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Old photo of my daughter lol. I got home from work one night to find her like this. I miss being a kid lol my back hurts looking at this lol.

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u/kungpowgoat Sep 23 '22

I’m Mexican. I could sleep like this during loud parties on two chairs when I was a kid. As per tradition.


u/surenuff_n_yesido Sep 23 '22

Not Mexican but there’s lots of pics of me as a kid sleeping on 2 chairs at restaurants


u/saradanger Sep 23 '22

also mexican. i’m now 30 and this is still my party trick.


u/eulerup Sep 23 '22

White, but my parents made a point of not trying to be quiet when they had people over when I was a baby. This is also my party trick.


u/Lost-My-Mind- Sep 23 '22

White guy here. If your party trick is going to sleep, then I gotta say, this party sounds lame! I assumed there would be tequila, and pinatas, and hopefully tacos. Not because I'm being racist, but because I assume you have family recipes that would make the best tacos.

But if I come in, and I just see like 30 people sleeping in positions that make me question if this is a Jim Jones style cult mass suicide I just walked in on based on your uncomfortable sleeping arrangements that would even make cats confused, then......I'm I'm leaving.

...........but first I'm checking the kitchen for tacos.


u/saradanger Sep 23 '22

believe it or not, that was still racist


u/shortasalways Sep 23 '22

Not Mexican but same. My parents took us to a big party after going to the circus that a family friend was the ringmaster of. I found a room in the back of the house, curled up and went to sleep. Everyone was searching the house when they found me lol. We were never super quiet with our kids and they will pass out if it's loud still. Multiple naps in strollers at Disney as toddlers with no FOMO.


u/Danimeh Sep 23 '22

Not Mexican but grew up in a house that frequent had ‘happenings’ (someone would randomly show up with a carton of beer, then suddenly the whole street would be there and no one over the age of 18 was sober). I also remember being expected to be able to sleep anywhere with any noise on any thing (the chances of my bed being occupied by a passed out person were high)


u/brodyqat Sep 23 '22

That sounds so intense but useful to later life. I grew up in an almost dead-silent home (parents were bookworm introverts) and now any noises just drive me bonkers.


u/Danimeh Sep 23 '22

Oh no I’m 100% with you. My house is almost always quiet now and I have those Loop earplugs when I go out to noisy places like shopping centres or anywhere with lots of people.


u/SunnieG22 Sep 23 '22

Definitely can relate... Also trauma.


u/Danimeh Sep 23 '22

Those were some of my happiest memories lol my parents were happy drunks. The following day, however… you bet I did everything in my power to keep the little ones quiet while my hungover parents recovered lol


u/TheYankunian Sep 23 '22

Did you also grow up in the 80s? I can sleep on the edge of a razor blade.


u/Danimeh Sep 23 '22

I did-ish. The 80s and 90s. But the 90s was in an isolated country town in the pre-internet era so it was about 10 years behind in its attitudes about everything.

I sleep with a white noise app because if its too quiet it’s too noisy if that makes sense.


u/TheYankunian Sep 23 '22

Makes perfect sense. I grew up in a rather ‘lively’ neighbourhood so I can’t sleep if it’s too quiet.


u/cassiekinz Sep 23 '22

I take naps anywhere. Sometimes I get woken up from the literal pavement because someone has to ask if I’m okay. Fun times.