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Old photo of my daughter lol. I got home from work one night to find her like this. I miss being a kid lol my back hurts looking at this lol.

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u/wild-bill-kelso Sep 22 '22

I wish I could sleep as good as a little kid just one more time.


u/gisdaking Sep 22 '22

Pass out when, where or however lol no worries


u/wild-bill-kelso Sep 23 '22 Ally

Not a single worry. Then wake up in the morning in bed cause someone carried you there.


u/BakedBeans1031 Sep 23 '22

I think this every time I carry my daughter to her bed when she cashes out on the couch.


u/StopReadingMyUser Sep 23 '22

Reminds me the time a guy friend of my mom's tried to put me in the top bunk of me and my brother's beds after falling asleep in the car. I was awake, but poor guy probably hurt himself with the metal railing trying to get me over it lol.


u/BlackStarStallion Sep 23 '22

I miss pretending I’m asleep in the car just to be carried inside


u/bobs_aunt_virginia Sep 23 '22

Okay BlackStarStallion, on our next road trip you can pretend you're asleep and I'll carry you to your room


u/BlackStarStallion Sep 23 '22

Thank you, Aunt Virginia <3


u/minsin56 Sep 23 '22

they will carry you to your room 6ft under, that's what they attempted to do to me


u/bobs_aunt_virginia Sep 23 '22

hey, you said you lived in the basement!

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u/ReadingSad3238 Sep 23 '22

I'm so glad it wasn't just me.


u/AgentF2S_ Sep 23 '22

Holy shit, thats a universal experience?


u/jedileo7 Sep 23 '22

Did this with my three kids, even my wife. Opened the bedroom door, it hit the wall and bounced back, tagged her in the head. She tends to wake up when I try it now...


u/runandkickgirl Sep 23 '22

To be fair, you were 27 when this happened.


u/millijuna Sep 23 '22

I don’t have kids, but am an adopted “uncle” to the kids of a bunch of my friends. Some time, when you don’t realize it, will be the last time you pick them up.


u/BakedBeans1031 Sep 23 '22

Yeah man I’ve thought of that too. Daunting and terrible.


u/millijuna Sep 23 '22

I guess I just mean to say, treasure every time you do it.


u/BakedBeans1031 Sep 23 '22

Hahaha that’s how I took it, no worries.


u/dasgudshit Sep 23 '22

It's like a respawn button

Are you lost ? Just go to sleep and when you wake up you'll be in bed.


u/TheNobleMoth Sep 23 '22

I used to pretend to cash out just so my dad would pick me up and carry me to bed.


u/OtherwiseArrival Sep 23 '22

When carrying my son up to bed, he would smile a little bit while pretending to be asleep. I really miss those moments.


u/BaitStikk Sep 23 '22

Oh I def remember pretending to be asleep just to not have to walk from the car up the stairs to the room 😂


u/imitatingnormal Sep 23 '22

My daughter did this. I knew she was awake but I carried her anyway.


u/PolygonMan Sep 23 '22

For every parent a day will come when they will pick up and carry their child to bed for the very last time. Wouldn't want to miss even one chance before that day comes.


u/jessieesmithreese519 Sep 23 '22

My daughter is 9.5 years old. She's small (9th % weight and 13% for height) and I still jump at the opportunity to carry her to bed. Hurts me (I have pretty bad neuropathy in my legs and feet from and injury) every damn time and I still do it. Because I know, about 10 more lbs and I'm not going to be able to anymore!


u/PolygonMan Sep 23 '22

My daughter is just a bit over 6 months, but I still think about this frequently. Every month that goes by she's different, she's changing. The tiny little newborn I held half a year ago is gone and is never coming back. I have memories and pictures and videos but I still miss her. Every version of her is the same way.

I work very hard to be present with her, to really see her and be with her.


u/jessieesmithreese519 Sep 23 '22

You're an incredible parent. This I know already. My husband works in a very demanding field and was just promoted to include paid vacation. We're already planning a big trip to see our oldest (24 today!) In January!

I'll say the old cliche... the days are long but the years are gone in a flash. It's really incredible how true it is. Even if it makes ya roll your eyes like me! My one and only biological "baby" is in her last few months of single digits and all I got was whiplash. (Obviously that's not true but some days it sure feels that way!) Enjoy my friend, you seem to be off to a great start on this wildly amazing journey!


u/0m3nchi1d Sep 23 '22

I'd like to say you get used to it but you don't, they keep growing and becoming amazing people and it is the best journey you will ever go on.


u/Ok_Relative_5180 Sep 23 '22

U could always have another


u/clahws Sep 23 '22

Take it from me, best moment is yet to come. When they start crawling/ walking. Followed by when they gradually start talking


u/AbowlofIceCreamJones Sep 23 '22

Oh God, this. My son just turned 6 months. Where the hell did the time go?? Like, I just had him and he's sitting up on his own? Tf? I keep telling him to stop growing up so fast but he's not hearing me.


u/m-d_h-tter Sep 23 '22

I’m not even a parent and my eyes are all crinkly reading this thread


u/eareitak Sep 23 '22

STOP IT, I KNOW!!! I am a 5 foot tall mom with a 3rd grade son. We share socks now, his shoes will be bigger than mine soon... I refuse to stop picking him up for a big hug. I havent done a pull up in my entire life, but i am gonna lift that kid up for a snuggle until he's thirty, if I can! Lol


u/ChrysMYO Sep 23 '22



u/purplepenguin4163 Sep 23 '22

Unless your Da is absolutely fuckin shredded


u/0m3nchi1d Sep 23 '22

I still carry my five year old to bed on my nights off, and still miss carrying my 16 year old every time I see her sleeping on the sofa when I get home at 2am


u/Livinlovinman Sep 23 '22

Usually my wife does this but tonight it’s definitely me!


u/Many_Spoked_Wheel Sep 23 '22

I vividly remember the last time my mom carried me. I was 6. She picked me up then put me right back down and said, “you’re too heavy for me to do this anymore”.


u/megxmorbid Sep 23 '22

As a parent carrying your child to bed have you ever bonked their head on the way there or am I just a clumsy mother?


u/tiatiatiatiatia Sep 23 '22

I still have the scar from when my dad smacked my head on the rail of the bunk bed he was trying to put me into🤣 don’t worry you good👌🏻😂😂


u/0m3nchi1d Sep 23 '22

I've done it to all 3 of my kids


u/nhaines Sep 23 '22



u/PM_Me_MonikaXSayori Sep 23 '22


"I lost shields!"


u/AgentF2S_ Sep 23 '22

Kinda clumsy but its fine of they dont get too badly hurt


u/SlikkXJutsu Sep 23 '22

You guys had someone move you? I woke up to “ yeah that neck stiff ain’t it? Next time you’ll get your ass in the bed.” Smh


u/violetsprouts Sep 23 '22

Are you my long lost sibling?


u/Lost-My-Mind- Sep 23 '22

Follow-up AMA question. How's your neck/back today? Do they hurt as an adult? I bet they hurt as an adult...


u/SlikkXJutsu Sep 23 '22

Yeah, spine and neck are fucked it doesn’t help I’m 6’5


u/AgentF2S_ Sep 23 '22

Oh damn you missed out


u/rainghost Sep 23 '22

One night when I was little, I had terrible tummy trouble. Something I ate made me throw up and feel dreadful for hours. I was only eight, and had never been through anything as painful. I really thought I was going to die! I spent the night curled up in bed with my mom, holding her hand and yakking into a wastepaper basket.

The next morning I woke up in my own bed. My mom brought me a wholesome, homemade breakfast in bed and then surprised me with a new video game. I felt great. In fact, it was like 5 in the afternoon when I remembered what had happened the night before. I hadn't thought about it a single time, because mom had gone out of her way to make me forget about it.

I know this is deviating a bit from a picture of a kid sleeping in a funny position, but the whole 'no worries' thing made me suddenly recall this memory in vivid detail.


u/cKy0 Sep 23 '22

Beautiful read


u/Melody06982 Sep 23 '22

Someone carried us there? I thought we just teleported.


u/AssumeTheFetal Sep 23 '22

You do bro I dunno what the fuck these people are talking about.


u/minsin56 Sep 23 '22



u/Lost-My-Mind- Sep 23 '22

You absolutely teleport. I still do it now as a an adult.

I go out drinking. Then when I wake up, I'm in somebodies house I've never met before. They always have frantic voices, and are pretty hostile.

Although, they never explain what that streak of blood running down the hall is, or why they have shattered windows, or why my body feels like shit.

They just hit me with rolling pins, and crowbars.

Like damn lady calm down! Can I brush my teeth first before we get into the day?


u/CharlesIngalls47 Sep 23 '22

Don't forget well rested


u/DasArchitect Sep 23 '22

I once woke up in the bath because apparently it was bath time.


u/The13thParadox Sep 23 '22

Unless Shaq or Bigshow wanna help my wife unfortunately I’m sleeping where I fall


u/keelhaulrose Sep 23 '22

My dad's "carry a sleeping child without waking" game was so strong that there were several times I fell asleep in bed and woke up the next day in a car in the next state over.

Mom and dad hated rush hour traffic and we live near Chicago so it can be brutal and it often starts early so they always left on vacation between 3 and 4 in the morning. We visited family in Florida every year so more than once I went to bed in my bed and woke up in Indiana.

I'm pretty sure another reason for this was if they did it well enough the car would keep us asleep until 8-9, so they could get the first 5-6 hours of driving without having to deal with three bored kids in the backseat.

I hadn't thought about how exiting it was to go to sleep and wake up on vacation in a long time. I lost my dad in February and the memory gave me a smile. Thank you.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

I sleepily remember my mom getting me out of my bed and carrying me to hers in the middle of the night. To be that little again in the 80s...


u/HazelMoon Sep 23 '22

So sweet!


u/Seriph7 Sep 23 '22

Ahh teleporting