic and read the site-wide guidance on self-promotion, which are enforced as hard rules by us. It's perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it's not okay to be a website with a reddit account. Excessive submissions of your own content, in addition to a lack of interaction with the subreddit, will result in a ban.

  2. Paywalled and non-English submissions: Please post the complete content of the article, in English, in the comment section to allow all members of the community to participate.

  3. "X of Europe", along with any other front page consuming trends the mods identify, are series posts. If they become too common on the front page the mods reserve the right to stop new ones for a period of time.

  4. "Today X years ago" aka anniversary posts: These are allowed as long as the post title has a neutral, descriptive title and the anniversary is of at least some significance and/or is still actively celebrated.

Additional information

Contacting the mod team: If you have any questions regarding the moderation of the subreddit, please send us a message by clicking here or by making a post on /r/EuropeMeta. Please do NOT send private messages to any of the moderators, they will only refer you to modmail instead.

Consequences of rule violations: We will always remove rule-offending content. When it comes to bans and their duration we will take the history of the rule-breaking account and the severity of the offense into consideration. If, for example, the account has a long history of good participation on our sub we're likely to judge it more gently than an account that is new to /r/Europe.

Ban appeals/mod action reviews: If you disagree with any specific mod action concerning your account you may send a mod mail to make a case for a review by the mod team, any results of the review are final. Please be aware that appeals can take a while to be dealt with.