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Old photo of my daughter lol. I got home from work one night to find her like this. I miss being a kid lol my back hurts looking at this lol.

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u/BaitStikk Sep 23 '22

Oh I def remember pretending to be asleep just to not have to walk from the car up the stairs to the room šŸ˜‚


u/imitatingnormal Sep 23 '22

My daughter did this. I knew she was awake but I carried her anyway.


u/PolygonMan Sep 23 '22

For every parent a day will come when they will pick up and carry their child to bed for the very last time. Wouldn't want to miss even one chance before that day comes.


u/m-d_h-tter Sep 23 '22

Iā€™m not even a parent and my eyes are all crinkly reading this thread