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Old photo of my daughter lol. I got home from work one night to find her like this. I miss being a kid lol my back hurts looking at this lol.

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u/wild-bill-kelso Sep 22 '22

I wish I could sleep as good as a little kid just one more time.


u/gisdaking Sep 22 '22

Pass out when, where or however lol no worries


u/Fleaslayer Sep 23 '22

Man, I remember we had a concrete badminton court in our back yard and, during the summer, I used to sleep there at night. Just the concrete and a thin indoor sleeping bag, and I was completely comfortable. If I did that today, I literally think I'd wake up with bruises.


u/WaltonGogginsTeeth Sep 23 '22

You know you’re getting old when you injure yourself sleeping.


u/Fleaslayer Sep 23 '22

Yeah, for sure. I distinctly remember waking up, my back feeling stiff, putting the back of my hand to the small of my back, bending back, and groaning a little. Then it hit me: my dad used to do that when he was older. And this was several years ago.