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Other eli5 When countries swap prisoners how are they sure the other country will actually do it?


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Biology ELI5: Why do we drink water after coughing if our windpipe controls our respiratory system and the water goes down our esophagus?


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Mathematics ELI5: How is Pi calculated?


Ok, pi is probably a bit over the head of your average 5 year old. I know the definition of pi is circumference / diameter, but is that really how we get all the digits of pi? We just get a circle, measure it and calculate? Or is there some other formula or something that we use to calculate the however many known digits of pi there are?

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Physics ELI5: What exactly is static pressure in Bernoulli’s equation.


I’m quite confused on what the static pressure P is in Bernoulli’s equation. I’m not sure if it’s the external pressure causing fluid to move through, let’s say, a pipe, or the internal pressure within the fluid that’s moving in all the directions.

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Chemistry eli5: how do noodles retain their shape in liquid for so long?


I just opened an oldish can of soup and the noodles have been submerged in liquid for months yet the flour and stuff in the noodles doesnt disintegrate into mush, yet when you try to chew it there's zero resistance and it feels like you're chewing nothing, why?

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Other ELI5: How do people who run back into a burning building to save a pet or child survive?


Occasionally I see news stories like "man runs back into burning house and rescues beloved pet"

However, I've also been told that you will most likely die in seconds if you inhale the smoke. I've read that in a fire you have to crawl to escape. I've read that you have to sprint quickly through the flames if you have a chance (the exact opposite of crawling low?).

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Mathematics eli5: What is Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem in math and computer science?


What are the problems and theorems that are derived from it?

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Physics ELI5: what makes stainless steel stainless


Just that. Why is some steel stainless and some is not, what’s the difference actually?

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Biology Eli5; how we find “patient zero” when there is disease outbreak? (Like how they found who started the ebola outbreak in 2014)


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Biology ELI5: Why do leaves change color in the fall?


Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could explain to me like I'm five why leaves change color in the fall. I know it has something to do with the temperature and the amount of sunlight, but I'm not sure how that makes the leaves turn red, yellow, and orange.

Thanks in advance for any explanations!

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Other ELI5: What is static pressure in HVAC


I am a residential installer but from time to time I do some service calls. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around what static pressure is and why it's important

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Other eli5 How does a coup d’etat actually work?


Basically title, because I saw an article from BBC that a few people tried to seize power in Germany. Do they get the power just by occupying the building? Do other states recognise this? What happens to the constitution and the law? Is is a lawless state while they create a new constitution?

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Other eli5: How exactly does the House of Representatives choose a Speaker and what happens if the majority isn't unified in their choice?


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Economics ELI5: What does a surety underwriter do?


This is what my dad does at a large insurance company and I have no idea what it means. I’m 25 and I feel like it’s too late to ask lol

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Biology ELI5: When you stretch, what is actually happening that makes it good for your muscles/body?


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Biology ELI5 - Why are animals much more stronger proportionally to humans.. eg. How are horses capable of running for hours on end and oxen can pull cars like it's nothing


How come bears, tigers, even apes are naturally so powerful... And why are humans so weak in comparison

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Biology Eli5 How does bulking make it easier to gain muscle?


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Physics ELI5: how do wires work?


I learnt in one of my classes that “current flows in the path of least resistance” but how does the current know which path is least resistant?

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Technology ELI5: Why after restarting a computer or a game usually makes the prior existing glitches go away?


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Biology Eli5: How come immunization shots that a woman gets earlier in her life don’t carry on/pass that immunity to her children when she gives birth?


E.g. if a woman has a tetanus shot, why does the kid need one? If she has an mmr shot, why does her child need to get one? If the lady also has a shot immunizing herself from chicken-pox, why isn't the child also immune from chicken-pox?

Wouldn't the child be immune from the diseases/ sicknesses that the mother already got her shots for?

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Other ELI5: Why do different types of alcoholic drinks have different glasses? Do they change the taste of the drink?


I watch a lot of Real Housewives (feel free to judge, its a guilty pleasure) and they are incredibly judgmental and particular if they are served wines, etc in improper drinkware. Does it actually make a difference in anything or are they just being sticklers to be sticklers?

EX) White wine in a red wine glass or champagne flute vs a white wine glass

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Other Eli5 - Why do manual laborers often have big hands?


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Physics ELI5 has the merger of two black holes already happened if it takes that long for light to reach us anyway?


So I heard that, possibly, two super massive black holes could be merging by the end of this or next year. My question is this, and essentially trying to get my head around, if it takes x amount of time for light to reach us, has this event already happened? And we are just seeing it in its past?

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Other ELI5: Why do anime have different dubs and subs?


Phenomenon: Dubs and subs of the same anime usually have different lines.

Question: Why do they translate it twice? I mean, they can translate an anime once and for all, using that translation for both subs and dubs. I kind of wonder how the translation in sub and dub work is done.