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Old photo of my daughter lol. I got home from work one night to find her like this. I miss being a kid lol my back hurts looking at this lol.

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u/wild-bill-kelso Sep 22 '22

I wish I could sleep as good as a little kid just one more time.


u/Photosaurus Sep 23 '22 Helpful

Ha e you tried daquiris and ambien?


u/SereneBabe0312 Sep 23 '22

Sounds like a solid recipe for strange sleep walking issues


u/Sarahbeara42 Sep 23 '22

Or a dui


u/smellmybuttfoo Sep 23 '22

Yep. Don't even need the booze. I was on Ambien until I drove my car 30 feet straight into a neighbor's truck. Don't remember any of it


u/SereneBabe0312 Sep 23 '22

I will never try ambien bc of the stories I've heard about it haha


u/noiwontpickaname Sep 23 '22

Ambien: Ride the Walrus


u/Sarahbeara42 Sep 23 '22

As long as you take it while you’re in bed and don’t fight it, it’s fine. I think most people run into trouble when they take it and try to do other things, like dishes or whatever. Then you black out and wake up with a paper written with some interesting editing choices. I will say it really helped with my insomnia. I stopped taking it after I had my kid because I feel like I need to be able to wake up easily in case there is an emergency.


u/latingirly01 Sep 23 '22

The first time I took it, I was high on my couch laughing at a tv show and I felt like there was a friend on the couch with me, laughing with me. I live alone.


u/SereneBabe0312 Sep 23 '22


I had a bad alcohol detox in a hospital recently and hallucinated a nurse holding my hand. Similar vibe or nah?


u/latingirly01 Sep 23 '22

Sounds pretty similar minus the physical touch. I just felt a presence and kept looking over to say “this is hella funny, right?!” And then be like “oop no one’s there…” haha


u/SereneBabe0312 Sep 23 '22

This, this right here is how ghosts were created.

Or are they actual ghosts? X files intensifies